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  1. DraStic NDS emulator released for Android
  2. Crimson Sea 2
  3. PC build help
  4. Playstation 2 controller question.
  5. Gone Home
  6. Xbox 360 Minecraft offline: What game modes are available?
  7. Original model DS: replacement upper screen lens/frame/clear plastic window?
  8. All Vita models now $199
  9. How could I resist - it's Zelda!
  10. Ouya's New Controversial Ad (graphic)
  11. Anyone excited about the Zelda Wind Waker JD Bundle? [Confirmed by Nintendo]
  12. I want a resurgence of platformers for upcoming consoles
  13. Nintendo In Scare Mode, 2DS, $50 off Wii U
  14. SEGA remakes that could have been
  15. Guacamelee!: Is it fun?
  16. Wal-mart PS4 Preorder Question
  17. PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset
  18. Physical media is almost dead now! (RIP)
  19. PSP 3004 interlacing problem worth replacing the lcd?
  20. .........................
  21. Mighty No. 9 (was "Mega Man Creator starts kickstarter for a possible Mega Man spiritual successor game.")
  22. G-Box Midnight
  23. Possible New Super Mario Bros Wii variant?
  24. The CrossPlane : The worlds first High Definition Wireless Video Controller
  25. Final Fantasy XIV Commercial. Oh gosh.
  26. So, "collectability" of digital games and DLC in the future...
  27. Kickstarter for a sequel to General Chaos
  28. God of War 1 Development Easiness Question
  29. TMNT OOTS, so what do you all think about it?
  30. PS1/PS2 games that got a PSP port.
  31. PS Vita TV
  32. Launch of PS4 and Xbox One are getting closer... are you getting one?
  33. PS3 / 360 collectors, get ready to for another South American rarity!
  34. Capcom only has 152 million dollars in the bank?
  35. What games on this list were NOT released for Nintendo Wii in the US?
  36. Current generation used game pricing of small game store chains.
  37. Ps2 games and flurecent lights
  38. Help with copying game-save data (XBOX 360)
  39. Xbox One mall tour starting this week
  40. Grand Theft Auto 5. So far how do you like the game?
  41. Nintendo to start releasing digital before physical release? your thoughts...
  42. Wii u Zelda bundle questions
  43. Wii u Zelda bundle questions
  44. Xbox One can't stand vertically due to disc drive
  45. Dead Rising 2 Off The Record. What is this?
  46. Tax now added to Itunes purchases?
  47. What are some 6th gen games you wanna see an HD version of?
  48. GTA V bug: Rockstar warns about parking cars in garages
  49. No cat can survive the lava caves. Except one: LavaCat
  50. Final PS2 and Wii releases?
  51. XBox One & PS4 camera space issue
  52. Monster Hunter G for PSVita! :D
  53. Twilight Princess VS Skyward Sword
  54. Pokemon X and Y 3DSXL consoles
  55. Ron Gilbert's Masterpiece "The Cave" Now On iPad!
  56. Framerate or graphical quality?
  57. Mayflash Universal Adapter for Xbox 360/PS3/PC USB Video Review 2.0
  58. Was this DS game resealed?
  59. Is there a list of download only PSP games?
  60. SHould i buy a playstation Move?
  61. DS Game Maker?
  62. List of official North America Xbox 360 Pack Ins
  63. Nintendo 2DS; one LCD or two?
  64. Anyone got an Nvidia Shield?
  65. Importing Games Question
  66. Lets talk the 3DS
  67. TimeSplitters series
  68. Dreamcast edges out PS2?
  69. Anyone purchase a 2DS as of yet?
  70. nVidia's neat new display sync technology: G-SYNC
  71. Initial D games (Arcade Stage and others)
  72. Who else here is using the 3DS as their ONLY next generation console?
  73. Pokemon is ULTRA overrated
  74. I have a confession,....
  75. lol (VGA graded)
  76. PS2 and the new Gen
  77. Disaster with Xbox One OS and Xbox Live this close to launch ??
  78. What do you want from a new Metroid game?
  79. Can't stand the look of TLoZ ALBW
  80. Super Mario 3d World Gameplay Trailer
  81. Call of Duty Ghosts runs at 720p on Xbone
  82. Free Copies of "Blackwell Deception" Oct. 30 - Nov. 1
  83. Sending Messages Through Nintendo SwapNote via SpotPass is Dead
  84. Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS is amazing!
  85. Has NTSC PS2 FIFA 14 been confirmed?
  86. New Call Of Duty Ghosts, what are your thoughts about the game so far?
  87. PS4 Launch Enthusiasm
  88. New Wow Expansion Announced
  89. Seventh Generation Consoles Price Drop Predicitions
  90. Wii mini revisited (U.S.)
  91. Which Nintendo system had the best library,iyo?(portables included)
  92. My 6 year old beats Von Kaiser without looking at the screen
  93. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for the 3DS
  94. How’s your swag with a bow and arrow? Arrow Flick, now on iOS and Android
  95. PS2 games with Blue surfaces?
  96. Nintendo to release...a modified Android tablet targeted towards schools?!
  97. PlayStation Vita - JAP Retail-Exclusives with english language option
  98. EA customer service at its best, BF4 ps4 is BROKEN
  99. Post-Classic/"Pre-Modern" Gaming
  100. Xbox One/Zelda Launch Night
  101. Bigtime Youtuber KSI tries to censor video from Videogamer.com for criticizing him - KSI fails
  102. PS4 & XB1 - The Aftermath - my first impresions
  103. PS4 FPS Shooters
  104. Who's playing the new Zelda Link Between Worlds?
  105. Street Fighter IV and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
  106. NES Themed PS4
  107. Does Trine 2 remind anyone of Magician Lord on Neo Geo ?
  108. PS4 Launch Lights Up the Pope’s Castle in Rome With Stunning Light Show Made of Blue and Polygons
  109. Jewel Next - Match to Create New Jewels
  110. Skylander? Do your kids enjoy this game?
  111. Is Mortal Kombat the black sheep of the fighting game community?
  112. Autumn Sales Event. Yes Valve is at it again. What did you buy?
  113. 6th gen and Wii games you'd like to see on the PS Vita?
  114. Wii U Wii mode question
  115. Level bosses... not a fan.
  116. Why aren't there super deluxe versions of handhelds ?
  117. Diablo III Question
  118. Write for Digital Blare
  119. Please delete
  120. 2014 Gaming Goals
  121. PS4 & Xbone: No New Media?
  122. What does an action-adventure game need to be amazing,in our times?
  123. "Club Nintendo" Game Download Offers for Dec. 10 - Jan. 12
  124. 3DS Firmware/Miiverse/YouTube Update
  125. Video game market could collapse according to this article.
  126. What's the current state for Xbox 360 modding?
  127. Is there a quick reference somewhere of which games were eleased without manuals?
  128. PS2 controller help
  129. PS2 Repair Help
  130. 80s games you wanna see a remake of?
  131. Steam Winter Sale Even What did you get?!?
  132. Your Top 3 Shin Megami Tensei games?
  133. Wii U for $220, almost tempted, but not quite
  134. What do you think will happen to Rune Factory 4's price in the future?
  135. Wii U pro controller. Any cheaper options? Perhaps a Wii controller?
  136. ps2 Region option: what is it for?
  137. whats been up with the 3ds e-shop?
  138. Crazy Taxi for Android
  139. Any complaints @Capcom?
  140. Do you think opting for 3D instead of HD for the 3DS,was ultimately a mistake?
  141. How would you like a new Xenosaga game?
  142. Jirachi in X or Y anyone?
  143. Examples of a old school production team able to make a new age game that rocks
  144. Monster Hunter 3 Wii U
  145. No voice acting in Nintendo video games: What gives?
  146. Games you don't know why you like
  147. Crazy?! I think not!
  148. Savant - Ascent (PC)
  149. Why does the 3DS lack so much in the action-adventure & RPG genres?
  150. Modding GameCube with XenoGC 2.0 - installation check.
  151. Final Fantasy Anniversary Games for PSP: Yay or Nay?
  152. quick question about wii fit balence board
  153. Is the home console industry as healthy as it seems to be ? Nearly 10 million next-gen systems sold already
  154. Physical Copies Going Away?
  155. Why Wii Mini? Why?
  156. PAX East
  157. Wii U love
  158. PS2 Scarface: WIY odd glitch? SAW gun for entire game
  159. Rumor or Nonsense: Nintendo's next generation console and handheld: Fusion Terminal and Fusion DS
  160. Looking for the name of a Final Fantasy XI Music Track
  161. What do you want from Resident Evil 7?
  162. wii just dance 4 bundle value, $200.00?
  163. Wii U $199.99....Would you?
  164. Army Men RTS PS2 Vs GameCube Differences
  165. Zelda Four Swords Anniversary Edition back on 3DS eShop for 4 days! It is now gone.
  166. Durability of a CECHL04-model PS3
  167. South Park The Stick Of Truth
  168. Nintendo Gaming Lounge!
  169. Just got PS Vita any Game Suggestions?
  170. Sony developing PSone and PS2 emulation on the PS4
  171. PS Vita: Custom YS Memories of Celceta Shock Box and insert
  172. Was thinking about giving SSX (2012) another go...
  173. Modern gaming title problem - PS2 to today?
  174. So yeah, that free-to-play Steel Diver: Sub Wars game on 3DS eShop is definitely worth checking out
  175. Gamestop 75% Clearance Playstation 2 Games
  176. STRIDER. IS. BACK. [60 FPS Gamersyde video of PS4 ver.] 2/18/14 on five platforms
  177. Kickstarter Treachery in Beatdown city. Bringing back SoR/Final Fight spirit
  178. Looking for some good rally racers video games
  179. PS3 Software 2.0 Update Disk
  180. Kiss DS/Wii Online Goodbye
  181. Reasons to Buy a PS4 or Xbox One
  182. Anybody do the Pokemon X or Y deal that starts this month ?
  183. Is it impossible to find a PS4 in North America?
  184. Good HDMI switch for modern gaming
  185. pokemon transfer question (from gen 1 to current)
  186. Question about the PS2's Midway Arcade Treasures line
  187. Monster MMORPG - Are you guys playing ? My quick intro - Pokemon alike game
  188. Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn
  189. Hintbooks
  190. Is there any unusually good Hidden Object game out there?
  191. Thoughts on El Shaddai?
  192. Shin Megami Tensei released on iOS with English translation
  193. GameCube GameBoy Player discs?
  194. Infamous second son paper trail mission is AWESOME!
  195. Need help naming a game
  196. Now that Facebook and Sony are both in the VR race... are you interested ?
  197. Zaxxon Escape
  198. Amazon Fire TV
  199. Xbox 360 Japanese exclusive region free imports
  200. Dragon Age Ultimate Xbox 360 Spanish Packaging
  201. What's your end plan for your collection?
  202. Games like DuckTales for 360 or PS3
  203. Sweet, a new FMV Video Game, Tex Murphy Returns
  204. Has a console ever depreciated as quickly as the Xbox One ?
  205. Dont forget this when you get MarioKart 8!
  206. Youch, Oculus Rift was stolen technology?
  207. Fairly credible rumor: Project Beast [PS4 exclusive?] FROM Soft's next entry in the Souls series
  208. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire announced,your reaction?
  209. Best PS2 action-rpgs?
  210. Do casual gamers annoy you one way or another?
  211. Video game scenes that upset you AS AN ADULT?
  212. I want a Treasure collection!
  213. XBox One now 400, anyone getting it?
  214. Game Series
  215. Time to start collecting 6th gen or even 7th gen games?
  216. Does a larger library really equate to better games?
  217. My lists of import-only XBOX and GC games, WonderSwan FAQ and masterlist, etc.
  218. Owners of Capcom Puzzle World (PSP): Very buggy and crashes a lot???
  219. VIDEO: Consoles Are Selling In 2014 But Games Are NOT Selling!
  220. What the heck happened to Konami ?
  221. What type of TV you have for this gen and last gen of gaming?
  222. Free to Play on Ouya.
  223. Local Game Store Once Again Overcharging
  224. PSN Dracula X Chronicles
  225. Sega Genesis controller adapter for the GameCube?
  226. First footage of PROJECT BEAST - FROM SOFTWARE | Hidetaka Miyazaki's new Demon's or Dark Souls game for PS4
  227. VGOCD - Community Playthrough site
  228. Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter
  229. Interesting Xbox game find from Reddit - has anyone heard of it?
  230. Titanfall....Xbox 360 online only?
  231. Looking for a Gizmondo charger and battery
  232. Help me identify this Wii Gun Peripheral?
  233. When will the PS2 rarity guide be updated?
  234. E3 2014
  235. Trying to find an article by a former Gamestop employee
  236. Anyone play Guild Wars 2?
  237. Should I buy One- Piece Romance Dawn?
  238. Anyone have a sealed Mario Advance 4 WalMart Edition (the one with 7 bonus cards)?
  239. Omg, gotta buy a Wii U now, killer app...
  240. Reseal question re:Nintendo DS My Japanese Coach
  241. Happy 23rd Birthday, Sonic The Hedgehog!
  242. Sniper Elite 3 PC Ultra Settings Review
  243. Making a Contra style game using construciton paper, currently for pc, Destrucion Paper!
  244. Sega Genesis 6 button controller knockoffs (Hong Kong) Horrible ?
  245. Failed Series Reboots
  246. Hm Anyone getting Ps Vita Tv when it gets its NA release?
  247. How are you feeling about the Wii U future
  248. Successful series reboots?
  249. Limbo of the Lost
  250. Super Sized PSP Memory Card