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  1. atari 7800 mod: never mind fixed it my bloody self.
  2. Dreamcast powers up but nothing happens.
  3. Colecovision - Buzzing and Lines on the screen...
  4. Jewel cases (Sega CD, Saturn, Dreamcast) - source?
  5. Help! Genesis, 32X, SegaCD Hack! Finally
  6. Help! Genesis, 32X, SegaCD Hack! Finally
  7. Help! Genesis, 32X, SegaCD Hack! Finally
  8. Need Help! Genesis, 32X, SegaCD Hack. Finally.
  9. Need Help! Genesis/32X/SegaCD hack. Finally...
  10. Sega Genesis 2 issues
  11. Gameboy AV
  12. Gameboy Player Start Up Disc
  13. Genesis 3 Problems: UPDATE!
  14. Broken Atari VCS (4-switch)
  15. Mod for import dreamcast light gun.
  16. Strange RF issue
  17. Compressed Air Cans for Cleaning Systems
  18. Replacement XBOX AC Plug Question/Power Surge?
  19. Colecovision repair faq and pics?
  20. Busted Sega Genesis 2 Power LED
  21. Master System II problem (fixed)
  22. Broken Genesis Cartridge?
  23. Can you play old PC games on a modern computer?
  24. PSP can't connect to computer (Mac)
  25. Falsion/3D System Problems
  26. Chipped gamecube disk
  27. Helpwith NES system
  28. Whats the best mixture of isoprophyl and water for carts?
  29. Psone screen will not turn on
  30. No sound from a GBC
  31. Switches on a Modded Genesis
  32. NES Pin connector opinions?
  33. My bare Saturn's lens won't move...
  34. Removing a sega CD 2 from a Genny 1
  35. Sega CD Metal Plate
  36. Is there a source for new NES parts?
  37. Controller help
  38. How to remove paint from NES cart
  39. Another Colecovision delema
  40. Modded Xbox Drive going out?
  41. Random CDX reset problem.
  42. Cleaning SNES carts - write some tips! plz :]
  43. does a replacement power supply for TG-16 CD exist?
  44. Can a TurboBooster be modded for S-Video?
  45. SegaCD problem... HELP!!!
  46. Sega CD won't start up...
  47. Need help sound problem NES
  48. Jamma Edge Connector
  49. Broken ColecoVision Steering Wheel
  50. Sega Master System colors are off
  51. Are DVD drives "swappable"?
  52. Best "Archival" glue?
  53. How Do You Open A Genesis Cart.?
  54. Sega Game Gear screen problems
  55. Odyssey 2 games don't play
  56. Sharpie marker problem
  57. heat gun and dvd cases
  58. SEGA CD question????????
  59. Saturn Back Up RAM Carts
  60. About Manuals/ Instruction Manuals
  61. SNES Super Scope Probelm.
  62. What's required for DS online?
  63. liquid lense
  64. CD Sticker Removal (possible repeat)
  65. Sega CD Game Will Not Run
  66. My first SNES from childhood is dead, please help me fix it!
  67. n64 memory problem
  68. Scratched screen (Game Gear and GBA)
  69. Can you repair NES AC adapters?
  70. How to hook up a Famicom?
  71. Help! I can't get my Odyssey to work
  72. APF M1000
  73. 99% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol (the inexpensive contact cleaner)
  74. 72-pin Connector: Carts that will bend it out of shape!
  75. How do you hookup a Sega CD/32X combination on a Genesis II?
  76. repair manual
  77. Nintendo cart SRAM IC's - HELP!
  78. Top-Loader help!!!
  79. S-video / Rgb matrix
  80. for PsTwo owners with busted lasers please read.
  81. Problem with Vdigi Xbox VGA
  82. How do I transfer info form one N64 Pak to the other?
  83. NES controller mod to 7800 problem
  84. Buffing compounds for GB or any plastic screens
  85. N64 power on problem
  86. Genesis Model 1 A/V Question.....
  87. RF cables/AC adapters repairable? (nes & snes)
  88. cart making
  89. Colecovision modded BIOS traceroutes- ayone wanna proof it?
  90. Xbox screen rolls, HD A/V pack and composite input?
  91. Where can I get a SNES cartridge screwdriver bit?
  92. Yet another Sega CD thread *Help?*
  93. Running Xbox on monitor with composite cables?
  94. Getting any video signal out of the GBA??
  95. commodore 64 issue
  96. NES Light Gun
  97. 3.8mm NES Gamebit Wrong Size? PLEASE HELP!
  98. Sega Saturn USB Controller
  99. Odyssey 2 will power up but won't play
  100. Problem with stripped screws.
  101. How to straighten out warped manuals
  102. "I think I'll use benzene to clean my cartridge"
  103. Anyone etch thier own PCBs?
  104. Sega 32x help
  105. 2 sick Neo Geo AES's. Help them get better!
  106. avatar
  107. PSP video flasher/video playback issue
  108. Japanese game systems and US power plugs question
  109. Confirmation please! Do NA NES controllers work on PAL NES's
  110. Good Contact and switch cleaner
  111. Hacking a ROM to change the number of players?
  112. Can anyone give me a pic of the SNES from the rear?
  113. Gameboy screen lines
  114. Replacement power supply for Turbografx 16
  115. I have a Sega 32X, that only works about 40% of the time
  116. Missile Command help!
  117. Adding controller ports to the Intellivision I?
  118. TI-99/4A Console wont load games
  119. Quickshot/Watara Supervision Display and Sound! Help!
  120. NES games that won't play unless they're pushed down extra
  121. 3DO FZ-1 with faulty intros on some games! Anyone know why?
  122. Colecovision error on power up, please help
  123. Old games cut-off on tv screen
  124. Wi-Fi internet question
  125. Neo Geo Pocket Dead Battery
  126. Trying to bring a dead Jaguar to life.
  127. SNES Mario Paint: Mouse Pad Question
  128. 2600 Controller Port Not Working
  129. How do I downgrade the PSP BIOS?
  130. UPDATE!! Sega CDX - Broken power board module. HELP!!!
  131. 7800 composite mod question
  132. So.. how DO you get stickers off things?
  133. Good place/person to buy a new NES 72-pin connector?
  134. Sega Master System AV Cables
  135. TG16 CD - PC Error?
  136. How to get Composite Video from a 2600?
  137. TG16 Expansion bus pinout link! Why can't I get composite?
  138. Various Sega Megadrive / Mega CD Questions
  139. Genesis 2 power question
  140. any1 have the SEGACD MultiBIOS file?
  141. 50/60Hz mod to SNES question
  142. Sega Saturn won't read discs
  143. I think my PSP is broken
  144. NES Toploader flicker problem
  145. Getting the Yellow Out! (PC-Engines, SNES)
  146. PS2 Noise....
  147. Bouncy 2600 carts
  148. Anybody here with a debug or dev xbox?
  149. My broken ps2 round 2: freezy video?
  150. Anyone do Vec repair?
  151. N64 Multi Game Adapter,What could this thing be used for?
  152. Xbox controller S repair
  153. PS2 Question Please HELP! (The CD Drive)
  154. Can somebody build me this?
  155. GameCube Sound Problem: Please Help!
  156. i hate stickers!!
  157. Sega CD (Model 1) Questions
  158. Game Genie issue
  159. hardware mods: S-Video on a 32X?
  160. Help identifying the type of this diode...
  161. RGB Cable for Sega CDX
  162. Fixed my O2 joystick! Yay!
  163. What can I do with this S-Video?
  164. Playstation Audio Problem
  165. Need info on a Saturn mod chip and Sega CD "memory card
  166. Sega Nomad LCD Screen Peculiarities
  167. PC Engine RGB trouble
  168. Removing etchings from center of discs (???)
  169. Sega Dreamcast Motor Damage?
  170. how to clean sega genesis games..?
  171. what is that suede like material used in cleaning kits
  172. 20-30 Years of Dust
  173. This PS2 baffles me.
  174. Help me fix my Nomad: dark screen
  175. Sega Genesis/CD Homebrewing - Make Your Own Game?
  176. Power supply question...
  177. I was given a broken xbox, I want to mod it....
  178. Sega Nomad Screen Opinion
  179. NES cart cleaning issues (56K unfriendly)
  180. Game Gear - strange power problem (fixed)
  181. whole new meaning for toaster nes
  182. Xbox audio problem - help!
  183. PC Engine/DUO TG16 RGB...
  184. Sega CDX RGB unclean RGB output...
  185. Sega Genesis (Model 2) Problem: Games won't read.
  186. segacd interference.
  187. Replacing the power jack on the Nomad?
  188. Help! Dead Saturn. Any ideas?
  189. Getting Stickers off NES games
  190. Confirm for me! SNES import mod functionality....
  191. Jaguar Game sound prollem
  192. SEGACD MultiBIOS (FABombjoy's method) sound issue
  193. HELP! Doctor V64 errors a plenty >_< what's wrong?
  194. Sega Genesis 1 Ext port
  195. lock this please
  196. N64 Gameshark/Sega cd help
  197. Sega CD power
  198. Anyone have problems with the DS?
  199. australian techie here, ill do mods for you. just name it.
  200. Atari 2600 to TV Hookups?
  201. 3DO keeps blowing fuse
  202. Atari Lynx I & II different power supply?
  203. GBASP Problems Charging and Staying powered on.
  204. transfering ROMS to an xbox
  205. N64 Controller Problem
  206. How possible would a light mod be on a DC 4x?
  207. XBox issue -- audio during gameplay but no sound....
  208. Game Boy Pocket not working...
  209. GBA battery save problems
  210. Sega 32X Nightmare
  211. Who here likes broken portables?
  212. Atari 2600 Gets hot?
  213. A few arcade-based questions
  214. Sega CD Battery?
  215. 32X not in full Color
  216. XBOX not working
  217. JP Import FC / SFC question....
  218. My GF'S Purple Sega Genesis
  219. HELP! Xbox refusing to recognise game disc or eject.
  220. Third-party PSX Mem Card Problem
  221. PS2 controller/port issue
  222. Any way to use a Koala Pad in XP?
  223. My Xbox keeps "eating" my games and DVDs
  224. commodore 1084 problems...intermittent power issue!
  225. Can I use a 32x with a JVC X'eye?
  226. Are PS2s cheap crap?
  227. how to remove straches from ds touch streen
  228. Dreamcast problem.
  229. Atari 2600 won't read games.
  230. Genesis 3-button controller problem?
  231. Need some advice on cleaning & repair
  232. Need help with a Genesis kiosk
  233. SCM files
  234. Cleaning an NES power pad
  235. Help! Broken Colecivision Multi Cart!
  238. Interest in a system that plays multiple systems' games?
  239. Modifycation Question
  240. Vectrex scren size adjustment?
  241. PS2 memory card issues
  242. Odyssey2 w/ poor picture, no sound.
  243. Strange XBOX controller issues...
  244. Need a functioning laser from/for a Laseractive CLD-A100
  245. Sega CD Model 1 Question
  246. Xbox gives "your xbox requires service" message
  247. Video files to PSP, OK. But, Subtitle files??
  248. Can I use a PS2 AV cable on a PSX?
  249. Xbox IDE Wire upgrade
  250. Dreamcast question