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Thread: Question Regarding Blu-ray Disc Durability

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    Default Question Regarding Blu-ray Disc Durability

    Hi all,

    I got a question regarding the durability of PS3 games and Blu-ray discs in general. Recently, I used my local store's slim PS3 to test out a some games I bought. However, after I was done, I noticed very faint marks on the bottom of the discs. I thought it was dust at first, so I tried wiping the discs with a microfiber cloth. But it turns out, they're actually very faint scratches. Neither of the game discs had any scratches before I put them in the PS3.

    I'm kind of confused when it comes to blu-ray scratch resistance. I assumed that even though they aren't 100% scratch proof, the special coating would at least protect them against light scratches. How much damage can a PS3 game take before it becomes unusable?

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    Probably about the same as a regular disc if not more. I would imagine that the engineers who designed everything took into account that the a scratch on a 700mb CD will ruin much less data than a hypothetical 75gb multi-layer BD-ROM.

    I wish there was some sort of quantifiable test using steel wool as an abrasive.
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