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  1. GameStop's Rental Program, "PowerPass"
  2. Sonic Forces (Windows,PS4,XBO,Switch)
  3. Seeking Wii Recommendations
  4. Any Ratchet and clank/ Crash Bandicoot/ Jak and Daxter (Beta/Prototypes)
  5. RPG's You Started But Never Finished
  6. FPS's for DS, 3DS, and PSP
  7. Secret of Mana Remake PS4 physical copies
  8. 80's Overdrive: sprite-based 16-bit style Outrun clone on 3DS e-shop
  9. Detective Pikachu [3DS / American Movie]
  10. Radiant Historia: DS or 3DS?
  11. Switched: How Nintendo Won Me Back
  12. Are system kiosks in stores dead?
  13. Okami
  14. Xbox - NTSC-U/C and NTSC-J Lists
  15. Newer Super Mario Bros. Fan Games for Wii, DS
  16. Zwei The Ilvard Insurrection
  17. Sword of mana
  18. Nintendo Labo- Nintendo's Cardboard Switch Accessory
  19. Champions of Norrath save data help
  20. FOX n FORESTS - new 2D German Indie game - coming Spring '18 on PS4, XB1, PC/Mac, Switch
  21. Shining Resonance Refrain (Switch, PS4, XBO, Steam/PC)
  22. Sonic and PAC-MAN to Guest-Star in Each Others' Mobile Games
  23. Sonic The Hedgehog 2019 Movie (CGI + Live-Action): For Really Reals This Time?
  24. New Official Nintendo Power... Podcast?!
  25. my thoughts on modern gaming
  26. Help me choose a couple games for my daughter
  27. Sony to owe $65 to PS3 owners from lawsuit (Linux)
  28. Star Ocean: Til The End of Time question
  29. Free Mcboot Help
  30. Which Madden for PS2 Has Best Career Mode?
  31. PSTV good 1st game?
  32. Danganronpa ramblings
  33. Marble Blast Ultra
  34. Has increased cost of producing a game led to lots of generic cookie cutter titles?
  35. I started installing HALO 5 last night around 1:00...it's 11:22 a.m. and at 78.8%
  36. Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido (Nintendo 3DS, Switch)
  37. E3 2018
  38. Future of the Wii U
  39. Found a fat ps3 at work...
  40. *Blank* is the Newest Console I'll Ever Own Because *Reason*
  41. Streets of Rage 4 announced.
  42. Bushiden - Very impressive 2D games like SOTN, Strider, Hagane, Ninja Gaiden, Kaze Kiri, Shinobi...
  43. Thoughts about All of These "Classic" Mini Console Releases and Similar (NES, SNES, Genesis, NEOGEO, PS1, C64, Atari "VCS,"etc.)
  44. Intellivision Amico Console announced - Hundreds of millions of sprites. Superior 2D than PS4 or PS5
  45. Bubsy: Paws on Fire! (PC PS4 Switch)
  46. Garry Kitchen (A Boy and His Blob): What Can be Done to Console Games That Could Help Distinguish Them from PC Games?
  47. 4K HDR TV or Monitor Recommendations for Gaming
  48. What modern games will be collectible in the future?
  49. Playstation 2 ethernet adapter question
  50. Any emulation on the PS2?
  51. Video Games Versus Digital Sandboxes
  52. what the deal with PS4 controller colors
  53. So umm..what is/was the Ouya?
  54. What are your favorite Wii games?
  55. Games that everyone likes except you
  56. Attn System Hoarders, Check your Wii's!
  57. The Nintendo Switch Has Too Many Ports
  58. Nintendo Switch Pro
  59. The Unfair Competition Prevention Act Bans Save-Editing Programs and Editing Your Own Save Data - or Anyone Else's
  60. Best way to Soft Mod an original XBox?
  61. Pokemon Sword And Shield
  62. Google Stadia (was "Google set to announce next-generation console at GDC - Rumored partnership with SEGA")
  63. Another Step Toward Losing Our Freedoms: Disc-less "Xbox One S All-Digital Edition"
  64. Cuphead coming to switch.
  65. Project Sakura Wars / New Sakura Taisen Announced for North America and Europe [PS4]
  66. Hardships of modern gaming and Dead Or Alive 5
  67. Is the platforming collect-a-thon genre dead?
  68. To Open or not to open... Chrono Trigger DS
  69. Limited Run Games Forum Closing
  70. Capcom Home Arcade Plug'n'Play
  71. What are the chances of an offlne gaming console being released in the future?
  72. New Earthworm Jim game with original team, Exclusively on Amico.
  73. Are there still differences between the same game but different platform?
  74. What system spawned the most games that lead to franchises that are still alive today?
  75. modern Mortal Kombat question
  76. Team Sonic Racing {Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC/Windows/Steam}
  77. Shooter,Cotton Fantastic Nights Dreams to get reboot,coming to PC,PS4,Switch.
  78. An argument against games going download
  79. $100 "PDI Check" Simulation Tool App for Nintendo 3DS?!
  80. Grandia HD Collection / Grandia + Grandia II HD Remaster [Switch, PC]
  81. How playable is the Xbox 360 right now if I dont have WiFi at home?*
  82. Is Nippon Ichi Software Going to Go out of Business?
  83. Nintendo's SNES to GBA Ports Adding Voice Samples - Good or Bad?
  84. The Best GBA Music - What Are Your Favorites?
  85. Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories (PS4, Switch, PC)
  86. Deep Silver, a Terrible Publisher?
  87. Techniques of modern game design
  88. What's Bear Hugger saying? (Punch Out Wii)
  89. SolSeraph, A Spiritual Successor to ActRaiser
  90. My Android game inspired by QBasic Nibbles
  91. Nintendo or Google Will End YouTube App Support for 3DS on September 2nd
  92. Ori and the Blind Forest coming to Switch
  93. The Last Game for the Nintendo Wii in North America
  94. Best Wii U Games for $20 or Less (2019 Edition)
  95. FMV Games on Netflix, A.K.A. "Interactive Films"
  96. Metal Wolf Chaos PS4
  97. Best Download-only Wii U Games on the Nintendo eShop
  98. Sonic Generations (PS3, X360, Windows, 3DS)
  99. When, if ever, will PS4, XO, Switch be considered "retro?"
  100. Switch NES Emulator will now have SNES games
  101. Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia
  102. Dragon Quest ... what are the modern games doing?
  103. So there's a Link's Awakening remake coming to the Switch
  104. Medievil Remake Ps4
  105. Link and Beedle - BoTW Fan-fic
  106. Game series I'm shocked are still around
  107. Power Stone 1 + 2: Dreamcast Versus PSP and Pricing
  108. Should I get Minecraft on Switch?
  109. xbox 360 classics online play
  110. Official Limited Edition SEGA Genesis and Saturn "Fight Cancer" Controllers from Retro-Bit
  111. Sonic Mania's Original Version to Receive a Physical Release in 2019
  112. Panic Playdate... is this a joke?
  113. i always wonder how new games can still keep getting made
  114. 2019 is shaping up to be the year of butchered classics
  115. Random Ramblings About Horror Games
  116. Good FPS on PS2?
  117. Are the last-gen systems (Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii) and the Wii U "dead consoles"?
  118. Google Stadia is out
  119. Playing Days of Thunder and/or other PS3 Games
  121. Microsoft tries to out-stupid itself and names its new console "Xbox Series X"
  122. my experiences with the Switch so far
  123. Consoles ranked by energy efficiency
  124. Xbox Rarity Guide
  125. catching up with Mega Man...
  126. Arcade 1UP Micro Consoles are coming....
  127. Demon's Souls - no manual?
  128. My confused feelings on JRPGs
  129. Games with high mountains?
  130. Courts Rule That Nintendo Has the Right to Refuse Cancellations of Pre-orders
  131. Dragonball Z games... a recurring "issue" I have...
  132. How long will it be until the Nintendo-Microsoft-Sony era ends
  133. Hasbro to re-issue Tiger Electronics' Handheld LCD Games
  134. Will Analogue release portable consoles designed for carts of classic consoles next?
  135. Why cant we do old game collections on modern consoles, its 20 freaking 20
  136. I'm done with (most) Ubisoft games.
  137. globalization and how it has affected video games
  138. Anyone else find spring puts them in the mood for horror games?
  139. Cool new 4-player beat'em up/brawler
  140. Typical final console price drops before next gen?
  141. Atlus Removing Code of Princess From 3DS E-Shop Mar 31st
  142. Panzer Dragoon Remake for Nintendo Switch
  143. Just bought Smash Bros Ultimate...
  144. Paper Mario: The Origami King (New Switch Paper Mario game)
  145. Tony Hawk 1 + 2 remake
  146. So is E3 done now?
  147. Modern remakes
  148. Just got one step closer to being a digital download advocate
  149. Has any one put an SSD in their PS4?
  150. Nintendo Switch played on Snowpiercer TV Series last night
  151. Xbox 360 old games discord
  152. The current last Wii and Wii U game
  153. OUYA Anniversary Game Jam 2020
  154. The Final Physically Released 3DS Game
  155. QR Codes Used within Video Games
  156. Best iOS Games (iPod / iPad / iPhone)
  157. PS3 Hidden Gems
  158. noticing "re-releases" on the Switch eShop
  159. Burgertime Party - a great game nobody is talking about
  160. What are the most worthwhile Mario games on the Switch?
  161. The "Second Quarter:" Documentaries and Books about the Modern History of Computer and Video Games (2000 - 2020)
  162. 3DS Production Has Ended
  163. Did anyone here ever buy UMD movies for the PSP?
  164. Epic Games Fights Apple - Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite - #FreeFortnite
  165. Can Vita games still be updated?