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  1. Ideal DOS Laptop?
  2. IBM PS/1 repair help.
  3. getting system shock 2 to work on WINDOWS 7
  4. monkey island game help installing. 3.5 discs
  5. anyone here use ATX to AT power converter cables?
  6. How to boot up Castlevaina for Dos?
  7. to much ram in DOS? what games?
  8. Commodore 64 Help
  9. Noctis (DOS)
  10. TV-Output cards for DOS/Win98 comps?
  11. High Scores
  12. Aspetra
  13. Been looking for an old PC game for about 10 years or more
  14. DOS shell
  15. Best Version of Risk?
  16. Win 98se vs Win ME
  17. Jane's F-15 Combat Simulator Officer's Edition
  18. Myst Sales Numbers - Mac vs Windows?
  19. How rare is my copy of Exodus for PC by Wisdom Tree?
  20. Time Zone Sierra On-line
  21. help: can't get duke3d to install/play right
  22. Dang Classic Apple Macs!
  23. Creepy Christmas Adventure Game.. Help!
  24. Are there any disadvantages for putting Windows 3.1 on a Pentium 133?
  25. Anyone have any prototypes on 5 1/4 discs?
  26. Free game: Broken Sword Director's Cut at GOG.com (ends Oct. 1)
  27. Any Old School DOS / PC Collectors?
  28. Need help identifying an old DOS adventure game
  29. Apple II Microzine Jr Games
  30. FreeDOS or MS-DOS for classic gaming?
  31. Predictions on a price drop for the NEW Commodore 64.
  32. A Retro PC Collection Has Fallen Into My Lap, and I Need Your Help
  33. 90s Magazine Demo CDs
  34. HELP! Dying to remember a AMIGA PD Tetris game!
  35. interesting shovelware collections
  36. Favorite Commodore 64 songs/themes
  37. HELP. Atari 600 xl problem
  38. Question about Gabriel Knight 1 box contents.
  39. Museum of Computer Adventure Game History
  40. New MS-DOS game Paku-Paku (Pac clone)
  41. Installing dos on a modern pc , no emulation
  42. cosmic bakery theme music
  43. What computer to use for Dos/Win98 Games
  44. FMV FTW - Gabriel Knight and Many More
  45. Getting my Computer Game shelves back up
  46. Multiple Classic Computer
  47. Recent amvets raid goodies!
  48. Will Euro Vic-20, Commodore 16, Dragon & Atari 8-Bit software work with US machines?
  49. List of NTSC compatible Amiga games?
  50. Everquest Beta discs found, any info?
  51. Help me get several pre pentium era Dos games to run on a Windows 98 Pentium II.
  52. Avalon Hill PC Games On XP?
  53. Can't remember the name of a game
  54. Unexpected C64 Finds (Ultima IV and V)
  55. game review sites
  56. Realigning a 1541-II drive (Commodore 64)
  57. What's the name of this early 90's PC game
  58. Apple ii 2 // mania
  59. Don't Copy That Floppy!
  60. Doom Legacy problem
  61. Ancient Evil
  62. Claw... does anyone else love this game as much as me?
  63. "Deeds Of Yore" 8 bit RPG web series
  64. Castlevania & Contra Konami Collector's Series PC
  65. My FM Towns, x68000, MSX, PC9821, PCFXGA FAQ´s / Videos
  66. How do I play old games on my Window's Vista?
  67. Fallout for free at GOG.com [Deal is over]
  68. Jack Tramiel died
  69. Trying to identify old Civil War game
  70. The TI-99 is so depressing
  71. bare knuckle ( streets of rage ) gold label cart
  72. Didn't know street fighter 2 came out on PC.
  73. I got to interview Tex Murphy!
  74. BASIC On Apple eMate 300?
  75. Where to buy Shadow Warrior?
  76. FMV Title Identification
  77. Early, Family-Friendly DOS 3D FPS Involving... Frogs?
  78. Another "mystery game" for the experts out there...
  79. Need help finding a game too.
  80. ATI Rage Fury MAXX
  81. Q's about a lot of flight sims on ebay
  82. Review for Mortal Kombat Pc-Dos
  83. make Solid State drives work on a classic comp?
  84. Atari 400?
  85. Using satellite internet service with older online PC games
  86. Evolution of PC Audio - As Told by Secret of Monkey Island
  87. Atari 400/800 power supply?
  88. The bizarre original brazillian computer.
  89. help with ensoniq pci audio card
  90. started a new classic computer/misc old electronics page
  91. My first japanese MSX
  92. Megaram, the MSX expansion, made in Brazil.
  93. TK 2000, the clone of Apple II.
  94. Rock day ! Rock N Roll Racing...
  95. Joystick with built-in sounds!
  96. Some pictures from my MSX HB-F1 Sony.
  97. My A500 and 1084S-D1, arrived today...
  98. Commodore 64 hits 30
  99. My new Atari 65XE computer....
  100. Commodore 64C - The new member of my commodore collection.
  101. Life & Death
  102. Wizardry Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord
  103. PC "Launch Titles"
  104. Using an e-reader (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc.) for classic PC gaming?
  105. Help Identify This Old Computer with Integrated Monitor, Two Adjustment Knobs, No Built-In Floppies
  106. Help me identify a childhood favorite!
  107. Some great classic magazines to read on the weekend...
  108. can't get nvidia riva tnt2 model 64 to display over 16 colors in win98SE
  109. best Macintosh/OS for mid 90's classic gaming
  110. Games that run in CGA Monochrome 640x200x2 Mode?
  111. The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime now runs on ScummVM
  112. Soulless a new game for Commodore 64 and advice for fixing my C64
  113. Text Adventure Games
  114. Commodore vc 20
  115. Commodore 64 Utlilities site like Atarimania
  116. Jvc x'eye demo disc review
  117. Was the Commodore 64 used to make games for NES or Atari?
  118. A New Shadowgate for 2014
  119. My Atari 800 (Pictures)
  120. Repairing and replacing the flat cable from the Atari 800 computer
  121. Sega computers
  122. i need some help about a computer game i played in 1988-1989...it could be older though.
  123. Name That Game - 1st Person Football
  124. Favourite Space Sim?
  125. Dusted off the Atari XEGS and got it running on the big screen.
  126. Ken Allen, Sierra Online Composer, has a Music Kickstarter Going (Ends Feb. 21)
  127. Apple II King's Herald??
  128. Looking for an atari 800 game
  129. Myide-ii
  130. Japanese games, Win98?
  131. Feel bad, selling old floppy games on eBay.
  132. Was the composite video output any good on the TRS-80 Color Computer 3?
  133. Anyone have any info on Kidsroom/Kidzone?
  134. Commodore 64 hookup?
  135. Anyone remember the Blade Runner game made by Westwood?
  136. Anyone have old (90s) PC Gamer issues lying around?
  137. Atari 8-Bit / ST Magazine Collection
  138. Running a cd file via thumb drive?
  139. whats a good cheap meathed for capturing video/sound from old PC's?
  140. Gravis PC Gamepad: Anyone else love this controller?
  141. Fake version of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy text adventure?
  142. Commander Keen in Keen Dreams now available for Android
  143. New to RTS. What to play?
  144. serious question what are proto type cdi worth tell me
  145. Cannon Fodder on modern PC?
  146. Classic Game Remakes & Freebies
  147. Need help identifying a Commodore power supply...
  148. Any Recommendations for Commodore 64 Emulators?
  149. Faint Diagonal Waves in Fullscreen mode of WinVice-2.1
  150. Enjoying old Adlib/SoundBlaster music
  151. AD&D Gold Box fans?
  152. Strikers 1945 Releases?
  153. Cracked? Trained? I kinda know what they mean, but...
  154. Old Mac Game Rarity?...
  155. Humongous Entertainment Games
  156. Can you identify this C64 game?
  157. Lucasarts was almost finished with a Day of the Tentacle remake when they shut down
  158. Tandy Color Computer II video game fun
  159. Sord M-5 emu
  160. BBC Micro favorite games
  161. Jumpman vs. Wizard on C64
  162. Apple IIe game Nightmare Gallery?
  163. Sango Fighter 2 and Super Fighter Special Edition are now available!
  164. Hewson UK Game Publisher/Developer Book Kickstarter
  165. what OS for a mac 6110CD?
  166. Here's one method for transferring data between the Tandy Color Computer and the PC
  167. Tandy Color Computer video : some of the more notable games
  168. Discovering the ZX Spectrum for the first time
  169. Applie IIe monitor setup question
  170. MegaRace
  171. Should We Move "Computer Gaming" to the Specialty Forums Section?
  172. So what are the best early 80's CRPGs?
  173. Atari 8 Bit Pac-Man Oddball Cart Arrives.
  174. Which versions of Windows can run nearly all games from specific older versions of Windows? (Natively)
  175. New kickstarter for The 7th Guest 3
  176. Broken Age
  177. Examining the Decline of PC Game Collecting (& the PC game industry as well)
  178. What all games used the Build Engine?
  179. Help! Atari 800XL cartridge port issues
  180. Classic First-Person Shooters
  181. Which version of Gateway to Apshai do you perfer C64 or Atari 400/800?
  182. PCI or USB receiver for 360 controller?
  183. Amiga=Atari
  184. Help identifying an old PC game
  185. MiiSX (MSX emulator on Wiibrew) Problems
  186. Favorite Atari 400/800 games
  187. trying to identify old Apple II game-making software
  188. pc manuals
  189. DUKE NUKEM 3D High Resolution Pack
  190. Might & Magic X: Legacy
  191. Anyone play this computer game
  192. Streets of Rage + Masters of the a Universe =
  193. Anyone have favorite Text/Graphic (hybrid) adventure games?
  194. Today's massively underrated classic computer game is...Conquests of Camelot
  195. ???? Where's my thread ????
  196. What happened to Lemon64???
  197. Amiga & Commodore find
  198. Any way to grab and listen to music/background music from DOS games?
  199. Can't Think of a Game's Name
  200. Why is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for PC so rare in comparison to the older ones?
  201. Nz17 Gives Away Computer Games (Currently "Primordia" & "Resonance")
  202. Year 1997: Fallout
  203. New game: FIFA World Cup 2014 for VIC 20
  204. What is the Name of the... Stradivarius Multi-media Educational CD-ROM?
  205. Pyst
  206. Anyone play Minecraft, mobile, PC, console?
  207. What do you actually have set up?
  208. 3D Pinball Space Cadet...status?
  209. Which version of Sid Meier's Pirates! is your favorite?
  210. Is Wolfenstein 3D a better game than Spear of Destiny?
  211. Why are PC-98 series computers so expensive?
  212. Trying to remember the names of some obscure PC games
  213. Who is your favorite computer game programmer?
  214. The scarcity of Commodore 64s in the wild
  215. Magnavox Odyssey II Speech Synthesizer Problem?
  216. How Many Floppy Disks Do You Have?
  217. Let's Play Civilization 1 - Classic Civ! (My new youtube series)
  218. Do You Make Physical Copies of the Downloads You Buy?
  219. what non-Infocom Text Adventures are worth checking out?
  220. C64 games that you prefer over their Amiga counterparts
  221. Why did THQ go bankrupt?
  222. Warcraft III fans, quick question
  223. GoG.com - Disney/LucasArts developer addition, Indy, Star Wars, Monkeys, Dogs and Rabbits, etc
  224. Favorite Edutainment Games and What Makes Them Special
  225. Micropolis is the Open-Sourced Version of the Classic SimCity from Maxis
  226. Let's Play The Sims 1
  227. Free PC Game - Metro 2033 for Humble Bundle Store 1st B-day 20hrs left from time of this post!
  228. What are the current best streams for chiptunes and demoscene music?
  229. Anyone here a Diablo 3 Player? Would you want to be one (BF Deal)?
  230. Ken and Roberta Williams Have Received 'The Game Awards' 2014 Award for Lifetime Achievement
  231. Gold Rush! Anniversary
  232. Pier Solar PC -- Any word on the physical release, also GoG has it for 50% off
  233. Burning Command & Conquer Gold Edition
  234. New adventure game being made by Ron Gilbert, Thimbleweed Park
  235. Dosbox, GoG, what all may not work as nice as it could
  236. 64bit windows and the curse of the 16bit application
  237. Huge Steam Sale 50-85% off -- All Square-Enix stuff (including Eidos, etc)
  238. I got Sim City 2000 WINDOWS working in 64bit Windows. Yes a legit fix.
  239. Town with No Name
  240. Simcity 3000 vs 2000... what's different,exactly?
  241. Akalabeth on GOG -- Free
  242. Crystal Caves
  243. Anyone taking advantage of the GoG.com Double Insomnia Promo sale??
  244. Contest (with Prizes!): Show off your (old) gear @ GOG.com
  245. what kind of computer games do you like?
  246. Windows for Retro Gaming PC
  247. Looking for someone that owns an original release of Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight (USA)
  248. Descent: Underground, The Newest Official Descent Game
  249. Joystick repair
  250. Any Recommendations for Games with Open World, First-Person Country Driving?