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  1. SNES SNS-CPU-GPM-01 boots to logo then nothing else
  2. Nintendo ADVANCE BOY prototype
  3. PC Engine Duo R screen sightly shakes.
  4. Super Famicom - Display Corrupt
  5. HELP. SNES controls do not work
  6. Master System (SMS) PCB issue
  7. Sega CD model 1. Good fuses, still doesnt work....
  8. Getting the best picture and audio from a Model 1 Genesis with Model 2 Sega CD?
  9. Virtua Racing for the Genesis won't boot up.
  10. Have 2 model 2 sega CDs no power to CD
  11. Looking for Turbo Express part.
  12. SNES: Visual Display Distortion Issue
  13. Sega CDX Broken
  14. Hyperkin SupaBoy LCD replacement source?
  15. Tried to fix Xbox one controller and might of ruined it.
  16. NES has wavery video???
  17. Game Gear Master Game issues
  18. SMS controller port difficulties
  19. Original Xbox HDD locking tools that are Windows based?
  20. SMS death of a sound gen
  21. Start buttons not working on SNES console
  22. Original Xbox ?Fried power board?
  23. NES video sometimes goes warbly, cuts out
  24. Sega Saturn Won't Display image
  25. Sega Genesis Model 3 buzzing
  26. attempting SNES Component mod
  27. Megadrive 1 modded for 60hz runs slower than 50hz
  28. SEGA Genesis Model 1 Non-TMSS Freezing
  29. Edge pixelation on Master System
  30. NES PPU question (NES-101 top loader)
  31. Is this a Snes Pin Connector problem? Also where to buy in Canada?
  32. Original Xbox game save transfer from hd
  33. Sega Saturn Black Action Replay Plus does not work
  34. a hypothetical cpu (z80) replacment
  35. Sony PlayStation Console Board Identification Help?
  36. Xbox one combing / deinterlacing issues?
  37. Sega Saturn memory carts: bypass security "ring" to boot a damaged disc?
  38. Snes wavy staticy lines issue
  39. Trying to de-solder a game chip from a board (Sega Genesis) and not having luck
  40. My NES has bugged graphics... Pls Help !!!
  41. colecovision model number 55416 power supply
  42. Replacement Disc Spindle for Gamecube?
  43. Fixing a broken Retron 5
  44. Vita: Tranferring Content Between Memory Cards
  45. Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer (Not light sixer) has only green on the screen.
  46. Help me help a friend with his 360
  47. Original XBOX-replacing the power supply
  48. Sega Genesis model 2 black screen
  49. Coleco Perma Power Replacement
  50. SNES controller replacement--any suggestions?
  51. SNES suddenly has no power
  52. SNES Controller won't work for some games
  53. PC Engine Duo Sound Problems on CD games
  54. Cartridge causing SNES to lose power?
  55. SNES black screen of death
  56. SNES controller port issues!
  57. How to fix hole in SNES plastic?
  58. I have a problem with my mario rpg...
  59. No Response from Sunset Riders, thoughts?
  60. Original Xbox won't read particular game (3 copies)
  61. SNES console showing wrong colors via multiout
  62. Sega Saturn AV question
  63. Nintendo Rubber Feet?
  64. About GameCube Power Supply
  65. Super famicom issues with my TV?
  66. 6-Button controller not working in certain games
  67. famicom hvc-cpu-07 reset problem
  68. Sega Genesis won't turn on.
  69. Strange Picture Warping - TV Issue or Something Else?
  70. Issues With StarTech USB2HDCAP Capture Device and Modded PC Engine
  71. Atari 7800 S-Video Mod Tantalum Capacitor Polarity Question
  72. nes with video issue
  73. A strange thing, my Genesis LED isn't connected
  74. SNES color bleeding?
  75. JVC X'Eye Not Reading Discs (Almost)
  76. Colecovision - suspected bad Rf modulator- no video, slight hum.
  77. Supergrafx White Screen when trying to play Daimakaimura
  78. Panasonic FZ-10 3DO Just Died -- bad caps?
  79. finally getting arround to fixing TG16
  80. Recommended Repair Specialists
  81. Genesis on a sony PVM not displaying blue
  82. How to re-attach plastic to NES Game Genie
  83. Game Boy cart caked in battery corrosion
  84. NES RGB Question
  85. FDS electrical problem
  86. ceramic caps to replace electrolytic?
  87. NES-101 Toploader Grey Screen Issue - Voltage reading from ground?
  88. Okay I got an SCPH-1001
  89. SCPH-1001 Help! Getting rid of FMV skipping.
  90. SNES Generation 1 Video Problems, 50+ Units with same defect. RF Works Fine, RCA Output BAD
  91. -^CB's^- Videos of Hardware Mods and other useful things?
  92. Duo-R silliness
  93. Easiest way to generate ISO/mp3/CUE from discs?
  94. I'm at a loss repairing this Turbo Duo with no audio with both Hu Cards & CDs
  95. (SOLVED) Need help fixing old Lloyd's gaming pong machine video included!
  96. Pin broken off in SMS controller connector
  97. Ordering capacitors, should I buy extras for the future or ...?
  98. Best paper to use for repro labels and for front insert (SMS/GEN Games)
  99. reassembling a PS2 controller
  100. SNES SCART cable issues- unwanted blue tint
  101. Sharp NES freezing up
  102. Bootleg famicom ac adapter
  103. Power Cord for Phillips CD-I 220
  104. CRT vs HDTV; what do you prefer?
  105. re-capping and other restorative measures
  106. Replacement laser for Sega CD Model 2 not working
  107. Turbo Duo: No Power - Suddenly Dead?
  108. NES Pool of Radiance - battery or dead cart?
  109. Channel F has rolling picture.
  110. Atari 7800 plays 2600 games but almost never 7800 games
  111. Is there any advantage of using RF connections?
  112. Upscaling questions for my TCL 55"
  113. PS2 clicking noise as the disc spins
  114. My PS2 is randomly crashing
  115. Having trouble with a Vectrex
  116. 3G OLED Vita discharges battery completely when turned off
  117. sega cd model 1 won't play Mortal Kombat
  118. Dead GBC cart
  119. TurboDuo spining like crazy after recapping it.
  120. Turbo Duo White Screen
  121. Can't get a Sega CD Model 1 to read discs correctly
  122. Steel Battalion buttons
  123. Fixed a 360 drive
  124. Lynx II acting as though batteries are dead; batteries fine
  125. Neo Geo AES csync low? (RESOLVED/FIXED)
  126. Retron 5 Game Gear Ax Battler Issue: no display, only music
  127. Lag test software?
  128. PlayStation does not recognize discs
  129. Lightgun question
  130. TurboGrafx CD not working :/
  131. Dead cartridge
  132. Mega Drive with different attachement slot pins?
  133. Xbox original Monster component cable- no video
  134. UK Mega CD with Swedish power supply?
  135. PlayStation 1 slow access times
  136. RF to HDMI
  137. NES Legend of Zelda - Curious zero-count item error
  138. Broken Saturn - games run super slowly, or not at all (videos included)
  139. Looking for a CRT that will display overscan
  140. GBA and GBA SP 001 unite! GBA front-light mod
  141. SNES games have a resolution of 256x224 (8:7) but are meant for 4:3 screens
  142. Landstalker (Genesis) Not Playing
  143. Game Boy batteries
  144. Cartridge schematics?
  145. Rechargeable 2032 coin batteries? WTF?
  146. How to get rid of poltergeist in PS3 controllers
  147. Neo 25 (MVS) compartment key replacement?
  148. Did Nintendo not make an official composite cable for the NES?
  149. Arcade cab needs two ground connectors, but new PSU only has one
  150. Sony Entertainment Network ID (PSN / PlayStation Store) Sign-in Error
  151. Bizarre Pioneer LaserActive behavior
  152. Arcade CGA to Component?
  153. TV service menu?
  154. CopyNES installation (C8 capacitor)