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  1. Can you take a modded PSP 2000 and do an update from UMD to go back to Official Firmware??
  2. Shin Megami Tensei series, help me out here.
  3. [XBOX360/PS3] Games (AAA + Normal; any genre) worth getting
  4. Etrian Odyssey IV (3DS)
  5. Things Could Always Be Worse, WIll They?
  6. Edge reports durango to block used games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Stop inverting!
  8. A whole new world of VGA idiocy
  9. Class of Heroes 2: Support Physical Release Of JRPGs!
  10. Mattel HyperScan card trading/collecting
  11. New Color for 3DS XL?
  12. Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter is up!
  13. I think the "traditiional" gaming industry could be in huge trouble... maybe
  14. Wii Sensor Bar that uses an A/C Adapter, or an A/C Adapter for the standard Bar?
  15. US PS2 serial numbers some start with FU instead of just U
  16. TV Help/Questions For Older Consoles.
  17. Rayman Legends Postponed
  18. Japanese Video Game Companies Should Go To US Anime Conventions
  19. Aliens Colonial Marines review, oh boy.... didnt expect such a LOW score
  20. Most Awesome Find for Video Games?
  21. Is Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Worthwhile for {3DS}?
  22. Heavy Rain is SO UNDERRATED!!
  23. Best Playstation 3 Racers
  24. Games with mysterious popularity
  25. Sony streaming PS4 = Current Game collections/hoards worth more, or less?
  26. Red Dead Rebellion - 2014!
  27. Anyone got Rare or Hidden Gems of PS2?
  28. Sam "Serious" Stone vs Duke Nukem who would win?
  29. Who do you think should take over the James Bond franchise now that Activision does not have it.
  30. Tell Nintendo Slavery is Not a Game!
  31. Playstation 4 Finally Officially Announced For Holiday 2013
  32. Used consoles and digital downloads
  33. It's True: 1UP has Reached Its End
  34. The Humble Bundle Mojam 2
  35. Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed on 3DS
  36. Is a Vita worth getting yet?
  37. When Will Sony Cease Being a Hardware Manufacturer?
  38. What retro compilations are available on IOS?
  39. How long will psn support ps3?
  40. Star Wars Kinect Dancing - Is there any cheats?
  41. List of US Sony Playstaion Portable (PSP) Games Released as physical UMDs
  42. Looking for some PSP recommendations
  43. RPG list for Playstation Vita (rpgpsv/rpgvita)
  44. What will come first? All digital consoles or flying cars?
  45. Is there a reason Sims 3 on 3DS has been discontinued?
  46. Lego City Undercover
  47. Humble Bundle for Android 5 is up.
  48. Convert PS2 Save to and Xbox 1 save
  49. SimCity first day bugs
  50. Heads up: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner reprints
  51. Wii U!
  52. Generic Hard Drive for Older Model 360
  53. Nintendo Sponsored Gaming Expo @ SXSW
  54. F-Zero AX Arcade discovered hidden inside F-Zero GX Gamecube
  55. PS3 launch 60GB, Cool it or leave it?
  56. Age of Empires II HD...Steam Exclusive...April 9th!
  57. NeoGeo emulation on psp?
  58. When Will FPS Games Stop Being So Popular?
  59. Bootleg Consol information
  60. Actually playing SimCity: some impressions
  61. Everquest: Now with Proper Free-to-Play!
  62. Most Morbid Games Ever (WARNING NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART)
  63. Empire Eden: Intense Sidescrolling Action
  64. question about retro game challenge for DS
  65. The Advent of Free to Play and constant micro transactions in $60 games. end of gaming as we know it ?
  66. Civitas- A new DRM-free city builder
  67. Which games this gen, are actually worth way more than the $59.99 that they charged ?
  68. 10K $ psp go on ebay, 37 bids,did i miss something?!
  69. Joakim Mogren, CGI or Real Life Human Being?
  70. Shovel Knight
  71. PS3 Final Fantasy X HD to include FF X-2 Rumor
  72. General Humble Bundle/Weekly Sale Thread
  73. Playstation + Sony customer service... wow
  74. Pikachu Yellow 3DS XL 3/24
  75. How will a cheap bastard (me) pay full price for PS4 and Xbox Infinity games ? It's against my nature
  76. PSP for PS1 / Emulation
  77. Duck Tales REMAKE coming to XBLA, PS3, Wii U
  78. Capcom announced a remastered Ducktales game.
  79. Suggest titles to me: Hot Anime girls + Fun game play .. brownie points if I fall in love with them
  80. Are "hardcore" gamers ruining the industry?
  81. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  82. Pretentiousness in indie games
  83. The Humble Mobile Bundle
  84. Original XBOX HDD FIles
  85. Any XBOX360 Minecraft players out there that came answer a question about Herobrine?
  86. Why the 3DS is better than a smart phone
  87. What to do about my PSP Battery?
  88. Sony Pulse Headset
  89. Disney shuts down LucasArts
  90. Which PC Or Arcade Games Would You Like To See Ported To Modern Consoles?
  91. Microsoft may announce next generation of Xbox on May 21
  92. Cancelled Mega Man FPS design: "Maverick Hunter"
  93. Bioshock (1) PS3: New Game+ ?
  94. Road Rash is back as Road Redemption on Kickstarter
  95. Tales of Xillia Collector's Edition for NA & EU!
  96. Wii U price drop in Canada?
  97. Oddity For MVP Baseball 2005
  98. FIFA 13 NTSC PS2 exclusive to South America.
  99. Nintendo announced a Link to the Past sequel for 3DS title: A Link Between Worlds
  100. XBOX - Looking for a certain fun racing game
  101. So, I just found a Wii in the garbage.
  102. Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn looks not so retarded.
  103. Chasm (PC) - Discord Games Kickstarter
  104. No Nintendo E3 Press Conferrence :(
  105. planning Call of the Dead Ensemble Cast achievement run 360 (need help)
  106. NA exclusive PS2 games
  107. Was Polaroid Pete ever released in the UK?
  108. playing Phoenix Wright
  109. Keep getting Wii U error code since firmware update?
  110. Wii games that don't require much motion?
  111. Quake 3 on PS2
  112. Deadly Premonition: the director's cut
  113. anyone else playing simpsons tapped out? I need another town
  114. Premature sales predictions (WiiU, PS4, XBOX720, Vita, 3DS)
  115. Is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate good single player?
  116. Humble Double Fine Bundle
  117. Can you use the pro controller on Sega All Stars Racing Transformed Wii U?
  118. [Gizmondo] UnReliased Games/Builds.
  119. Original Xbox Eject Button Issue.
  120. Question about the original Wii......
  121. ZombiU
  122. Who else is currently planning on skipping PS4 & "720"?
  123. EA Kills It's Online Pass Initiative
  124. Protip: Mario and Donkey Kong Minis on the Move is actually really good (3DS)
  125. Isn't GTA V a huge problem for the sales of PS4 and XboxNext ?
  126. Who is getting the new XBOX or PS4, and why?
  127. Nintendo Direct 5/17 News- New Sonic game, Best Buy partnership
  128. Wii U losing all upcoming EA games
  129. Ghost Hacker 2 Music Download
  130. Sexy Diablo 3 reference in Modern Music
  131. Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS? Thoughts?
  132. My thoughts of various 3DS eshop downloads
  133. Wii Collecting Thread--Discussion, Information, Tips, and The Future
  134. Xbox, A New Generation Revelead May 21st event.
  135. Microsoft Officially Unveils Xbox One For Holiday 2013
  136. Comparing Upcoming PS4 with Xbox One
  137. Xbox rumors proven correct...and much more is revealed
  138. Capcom making Monster Hunter Online MMO PC
  139. How to get the Wii U back on top of the heap. How?
  140. Question about Wii virtual console games playing on Wii U
  141. Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn on PS3 8/27
  142. If used games don't really exist next-gen, will it change your buying habits ?
  143. 1200 XBL Points for $5 Xbox Live
  144. psn game disappeared from account.
  145. XboxOne(NineEightFour)
  146. Good Vita and 3DS games that would probably be overlooked.
  147. Neo Geo X Game cards
  148. Sony President Trolls Twitter, better not be trolling us.
  149. XboxOne and the First Sale Doctrine
  150. The fears for gaming history.
  151. Ways To Improve XBOX One
  152. Sometimes I wonder why I buy single player games
  153. One Box to Rule Them All
  154. Wii U vs PS4 vs Xbox One
  155. Sonic: Lost World
  156. Will Sega reuse other ideas from Sonic X-Treme?
  157. The Humble Indie Bundle 8
  158. Rumor: Xbox One build causes overheating
  159. Gamestop power hour for Injustice fail
  160. Microsoft Just Posted New Xbox One Details Re Privacy, Used and Always Connected
  161. Kiefer Sutherland the New Voice of Big Boss (MGS 5)
  162. Are you ready for next gen? PC hardware.
  163. Two Games Id like to find Again.
  164. Animal Crossing 3ds
  165. DS games NOT on everybodys top 10 liist
  166. Who Is Watching E3?
  167. ITS OFFICIAL!!! PS4=no drm, no bullshit, trade your games and play offline!
  168. The 6 Most Ominous Trends in Video Games
  169. Local Game Stop Sells 18 Xbox One Pre Orders today by 3PM
  170. Is there a list of current gen AAA titled by year?
  171. Custom PS3 three disc cases.
  172. Who Else Is Going To Play The Wii U Demos @ Best Buy?
  173. Future of the 360/PS3?
  174. New info on how to use a NeGcon or UltraRacer PS1 racing controller on original Xbox, PS2, and PS3
  175. The Last of Us (PS3) Initial Thoughts?
  176. Which is More Tolerable? Rampage: Total Destruction on the Wii or Gamecube?
  177. LoZ: Twilight Princess changed so much during its dev-cycle - First 3 trailers plus some great scenes
  178. Original XBOX AR MAX
  179. Final Fantasy X and X-2: What went wrong?
  180. XBox 360E vs Wii U
  181. Skulls of the Shogun Now on Steam!!
  182. Microsoft Officially Reverses its Used-Game Policy
  183. Your favorite thing about your Vita?
  184. GOG Sale
  185. What, Duh: "Second hand games and the rental market needs to be stopped..."
  186. PSP to PS2 game ports.
  187. The Walking Dead already has a lot of variations
  188. Adventure Game From Makers of Earthworm Jim and Neverhood
  189. Has anyone purged most of their collection? Is Gamefly worth it?
  190. Um, Did Anyone Buy An OUYA?
  191. Kingdom Hearts 3, could it have STAR WARS characters in it?
  192. .........................
  193. People Need To Stop Putting Nintendo Down
  194. Broforce - platformer in alpha
  195. Atlus Japan files for bankruptcy
  196. World of tanks 360 beta
  197. Playstation 3 Sound Stopped Working.
  198. The WORST Metal Gear Solid 3 Player Evar!
  199. The Official Playstation Plus thread [service outline, notable updates, previews, games leaving]
  200. Are we going to start to see droves of cheap Wii games?
  201. Competition games.
  202. Hard to find Wii titles
  203. The PS2 (2013 and beyond)
  204. Too many micro-consoles?
  205. The modern console collecting topic (PS2 to PS3)
  206. flight simulator recommendations
  207. MVP Baseball 2013- XBOX and PS2
  208. FIFA 14 last PS2 game?
  209. Updated MVP Baseball 2005 Rosters!!!!
  210. Steam Summer Sale Event "What did you buy?" thread of 2013!
  211. This Stupid FAKE Petition To Get DRM Back
  212. Looking for the original press kit assets of the Sonic DS E3 2004 Tech Demo
  213. $.01 Digital Download for Metro Last Light, Best Buy
  214. Atari's Last Hurrah at GOG.com
  215. Deadpool
  216. Excellent fan made game - Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
  217. PS3 Disc Rot question
  218. Evil Protagonists
  219. PSP to HDMI upscaler Video Review - Lenkeng LKV8000
  220. Ubisoft: "We'll only make games we can turn into franchises"
  221. Club Nintendo Platnum gift question
  222. 1080i Native vs. 720p Scaled to 1500i
  223. Does anyone here have a korean psn account?
  224. Capcom announces new Strider game
  225. The Art of Idle Gaming
  226. Solving sexism in video games: Best ugly human female video game character?
  227. What do you think are the essential features of high-quality games?
  228. More Horrible COD Players
  229. New PS2 owner, few questions
  230. Fez 2 Canceled Because of Twitter
  231. New idea for displaying video games.
  232. The Humble Deep Silver Bundle
  233. New PS2 games without holographic sticker seal?
  234. Building my first gaming PC.
  235. Famitsu Wave DVDs, should I buy?
  236. PS1 Gameshark work on PS3?
  237. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime has a few very interesting secrets.
  238. Ok, this is BS
  239. Pikmin 3 is out!
  240. Papers, Please: A dystopian border checkpoint sim
  241. PS2 corrupt data save?? why?
  242. Minecraft creations
  243. p2s eye toy question.
  244. Audiosurf Recommendations?
  245. Games with 2nd player easiness.
  246. Viewtiful Joe/WiiU fans rejoice...
  247. Wonderful 101 demo... your thoughts?
  248. PS3 Slim Internal vs. External HDD
  249. No More Kinect Requirement for XBOX One.
  250. The Humble Origin Bundle