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  1. Need Input into Problem with Sega CD Model 1
  2. Mega / Sega CD 1 - Not powering up, not fuse related.
  3. Custom reset button for my Super Joy III bastard
  4. New Saturn Owner Needs Help!
  5. Question Regarding Blu-ray Disc Durability
  6. question about cdi-450 w/vcd(22er9956)adapter compatability.
  7. ink in instruction manuals. >.<
  8. Odyssey^2 restoration
  9. Need help finding power adaptor for Odyssey from 1977
  10. Help me with this Japanese PlayStation
  11. Broken NES dogbone controller - how to fix?
  12. Best soldering irons and solder to get?
  13. Replacing Game Gear Capacitors. Where to buy in UK.
  14. a famicom/nes what if.....
  15. Original Xbox scratching disc
  16. Cleaning bits of dust under a GameGear's Glass Protector?
  17. Sega CDX spindle motor replacement?
  18. Making console shell holes
  19. im a dummy at painting and i need help.
  20. Atari 5200 Arcade Version - Wiring Instructions
  21. help i need to kn ow what voltage a 32x powersupply is!!!!
  22. Pc engine only works when I touch the board?
  23. CD-i Power Cord
  24. Opinions Wanted On NES 72 Pin Connector
  25. SNES purple-green swirl display
  26. How to replace a GBA cart battery?
  27. Tandy Caveman help
  28. what AC adapters can you use with Turbografx-16?
  29. Genesis Model 1 no video output[fixed] Help with S-Video!
  30. SNES Graphics Issues
  31. Restoring Water Damaged Game Manuals?
  32. Restoring Water Damaged Game Manuals?
  33. Help ID an unknown AV cable
  34. Sega Mega Drive freeze issue and no sound issue.
  35. Some laptop problems
  36. NES Cart Contacts
  37. Dead NES Carts
  38. Wario Land 4 Won't Save - Did it Use a Battery?
  39. Strange Cartridge Behavior for SNES and N64 Game
  40. JVC X'eye resets when I press start on Battlestation II
  41. Commodore 64 problem
  42. Nintendo DS Lite in Two Pieces: Salvagable?
  43. Dead Power Bricks
  44. JVC X'Eye FM Audio Problem
  45. Problem with my N64
  46. Sega Master System II - Video Problem
  47. Strange Behavior: Zelda Oracle of Seasons Displays XXXXXX Instead of File Names
  48. N64 - Again
  49. Vectrex text display issues
  50. Legacy Engineering DB9 port
  51. Atari Clone - Switch Problems
  52. Neo pc-e 128m+save flash cart wont format???
  53. Atari 2600 Jr Console Screen Border
  54. FIXED - Amiga Power-Stick - Won't move to the right
  55. Do different types of N64 replacement analog stick exist?
  56. NES Toaster 15 pin Expansion mod
  57. Ubuntu experts needed!
  58. On and off again SNES functionality problems
  59. JFJ easy pro disc repair any good?
  60. Atari 2600/7800 Consoles Games Working?
  61. What video game stores do repair old systems ?
  62. Gameboy Mod ?
  63. Problem burning Texas Instrument eproms.
  64. Mega Man X Cartridge Issue
  65. Trying to get the best video quality with my consoles (and other problems)
  66. Has anyone Installed a Hori N64 Stick?
  67. Problem with my Sega CDX
  68. SNES mario world weird glitch
  69. Gamecube Freezing
  70. Problem with Intellivision AV mod
  71. Sega Mega CD Belt Size?
  72. SNES reset / crash annoyances
  73. GG cart that must be inserted strangely to work?
  74. Need repair work done (PS3, Jaguar CD, Turbo CD)
  75. Replacing a Signetics 68000 with a Motorola 68000
  76. SNES model 1 no sound or video
  77. Jaguar CD Dev Unit - Red Screen
  78. Jaguar CD video issue... Anyone seen this before?
  79. I have 2 dead Turbo Grafx Games
  80. Original Xbox disc read error
  81. Xbox 360 Red ring repair question
  82. Wonderswan dead pixel lines
  83. Gameboy Micro Problem Need Advice
  84. Game Boy Camera problem
  85. Sega Nomad mods
  86. Help: Wii on a DELL PC LCD. S-video? VGA? Work w/ my converter?
  87. PC Optical Drive not reading games
  88. Sega Genesis Model 1 Green Screen Help
  89. NES Barrel Connector
  90. Interest check: Turbo Express Li-ion battery mod
  91. Sega Saturn Model 1 Mods?
  92. JFF Easy Pro: Does it Fix Gamecube Discs?
  93. PS2 Power Cord
  94. Replacement Sega CDX power supply for 2012?
  95. T.V. Won't Recognize Genesis?
  96. N64 Controller Won't Register
  97. NES composite video problems...
  98. Replacing GameCube controller "knobs?"
  99. Sega 32X No AV - Nice Buzzing Sound
  100. No sound on famicom
  101. TG-16 strange vertical hold/rolling image issue
  102. Help me verify a replacement Sega CDX adapter will work!
  103. Gameboy Pocket Fuse?
  104. Sega CDX laser calibration without opening the console
  105. Need help on SNES Mini
  106. What Kind of Screen Does an ULTRACADE use?
  107. Sega Genesis Model 2 problem
  109. Help with homebrew 32X mixing cable please.
  110. GameShark LED Re-Enabling
  111. Dead Genesis Cart in amazing exterior condition?
  112. Musha cartridge black screen
  113. SNES won't turn on, checked the usual suspects already
  114. Outsourcing Virtual Boy repair
  115. DS Game Won't Play
  116. FDS question
  117. How to fix or improve the Game Gear's screen?
  118. Sega CD woes (Model 1 &2) Need help or advice
  119. Loose genesis cartridge PCB?
  120. Dangers of Naki multi-head retro game power supply?
  121. Super Nintendo Background glitch
  122. Super Nintendo Display Woes :(
  123. Super Nintendo Displays Incorrect Colors/Pixels
  124. I Need Help With a Sega CD Model 1
  125. Pioneer LaserActive missing CD plate
  126. Virtual boy won't power on
  127. NES Satellite with battery corrosion
  128. Sega Master System 2 rust
  129. Atari 5200-vertical bars on screen
  130. Snes Cartridge problem?
  131. Sega CD - Repaired
  132. Jaguar Power issue
  133. Colecovision Champ adapter Joystick?
  134. MadCatz "PC CON" Analog Joystick Malfunctioning
  135. Old PC hardware questions
  136. Need help with Sega CD Model 1
  137. I just bought an old PCI capture card, and I was wondering how do I get it to work?
  138. Trouble with an Air Raid 2600 cart.
  139. SMS issue
  140. Kirby Super Star/Fun Pak SNES Graphic problems
  141. 1977 Mattel football I - Led not working
  142. sms 2 rf question
  143. Rise of the Dragon Won't load on JVC X'Eye?
  144. Super Famicom problem with Super Metroid
  145. Why DIDN'T my Playstation fry to death?!
  146. Did anyone ever find any replacement plastic gears for the often broken gear in the TG16 CD unit?
  147. Basic Atari TV Hookup Question
  148. NES refuses to play games
  149. Sega Mega Drive 2 has purple flickering screen
  150. Need help repairing a 3DO controller cable
  151. Help! JVC X'eye lacking DIN output
  152. Gameboy screen
  153. C128 shaky video
  154. Question about modded PS2 slims
  155. Gamegear powerback popping?
  156. At wits end, Help me fix this NES.
  157. Sega CDX problem. Yes, I know problems are common.
  158. Jaguar CD Dev Unit - Red Screen
  159. Are all RCA cords equal for the Atari 7800?
  160. Fat PS3 laser?
  161. Anybody know a good inexpensive soldering iron to use for nes and snes games?
  162. 2600 games look & sound crystal clear on my 7800 but 7800 games have audio and visual problems
  163. GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable--how to use as a controller
  164. WII ROCKBAND GUITAR/KEYTAR sync problaaams
  165. Removing Scratches From Gameboy Color Screen?
  166. Super Capacitor CMOS Battery Replacement
  167. Easy to replace a 72-pine connector in a Sharp NES TV?
  168. Front loading NES flap poping out
  169. Virtual Boy Help!
  170. Old pong console acting strangely need help!
  171. Sega Saturn PCB Chip (SSIC8B) A+B
  172. Gameboy Color - Clean or Repair Color?
  173. Need Some Help With Playstation 1 Audio Problems
  174. Needp advice and help with changing batteries in games
  175. Sega CD model 1 problem (no kidding)
  176. odd SNES problem with RF?
  177. 1989 famicom with true rgb, s-video, stereo sound, nes controller ports
  178. Sega Genesis Problem Help Please!
  179. Xbox replacement DVD drive
  180. Saturn v1 region mod/power problems?
  181. Questions about Atari Jaguar CD dev. BIOS
  182. Atari 2600 jr. not working
  183. CRT TV oddity
  184. Sega CDX spinning counterclockwise question.
  185. ds lite top screen issue
  186. Dead Sega Saturn Modchip
  187. Sega Being Funky
  188. Cursed Gamecube
  189. Sega Saturn main menu freeze?
  190. Atari 2600s not turning on (4 of them)
  191. What Gauge Wire?
  192. Final Fantasy XIV, the second MMORPG in the succession
  193. Super Nintendo: Powers on but seems dead
  194. Question for Virtual Boy fix/teardown/repair
  195. Odyssey Connection
  196. M1 Genesis RGB JROK
  197. A/V PSX standard skipping sound problem
  198. PS2 Slim Disc Motor Fails To Spin.
  199. PSone console won't power on
  200. Atari 8 Bit Laptop Project
  201. TurboGrafx CD suddenly went dead
  202. 1988 Altered Beast (Centuri) Randomly locking up/not booting
  203. Loose connection on SNES controller?
  204. Unknown Gaming System Shield,Metal Plate?
  205. Dogbone NES controller slow to respond
  206. Missing Sound Channels on Genesis Earthworm Jim?
  207. SMS power issue: Must stand on its rear in order to turn (and stay) on
  208. Dreamcast Internal Battery
  210. Inventor seeking help
  211. A good cheap starter kit for modding?
  212. Best place for gamebits and CR2032 batteries?
  213. Video EMI / Noise on Famicom
  214. SMS pad hacking
  215. SMS I A/V-out: 8 Pin U DIN Plug - how to wire to phono cable?
  216. SMS not powering on
  217. Snes Mini Delay loading game! Help PLz!
  218. Yoshis island and Donkey Kong Country snes problems.
  219. I Need Your Help With My Youtube Channel.
  220. Playstation 2 no power ?
  221. Turbografx 16 CD Noisy, Normal?
  222. Coax [input] Aux [output]
  223. Different Capacitor Ratings???
  224. Sega Mega CD Model 1 Bios Freezzing......HELP!!!
  225. Geo AES S-video mod, fading
  226. Finicky Mega Drive controller. Console issue or bad pad?
  227. S-Video Cable and HDTV
  228. Best Outputs For Certain Systems
  229. Turbo Duo Sound issue
  230. Super FX Overclocking
  231. Jaguar went poof (literally)
  232. Can somebody recommend a fine-point tip for my soldering iron?
  233. Snes - Audio Problem
  234. Dreamcast Weird Video Issue
  235. What kind of capacitors do you use?
  236. Famicom Disk System Help
  237. Help with badly corroded SNES game
  238. Help with Broken AC jack port of SNES Mini
  239. Gameboy Color D Pad issue
  240. My Custom Neo Geo controller
  241. Finally got my FDS, have a couple of advanced questions
  242. Sega Master System Dual bios mod help
  243. NES (frontloader) video interference issues - not RF related
  244. Opening the MadCatz RetroCon controller...
  245. My Gameboy Pocket D-Pad needs fixed. Have to press really hard. Any Ideas?
  246. Gameboy Color Speaker Rating and Size?
  247. SNES stumper for you guys
  248. Snes will not play game with controller plugged in???
  249. How to avoid RF signal loss in older consoles AND ways to convert to composite
  250. Will SNES Game PCB Fit in Super Famicom Game Shell?