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  1. X'Eye Controller Issues
  2. Original Gameboy - Scratched Screen Repair?
  3. Sega GameGear - broken backlight
  4. What to do with old NES connectors after a replacement
  5. JVC X eye won't load Sega CD discs...
  6. Model 1 Genesis reset button wont work.
  7. SNES game not working. Assistance required!
  8. SNES Pro Action Replay MK3 regional converter
  9. My Xbox is possessed
  10. Xbox 360 Speakers
  11. Got a question for my old friends here, lol.
  12. Best Commodore Monitor for console RGB?
  13. Please Help! Why Won't My Sega CD Play Games?
  14. Considering buying some Surround Sound speakers, help me out
  15. NES Toploader Controller Problem?
  16. anyone here get good results from useing a XRGB on a large screen?
  17. Review Some Popular Conversion Tools Related to iPod/iPhone
  18. You got your iPod in my NES!
  19. Saturn 3D controller on PC
  20. Ps1 Cdrom
  21. Anyone here do rapid fire mod on ps3?
  22. Sega CD Model 1 Power Issue
  23. Road Rash (GB) Won't Load
  24. Wii won't power on
  25. How to recognize an NES that needs a 72 pin
  26. NES with flashing orange screen
  27. Did I fuck up the installation of a 72 pin connector?
  28. Occasional UMD Difficulty
  29. ps3 bluray freezing
  30. Wiimotes won't connect
  31. Component to VGA adapter
  32. Dead Laseractive PAC?
  33. Strange Famicom Disk System problem
  34. Gameboy Pocket has no sound
  35. Mr. GameFix.com - my new game repair website
  36. Another broken Dreamcast
  37. Genesis model 2 help needed
  38. Non-working TV, any suggestions?
  39. Broken Xbox
  40. Dreamcast Mouse Wheel SUCKS
  41. PS3 makes settling noises when on
  42. Can't get NES to work
  43. applying a nintendo ds screen protector.
  44. Was this Famicom modded properly?
  45. TV Fun AV Mod???
  46. PS2 disc motor won't spin most of the time.
  47. Ruin the label to open an N64 game?
  48. Can't believe this worked... *UPDATE*
  49. Pac Man World 2 and Vista 32bit
  50. Sega Master System
  51. PS3 HDD Backup Problem.
  52. I'm SO Frustrated With My Sega CD!
  53. Problem with 32x and Genesis games
  54. Saturn or PAR 4MB Cart problem?
  55. 7800 Modding question
  56. Diskfix.txt from fdsloadr.txt?
  57. xbox 360 copying games to the hard drive quesiton.
  58. Strange NES issue
  59. PCE load error
  60. Neo-Geo power adapters
  61. Atari 7800 Not working
  62. SMS 3D Glasses Repair
  63. " Game Mode " On my Samsung TV
  64. XBMC Setup Disc on XBOX.
  65. close
  66. Atari Flashback 2 MOds
  67. Using an Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive on a PC
  68. atari jag cd clicking noise
  69. NES Post-72-pin Woes
  70. Need help putting PSX controller back together
  71. SNES Audio Static
  72. BlazBlue for 360 display questions
  73. PSP 1001 D-Pad broken - Worth a repair?
  74. Arcade Machine monitor getting blurry
  75. Sega SG-1000 & Mark III: R/F doesn't work!
  76. APF TV Fun problem.
  77. Twin Famicom Hangs when I load a disk
  78. Problems with Dreamcast in High Definition
  79. Famicom Disk System Schematic
  80. laseractive PAC-S1 problems
  81. pc engine duo with sound problems, where fix it?
  82. What are common problems with NES carts, other then being dirty???
  83. Sound Problem, with sega mega drive model 1
  84. Any great tips for repairing Ataris?
  85. Moonwalker Label
  86. TRS-80 Color Computer Mini-Disk problem.
  87. Sega CD not Powering On
  88. DS lite Power switch
  89. What Genesis Model Does This RF Adapter Work on?
  90. Where to find GOOD 72-pin connectors?
  91. CD-I in S-video
  92. CD-I model 360 power supply question
  93. How get a GameCube to read discs again?
  94. GBA power help...
  95. Game Gear and Sega Genesis AC
  96. Sega CD stopped reading games
  97. Colecovision Fire Button Problem
  98. why are my ps2 analog sticks watery/oily
  99. PSP not reading UMDs (Weird)
  100. Cheap PSP repairs?
  101. Cleaning battery acid off my Game Gear
  102. Enjoy your DVD and Video from anywhere!(For Windows/Mac)
  103. Ideas for improving the Retro Duo mods
  104. How do you repair a AV Famicom pin connectors?
  105. What are some of the common issues with the Colecovision?
  106. Is the DC adapter compatible with the Saturn?
  107. Got Universal AC Adapter - Need Voltage for Turbo CD Combo
  108. TurboDuo - no sound - replaced some caps
  109. atari jag cd system repair
  110. Playstation Multi-tap to USB adapter.
  111. Little help With Xbox360 RROD please
  112. Genesis Model 1 AC replacement needed
  113. Dreamcast troubleshoot
  114. Ps1 Cdrom
  115. Questions about producing clone systems
  116. Broken 3DO Laser
  117. Powering a NTSC NES
  118. My NES is having problems with power
  119. Blinking Sega Saturn
  120. SEGA Master System Power issues
  121. Playstation2 control issues
  122. disc scratch repair
  123. How to adjust brightness on Sega Nomad when knob is broke
  124. What are the chances i fried my sega cd model 2?
  125. Nintendo 64 system help
  126. Sega cd model 2 not working
  127. Cart slot issuea on Japanese Saturn
  128. 360 wireless controller
  129. Where can I get a new rechargeable battery for Sega CD?
  130. Purchased a generic 32x-to-Genesis AV cable...
  131. Atari 2600 "Heavy Sixer" - wrong colors?
  132. My Dreamcast got Reeeeeally Quiet!
  133. Apple IIe Bad RAM
  134. Turbo Duo CD-Audio issue
  135. Original Xbox problem please help
  136. import ps2 disc drive won't open
  137. Ps2 wont work
  138. sega genesis problems
  139. PS2 memory card problem - dead?
  140. Changing Batteries in SNES carts
  141. Neo Geo CD Black Screen Problem
  142. Need a new screen for my GAMEBOY ADVANCE SP
  143. Dropped psp. Analog stick now acting odd.
  144. Sega 32X Problems (No Sound, Video Glitching)
  145. Fdsloader help SOLVED!
  146. pstwo slim "disc could not be read"
  147. Problem with CDX playing some carts
  148. Checking the Integrity of Optical Media?
  149. Which Windows OS is best for backwards compatibility?
  150. X'eye s-video mod?
  151. About your new original Magnavox Odyssey (1) (One)
  152. Sega 32x Knuckles Chaotix Problem...
  153. Playstation 3 Blinking Red, beeping three times fast
  154. PS2 repair 101 question
  155. 7800 weirdness
  156. would gamestop grind the contacts..
  157. PC Engine duo rx controller problem
  158. SNES on my HDTV
  159. ps1 memory card on ps2
  160. I dropped my iPAQ phone and cracked the LCD - what now?
  161. CDX Problem
  162. Picky SNES
  163. Atari Lynx with lines of dead pixels
  164. Random NES Troubleshooting.
  165. Anyone know anything about EPROM Burners? Looking to buy one.
  166. Sega CDX Issues
  167. Turbografx CD compatible powersupply?
  168. Nintendo DS doesn't Charge
  169. need help
  170. Problem with HDMI resolution settings on PS3
  171. N64 Static Sounds
  172. Sega 32x - help
  173. RollerCoaster Tycoon: Corkscrew Follies help?
  174. Super Mario Kart Graphics Issue
  175. TG-16 / PC-E Modding
  176. Best ways to remove adhesives and marker from carts?
  177. Odyssey 2 will not stay powered on
  178. Peeling Cartridge Stickers
  179. N64 Trouble. Please Help.
  180. Gamecube controllers on Wii problem, please help!
  181. 9-Pin Controller Port
  182. Hooking up a Sega CD.
  183. Generic LED question
  184. Retro Duo sound issues!
  185. NES resetting randomly
  186. Vectrex: weird behavior w/ 3D Glasses & VecVox
  187. Sega Saturn light gun.
  188. Fixing an original xbox console
  189. Re-Sealed or Original? - Arc The Lad Collection - PSX
  190. What the Hell is This!?!
  191. Nintendo Repair Hut... reliable?
  192. Undoing PSP custom firmware
  193. The Curious Case of the PS3 HDD
  194. SNES Issues
  195. HDTVs, Digital Cable, and the SNES
  196. Gameboy SP Replacement Case Generic vs OEM
  197. Does anyone sell Retrobright?
  198. SNES 2 not working
  199. pce cdrom 2 SUCCESs!!, 98% anyways, read last post.
  200. Deluxe Paint
  201. Line Level Stereo Output on Genesis 1
  202. Need help with finding fuse on Sega CD
  203. Opening a Virtual Boy
  204. PS3 blu-ray drive problem Now with pictures!
  205. Finished the region switch on my X'Eye
  206. Shining Force game won't hold a save
  207. Virtual Boy CIB? - Need Answers ASAP
  208. AC adapters getting hot
  209. APF M-1000 Has Distortion
  210. Best way to mend broken plastic?
  211. Opening a Neo-Geo system
  212. Printable Intellivision Labels?
  213. shining up old consoles?
  214. Genesis arcade pad - Unresponsive joystick
  215. 360 controller on pc
  216. Dreamcast MadCatz gun acting odd
  217. 3DO Disc Read Issue
  218. Turning a Horizontal Loader into a Top Loader
  219. Master System RF problems
  220. ?'s about PSP 1000 case replacement
  221. Want to buy a Rework Station.
  222. question about model 1 sega cd/mega cd
  223. Is there any way to disable Macrovision on PS2 w/o a modchip?
  224. playing back-ups on Saturn without modding or swapping?
  225. Weird ghosting/double scrambled picture problem with my NES Help/Opinions!?
  226. TG16 CD-ROM Optical Assembly
  227. Colecovision outputs staticy picture/sound
  228. PC-Engine System card 3.0 issues
  229. Where can I get my Genesis modded for s-video/composite output?
  230. Swapping roms to get around the playchoice video inversion?
  231. Broken controller plug
  232. Punch Out!! arcade machine monitor
  233. Printing SNES Labels?
  234. Playstation 3 repair question (freezing on start)
  235. Hong Kong Console Power Supply
  236. Backups (specifically TG-16 / PC-E)
  237. Famicombox standard retail catridge mod?
  238. Super Pong Glitches
  239. Unknown AV cable? Genesis maybe?
  240. Strange Sega CD Problems
  241. Share an Easy Way to Download DPG Converter
  242. Repairing a Game Boy game
  243. Retro Home Theater Setup - Receiver Recco?
  244. What did I do wrong with NES 72 pin installation?
  245. CPS2 Bit to Open Boards
  246. Toejam & Earl cart hangs out of the blue
  247. Sega Saturn Problem
  248. Opening a Parker Bros. Wildfire Pinball
  249. Getting stereo sound from X'eye + 32X
  250. Video Capture from a VCR