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Thread: Capcom Generations TEASE

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    Default Capcom Generations TEASE

    Looking at ebay, I do a Scooby Doo "huh??"

    Curse you, PAL!

    What's up with Capcom Generations, anyway? I mean, I see Battle Mania 2 come up more often than I see Capcom Generations discs. To whom do I send these worthless "dollars" to get them (NTSC JP, PSX or Saturn, vol. 1 or 2)?

    EDIT: I see now that there are many more results in the ebay search if you look for "Capcom Generation" in the singular, rather than the plural "Generations" My bad.

    EDIT ROUND TWO: FIGHT!: Say, would anybody like to tell me how much I should be spending on Capcom Generation Vol. 1 and/or 2?

    EDIT ROUND THREE: GO!: Oh, and is there any reason why I should prefer to get these in Playstation rather than Saturn format or vice versa?
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    Different prices for each one. I think the average is $15-$20... one of them might be $25-$30. That was a while ago... they maybe cheaper now.


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