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  1. GameCube- Woo or Boo?
  2. RPG Collector Asking for Little Help >.<
  3. So, is the original XBOX Retro?
  4. Pokemon name origins
  5. Capcom Says : Resident Evil needs to be more action and less survival horror
  6. N-Gage homebrew
  7. A use for the stand that comes with Kid Icarus Uprising.
  8. NCAA Basketball 10 going for ridiculous prices
  9. Wii U Only as Powerful As Current Gen Consoles?
  10. Epic Mickey 2: Power of Illusion (3DS)
  11. WD's Victor Ireland is Back! (Oh, And He Wants Half-A-Million Bucks.)
  12. Is EGM dead... again?
  13. Next PlayStation may be called Orbis
  14. GBA-AGS 101 Screen Vs DS Lite Screen
  15. Biosphere (Minecraft Cinematic)
  16. Sega Canceling Games and Cutting Jobs in US
  17. ANY pre-PS1 Era game compilations released on any console/handheld recently?
  18. Could a Game Crash Like 1983 Ever Happen Again?
  19. I just bought a Wonderswan, and a Neo Geo Pocket Color, any game recommendations?
  20. How does vgchartz track games?
  21. Diablo III Announced for Wii
  22. VG247 rumor Xbox 3: Blu-ray, 4-6 core CPU, '2 GPUs', Kinect as standard, net required
  23. Nintendo DS Kiosk Q
  24. Star Wars Xbox
  25. Amazon Instant Video now on PS3
  26. You, Me & the Cubes or Excitebike: World Rally
  27. Sonic Co-Creator Joins the Big N
  28. Can Sony or Microsoft shut down accounts due to inactivity?
  29. Install 750 GB HDD in Original Xbox - Need advice
  30. Shadowrun Returns: A Retro-inspired sequel being funded on Kickstarter
  31. Who will have the most powerful console next gen?
  32. What Xbox controller does this wireless receiver belong to?
  33. Opinion, to play the original games or get the remastered games coming out recently?
  34. Joe The Creeper (Minecraft Machinima)
  35. Diablo and Torchlight fans, Mythos is a must play.
  36. SNK Announces New Handheld - The Neo Geo X
  37. What are people's opinion here of MINECRAFT?
  38. Xbox 360 Malfunction?
  39. Nintendo 3DS (3DS) N3DS
  40. sealed games and their value
  41. Japanese gamers and western games...
  42. My And Yet It Moves Commentary
  43. Island Paradise for 360: what the heck is this?
  44. Maxim Gamer Girl
  45. Single Player Fighting Games
  46. Jane Jensen Starts New Studio, Tries to Kickstart One of Three Games
  47. Returning an Xbox 360
  48. 2012 Dungeon-Crawler Legend of Grimrock!
  49. Red Dead Redemption:Undead Nightmare Question (Spoilers)
  50. Sony Chief Unveils Plans to Revive Company
  51. How many of you own every modern console? (and your perspective on modern gaming)
  52. Project X Zone. New tactical RPG from Namco Bandai, Capcom and Sega.
  53. Demo Collectibilty???
  54. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition coming to PC
  55. 3DS Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions Opinions
  56. DJ Hero 2 sucks big ones.
  57. Throttle Down the DP ServBot?
  58. anyone know the correct Fantavision cheat code
  59. Is it possible to gift delisted Virtual Console games to someone?
  60. When Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs) are Mainstream...
  61. PSPGo component cables and PS3 Controller Help
  62. Xenosaga 1-3
  63. Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  64. Fire Emblem
  65. Indie MMORTS
  66. Admitted Norway killer Breivik says he trained on video games
  67. Fez
  68. Dance Dance Revolution suggestions
  69. Humble Botanicula Debut
  70. Gaming and Materialism: What are your thoughts?
  71. New Super Mario Bros 2 announced for 3DS & FW update Folders
  72. New Kirby 20th Anniversary Collection announced.
  73. LinkRealms (Ultima Online Indie Clone/Sequel)
  74. New Start Up Video Game Retailer Will Share 10% of Used Game Profits With Publishers
  75. The Walking Dead the game
  76. Can anybody recommend me any eroge games?
  77. Microsoft to Introduce 15-30 Second Commercials to Xbox Live
  78. 3DS Games Availability
  79. STALKER 2 officially dead, MMOFPS to replace it?
  80. More Anti-Nintendo feelings of late?
  81. Nintendo Reports First Loss In 30 Years
  82. Nintendo 3DS, One Year Later
  83. Nintendo Hardware and Software sales - Famicom to 3DS
  84. Playstation All Stars Battle Royale
  85. Best way to play imports on a PS2?
  86. EA is now "a great acquisition target" says analyst
  87. Best original Xbox modchip?
  88. Help me choose my next iOS game (multiple choice)
  89. XBOX RPGs
  90. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (PS3/X360/Vita/3DS/PC/WiiU)
  91. Should Nintendo Acquire SEGA?
  92. PlayStation 3D Monitor
  93. Canadian versions from Amazon?
  94. Dispite it's Horrid reviews did anybody else Enjoy Ninja Gaiden 3?
  95. Dreamcast VGA to Onkyo TX-NR709 PC
  96. Resident Evil - Mansion Incident
  97. PS2 Spider-Man games
  98. Digital Press Store shot used on Kotaku
  99. History of Sonic Book Coming in the Fall (French Version Out Now)
  100. Perfect Strangers the Videogame
  101. Report: Microsoft Might Launch $99 Xbox 360 With Monthly Payment Plan
  102. Sniper Elite v2
  103. Is MOH Frontline HD on the PS3 reboot disc WITHOUT an activation code?
  104. Terminator - No Escape
  105. I messed up. How bad did I mess up.
  106. Combo Breaker
  107. Gaming Headsets
  108. Celebrating 20 years of Wolfenstein 3D
  109. Games only-for-Gamecube
  110. The Video Game Awards
  111. initiation station
  112. video game sales WAY down in April... are we looking at a crash?
  113. Diamond Trust of London
  114. How about this for a Tetris clone?
  115. Americans and Europeans.......Who else is Shmupping with Akai Katana next week?
  116. Journey for PSN
  117. Stacking consoles?
  118. Diablo 3 the “w/hole experience”
  119. Complete List of 3DS Games - UK (Europe)
  120. First day in Minecraft, in a nutshell
  121. PS2 Games That Support Surround Sound?
  122. Favorite PS2 peripheral?
  123. Anybody playing Treasures of Montezuma Blitz on Vita ? First F2P game on Vita
  124. Opinions of the lesser known SquareSoft/Enix titles?
  125. Video Masters TV- Season 6, Episode 13- May, 2012
  126. Cube World
  127. Star Fox Metroid Fusion Saga?
  128. Shogun: Rise of the Renegade
  129. Do you think Wii U will let you use two tablet controllers at a time?
  130. Based on the games released, who's your favorite publisher and/or developer this gen?
  131. Removing a DS Screen Protector
  132. Anything to do with broken wii classic cointroller?
  133. Trazzy Ent. relased Pirate SHMUP!
  134. Judge recommends US Xbox 360 ban
  135. The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection
  136. Kingdom Hearts impressions?
  137. Prince of Persia Series (SoT, WW, TT): GameCube or PS2?
  138. Kingdom of Amular's 38 Studios And Big Huge Games Close Down
  139. Shmups New VS Old
  140. Sleeping Dogs
  141. Control options for Sonic CD Android?
  142. Sony Creates Game Play Pausing Ads
  143. Xbox 360 hookup compatibility
  144. Who wants a free copy of The Witcher 2 for Xbox 360?
  145. PS2 or Gamecube: which is easier/cheaper to play imports on?
  146. Will Last Guardian ever see store shelves?
  147. Dragons Dogma
  148. Wii newb question
  149. E3 2012 Predictions: What Do You Want To See?
  150. 007 Legends..
  151. Games with stories/worlds intertwined with other completely different games!
  152. Kerbal Space Program
  153. Humble Indie Bundle V is out.
  154. Duke Nukem Forever - A Year or so Later
  155. Mind-Controlled Videogames Become Reality
  156. Snatcher and Point n Click Adventure games (from Japan)??
  157. Free Robin Hood WiiWare game for North / South American users
  158. Memories of Halo 3
  159. E3 2012 apathy
  160. Tales of Xillia 2 for Japan, and Tales of Xillia for North America!
  161. Microsoft's E3 2012 Official Thread
  162. Sony's E3 2012 Official Thread
  163. Nintendo's E3 2012 Official Thread
  164. Watch Dogs looks like an early glimpse at Next-Gen
  165. Tokyo Jungle coming to North America 9/25 for $15
  166. Room for one more PS2 game
  167. E3 2012: Has id Software's John Carmack cracked virtual reality gaming?
  168. Scarlet Red PS3 320 GB
  169. I want a PSP, does anyone have some input on which to get?
  170. Wasn't there a Windows version of Sonic Adventure 2?
  171. INDIE games (PC)
  172. Head's up for you collectors--Medal of Honor: Warfighter to have military-only LE
  173. How do you guys feel about the next generation of consoles?
  174. Gravity Rush Thoughts
  175. where can you buy a r4ds card?
  176. which is the best flash card to get for ds?
  177. Why do people hate EA? Good read.
  178. Botanicula
  179. Splashdown Rides Gone Wild PS2 what the?
  180. Mayflash Universal Adapter - PS3/360/PS2 pad, you decide
  181. SON OF A BITCH. 3DS XL announce for the US.
  182. Help Identifying (what I assume is) PS2 Modchip
  183. Wipeout HD and Fury tracks free for 2048 owners who already own Wipeout HD and Fury.
  184. Is a PS3 purchase worth it at this point?
  185. Wii U Experience Miami
  186. Good article about Nintendo snubbing E3 and TGS
  187. Best Game Based on a Pixar movie?
  188. The Much Anticipated "Meet the Pyro" from Team Fortress 2
  189. Ni no Kuni Special Edition Announced for the US & EU (and Now Canada Too!)
  190. EU Court Rules Digital Games Can Be Resold
  191. Vita touchscreen
  192. Cursed Mountain, Wii, overlooked treasure?
  193. The problem with closed hardware - Will DS Cartridges Last the Next 10 Years?
  194. NiGHTS Into Dreams HD coming to 360, PS3, and PC
  195. Taking a wait and see approach, or buying on launch day?
  196. accurate NTSC Xbox game list in spreadsheet form?
  197. Best Buy Rewards Club Unlocked Members
  198. Ouya: The $99 Android-based open-source console on Kickstarter
  199. AR-K, Indie p&c adventure, free during kickstarter pledge.
  200. Anyone else have this little quirk?
  201. Steam Summer Sale is on!
  202. Valve's Best Game/Game Series
  203. Anarchy Reigns - Anyone Else Import it?
  204. Another slimmed down PS3?!
  205. Best Gamecube games that were not that popular?
  206. Steam and Preowned Games
  207. promo stuff
  208. Console only gamers.... what do you think of the Steam sales ?
  209. Does anyone else's PS3 "crack" and "snap" while in operation?
  210. Got picked for little big planet karting beta.
  211. Spec Ops: The Line
  212. Petit Computer
  213. DP Video Game Maker Challenge! Part 1 "The Pitch"
  214. Rumor of the Year- Nintendo Working with Retro and Rare to bring back Banjo-Kazooie
  215. Free six months of Blockbuster Total Access
  216. Need help identifying song
  217. EA sued for $27 million due to exclusive football licenses.
  218. PSPgo: Replacement Battery?
  219. Vectrex on iPad
  220. Ps3 noncompatability list?
  221. Slender. Possible scariest game yet?!?
  222. Your Top 5 Favorite New IP/Franchises This Generation(7th) Of Consoles
  223. Who Defined Which Years Formed Which Video Game Generations?
  224. The PSP can be emulated now?
  225. Gaming formats in the near future
  226. Infinity Blade II
  227. Has Herzog Zwei been ported to latest consoles?
  228. Civ Virgin
  229. guncon s video question
  230. PS2 Configuration Questions [Was Where to Buy New PS2?]
  231. Action Replay Max PS2&XBOX
  232. God of War Saga preorder $29.99 from Newegg (normall $39.99)
  233. Looking for sound card with a dedicated headphone jack
  234. Scott Pilgrim update adds online multiplayer
  235. Favorite HUDs
  236. Looking for help finding a PSP Modded to Work With PS2 / PS3 Controller
  237. This can't be good... (Last Guardian related)
  238. Kazuma Kujo Interview: Keeping Irem's Spirit Alive
  239. Did anyone actually use a DSi XL as their standard system?
  240. My Custom Movie Poster for Uncharted Drakes Fortune!
  241. Slim PS 2 Question
  242. Humble Bundle for Android 3 is out.
  243. Pitfall! is back and this time it's a great endless runner?
  244. Fall Video Game Preview
  245. Name this (possibly isometric) arcade beatemup
  246. New Mega Man Game Announced for North America and Europe (Mega Man CrossOver)
  247. Xbox 360 4GB + Hard drive question
  248. New Playstation cross buy program.
  249. Diablo 3 Free Starter Edition
  250. Leaving games inside ps3 while on?