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  1. Do PAL Famiclones carry 17.734476Mhz XTALs inside?
  2. TurboGrafx 16 EXP pinout
  3. PS2 Saturn Controller
  4. PS3 Technical question
  5. Problem on the top Nintendo DS screen.
  6. 360 Disc Tray won't stay closed
  7. PS2 Memory Card
  8. SNES problem
  9. how do I back up and restore famicom disks?
  10. PS2 DVD Locked
  11. Just got a PS3, need some help
  12. record pc screen with
  13. Nintendo 64 Cart Problems
  14. Repairing an Atari 5200 (cosmetic so far)
  15. PS3 yellow light of death!!
  16. pc-engine duo audio - one time audio problem - should I be worried?
  17. Micro Machines 2 (SNES) cartridge label request.
  18. error 101305 WiiConnect24 Service
  19. "CD Safeguard" and "AVS Disc-shield" Removal from cd label??
  20. Super Nes Reset Switch Won't Work
  21. PSP won't charge via ac adaptor
  22. PAL VHS Tape.....
  23. Anyone in the US who performs Turbo Duo RGB mods???
  24. Super Famicom Graphics Issue
  25. Question Regarding Turbografx-16
  26. TurboExpress repair
  27. Atari 5200... no power halp
  28. PS3 sound static issues.
  29. Genesis poor picture quality
  30. How do I get Game Faq's PS1 Saves onto a memory card?
  31. Colecovision Junior System mod help
  32. Severe sticker residue
  33. Problem with 2 Super nintendos
  34. Sega Saturn Model 2 Problem
  35. PSP speakers don't work, headphone jack does
  36. Wanted: Genesis model 2 A/V mod FAQ.
  37. Is is possible to AV mod a Vic 20?
  38. Restoring an SMS Model 2
  39. TurboGraphix Controller Missing Pins?
  40. Found a bunch of NES's from my childhood...
  41. Can being near speakers/stereos damage a Vectrex?
  42. SNESp
  43. How To Dump NES ROMs to NES Cartridge
  44. USB -> Dreamcast
  45. Sega Saturn Model 1 Help
  46. Getting rid of pen writing, a few other questions
  47. Odd GBA SP Problem
  48. Close
  49. Odd problem while replacing snes cart batteries
  50. Atari 5200 -- crackling, static sound
  51. Where can I find Famicom Disc System belts?
  52. faulty master systems
  53. Megadrive\GENESIS Modding Problems
  54. Zelda Outlands Glitchy play
  55. How do I make a Turbo Duo to TG16 controller adapter?
  56. RetroDuo NES sound issues
  57. How to build a Sega Neptune
  58. How Do I Run a Sega Saturn through a DirecTV Box?
  59. Where can I buy LEDs in bulk?
  60. NES gives blue screen
  61. 32X on LCD TV
  62. commodore 64 freezes
  63. Eliminating noise from a stereo-modded NES
  64. Swap Magic Problem
  65. A selective Dreamcast...
  66. Colecovision: Dead or Alive?
  67. Nes Top Loader Heats up PPu CPU
  68. Tapping power from a USB port?, and multimeter questions
  69. Missing Sprites While Playing Nes?
  70. Just installed nes 72 pin connector....
  71. Trying to figure out whats wrong with my Sega CD
  72. Playing NES in S-video And Above
  73. Anyone who does NES RGB mods???
  74. NES system buzzing
  75. NES Top Loader Problems
  76. TG16/CD system issues.
  77. SNES - Scrolling White Lines
  78. How to ID chip in modded PS2
  79. Worth buying replacement joystick? (N64)
  80. Why did my Gamecube age like a Super NES?
  81. Impossible fix? (Atari 2600)
  82. SEGA PICO not working or is it just me?
  83. Sega Genesis 16-Bit.. Won't Power On / Show Picture
  84. Do you think my NES 2 (top loader) pins are loose or just dirty?
  85. SNES - Power LED comes on, but that's it
  86. Fixing poster folds
  87. Adapting a regular CR2032 to a Sega CD
  88. Sega Genesis help with A/V output
  89. Is my Saturn's Cartridge Slot Going Bad?
  90. [SOLVED] Famicom AV mod sounds great, but results in picture "scrolling"
  91. Can I use a PS3 as an SD card drive?
  92. N-Gage screen protectors?
  93. How to diagnose a broken Game Gear
  94. Repairing a PS2 Slim
  95. Famicom + AV Mod = vertical lines?
  96. Connecting Multiple Machines to one TV
  97. Sega Mega CD model 2 not working
  98. SNES mouse problem
  99. Virtual Boy display problem.
  100. sega repair service
  101. 8 broken gamecubes
  102. RetroDuo problem
  103. Sega Saturn freezes
  104. RetroDuo NES sound issues continued
  105. Power Adapters
  106. Looking for some minor Sega Saturn parts (screws, covers)
  107. RetroDuo video question.
  108. Colecovision video problems
  109. Old SNES shows picture but fades quickly
  110. Computer help 911!!!11
  111. PSone modchip install
  112. Sega CDX questions
  113. Jakks Classic Arcade Pinball PNP
  114. Misbehaving Saturn, please help!
  115. Where to go from here?
  116. cdx problem... please help.
  117. GBA SP won't stop charging
  118. RetroDuo Video Color Fix
  119. Need help with Magnavox Odyssey
  120. *FIXED* Inserted SNES cart backwards, now console is DEAD. *FIXED*
  121. Amiga CD32 no worky :(
  122. Dead motherboard?
  123. Odyssey Questions
  124. Full SMS Model 2 (with Alex Kidd) Specs
  125. Folding@home for PS3
  126. Sega CD help
  127. PSP firmware
  128. Turbo Express Turns On But Blank Screen, Help!
  129. Amplifying nes audio??
  130. Is it safe to use a Sega Genesis Model 1 AC adapter with a TG-16?
  131. AES voltage regulator?
  132. Sega SG-1000 controller
  133. A Good Source For Nintendo DS Parts.
  134. looking for an old system modder mentor.
  135. TurboGrafx 16 (Help)
  136. sega saturn
  137. sega cdx
  138. SMS a/v out - image goes black and white
  139. Xbox Logitech Wireless Headset
  140. N64 Factory Seal or Not?
  141. DS Card Help
  142. Which PS2 mod-chip do you use?
  143. Dreamcast S-Video Displays In Black And White
  144. Need help getting files out of Mac floppies
  145. Old School Gamer in the USA?
  146. Nintendo SUPER FAMICOM SYSTEM Power Supply?
  147. Gamepad Problem
  148. Removing Mold?
  149. Looking for someone to mod a PC Engine
  150. [SOLVED] Sega CD, that silly fuse, and whether or not I need it
  151. Non-working Genesis cart...
  152. Dumb Wii dashboard question.
  153. Would it be possible to replace a cart battery with a clip holder?
  154. How do I get my 360 online?
  155. Broken Colecovision Controller
  156. Ps3 laser eye broken. What can I expect Sony to charge me?
  157. Problem with 7800 Proline Joysticks
  158. Help me get my GBA Flash cart working under Vista
  159. My famicom cart looks dead.
  160. Putting a Label back on a Floppy
  161. Corrupt PS2 Memory Card
  162. PS3 network issues
  163. how can I replace the nimh batteries in a nomad battery pack?
  164. Problems with psp PS netowrk
  165. Do you use a 14 inch television or monitor for old games?
  166. Wii Widescreen Issues
  167. Recording Speed Runs On A Samsung LCD
  168. Slim PS2 with noisy fan
  169. ps3-linux-debacle
  170. Dreamcast isn't reading game.
  171. Genesis video/audio cable solution use C64 video cable
  172. TG16 CD backup originals questions
  173. nes joystick modded for atari compatable
  174. Wii Sound directed to mini-hifi system
  175. Just Breed reproduction question
  176. Nes new 72 pin connector too tight for cartridge contacts? will it ruin carts?
  177. Is it worth modding systems to svideo from composite? yes or no
  178. oops post came up twice
  179. HDMI modding
  180. Some Contacts missing on my FF Cart?
  181. Broken Sega CD Not F1 fuse though
  182. Help Repairing My TG16
  183. Generation nex help
  184. Atari 2600s + 7800s survival chance
  185. Help replacing TurboExpress corroded battery terminals
  186. NDS R4 help needed
  187. FC Mobile "fixing"
  188. Super Mario Allstars/Super Mario World save problems
  189. Missing tabs on SNES cart?
  190. Broken down Sega Saturn
  191. sega nomad
  192. NES toploader problem
  193. My Sega Genesis Model 1 upgrades blog post
  194. whats up with this snes?
  195. Broken DS (please help)
  196. [SOLVED] Help me get my Fairchild Channel F up and running!
  197. nes power cord not working help!!
  198. PS3 Freezes While Loading New Games.
  199. 7800 game just doesn't want to work.
  200. Does anybody do sega genesis mods here..s-video..
  201. System customizing resources?
  202. sega game gear
  203. Xbox wont read disks...
  204. AC Adapter for PC Engine GT
  205. Model 2 Sega CD isn't powering up
  206. DS Touch Screen
  207. TG16 power question, and CD64 power too
  208. Sega Cd Wont read discs
  209. Problems Backing Up Sega Cd And Saturn Games
  210. Monitor coil replacement
  211. Nintendo 64 Cartridge chip part discription wanted.
  212. My original XBox won't connect to XBL?
  213. Vectrex 2nd Controller Acts Funny, 1st is Intermittent Too
  214. PSP 1003 help
  215. Printing Out PS1 and PS2 Box Art/Covers?
  216. Solved! - Snes ac adapter problem
  217. US Model 2 Saturn turns on, but I get no video/audio
  218. xbox 360 freezing
  219. Sears Video Arcade II - Video issue - Switches between color and black/white
  220. SNES cartridge slot troubles...
  221. Help understanding Sega Genesis A/V Out
  222. Can you wire a NES controller to a SNES port for the RetroDuo?
  223. nintendo ds slot 1 pins help plz??
  224. PSP Game case help
  225. Fairchild Channel F joystick repair
  226. Game Gear screen cover replacement
  227. Question about Samsung Laser on an Original Xbox
  228. Generation NEX wireless into an NES?
  229. SNES Problem
  230. Ways to learn how to fix electronics?
  231. PC Engine Duo screws
  232. Site With Disc Art?
  233. Broken Master System (Video problems)
  234. Arcade Won't Turn On
  235. C64 B&W edition
  236. BAD Nintendo Legend Of Zelda.Locks up..
  237. Security bits/screwdrivers
  238. Philips cd-i - skipping and crashing on a game with no visible scratches or scuffs
  239. HuCard Repairs
  240. Strange colecovision problem
  241. corrosion on a motherboard
  242. Neo Geo Unibios 2.0 + joystick odd problem?
  243. Wildcard DX
  244. Sega CD Model 1....I need help!
  245. Philips cd-i 370 - need to re-grease rail on which laser moves
  246. sega multi mega broken
  247. Atari XEGS memory problem
  248. Anyone try the PS2 'Free McBoot' exploit?
  249. Logitech PS2 wireless controller - parts?
  250. Collection preservation