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  1. Early PC Shareware
  2. What is your screen resolution?
  3. Gobliiins, Gobliins 2, & Goblins Quest 3
  4. Need Help Identifying and Finding a Few Apple II Games
  5. was there or is there a "multicart" for the TI 99 4A?
  6. What classic computers did you use in school?
  7. Apple IIGS noob advice
  8. favourite dos games!
  9. Good Dos or Win 95 Fighting Games
  10. suggestions for classic gameing computer setup
  11. Any rare PC games?
  12. classic Macintosh games?
  13. Anybody collect or play old Dos games?
  14. Classic Computer Gaming
  15. Which is your favorite - Turrican I or II?
  16. AOL Games
  17. Atari 8-bit favorites
  18. C64 Alice in Wonderland?
  19. matching monitors
  20. Commodore 64's hidden gems
  21. Underrated 16-bit computer titles
  22. Trying to Remember an Old Horror Computer Game
  23. A few problems with Simpsons arcade game for the Dos
  24. Are you a Point & Click Adventure game fan?
  25. GOG.com joystick issue - Descent and Descent 2
  26. Any Value In Some Apple II Documents / Boxes?
  27. What's a reliable place to get a Gamepad to USB adapter?
  28. What to do with an old, old PC?
  29. Stupid question about the Atari 130XE
  30. Any collectors of MSX or X68000?
  31. Favorite 'retroputer' of all time~!
  32. Any Simon the Sorcerer fans?
  33. Post up your DOS gaming machine!
  34. some extra/leftover Ultima IX Dragon edition paraphanelia (ultima collectors readme)
  35. Good sources for classic computing parts - group repository thread!
  36. Need help remembering an adventure game
  37. Can anyone identify this cable?
  38. Mario Brothers Special
  39. Anyone looking for a C64-SX 'Executive' version?
  40. A short video showing just how large an Adam Computer Box is :)
  41. Colecovision Expansion Module #3...need info and pics please!
  42. Best computer for old DOS games
  43. Old School Printers
  44. Definitive Boot Disk for Gaming?
  45. Amiga game impressions
  46. Ask your questions about the atari 8-bit family
  47. diffrences in 8-bit computer ports
  48. Trying to figure out an old PC game
  49. Top 6 Collectible/Valuable/Grail Computers
  50. The Journeyman Project 3 for OSX! (...with Packard Bell memories)
  51. which 8-bit computers had outstanding games ON CARTRIDGE
  52. help: Amiga WHDload problems
  53. Model Recommendations for Each Platform
  54. Origin Bad Blood
  55. What is the buggiest PC game you have ever played?
  56. need help figuring out another old computer game
  57. Anybody have a Tandy 1000TX
  58. Looking for information on the XsimmVI for X68000 XVI
  59. A few of my QBasic games
  60. Could it be? Planesecape-Torment finally getting a rerelease?
  61. SEGA Mallet Legend CIB with 9 button pad.
  62. Adventures in hardware hacking - share your stories!
  63. Craigslist request for Heathkit 8-bit info
  64. How much did you pay for your first computer?
  65. Games you wish were on X68000
  66. if you could only have 1 european retro pc
  67. How do you set up Mac emulation in MESS?
  68. gog.com any good?
  69. Retro computer usage?
  70. Atari 400
  71. HOWTO: Modding a Genesis/Mega Drive 6 button pad for use with an X68000
  72. which of these Atari 8-bit games/programs require typing?
  73. Is there anyone like me that can't get into... the C64?
  74. VIC-20 Multicart / Development cart
  75. Christmas retail computer games
  76. help me decide a DOS pc motherboard
  77. Amiga Emulation
  78. Just got a VIC-20
  79. DOS, how many disks
  80. Free Present TEX MURPHY 1&2 Classic PC games
  81. Easily and Fastly Rip and Convert DVD and Video With Total Media Converter
  82. Anyone remember HUGO?
  83. IBM "Clicky key" Model M keyboards - why so valuable?
  84. Ripping PC Games - What are my options?
  85. Need help identifying an old PC game
  86. The 3dfx Thread - "That is power most-awesome."
  87. Gamebase for Vic20!
  88. advice for classic game experience
  89. what sound card do you use in your old pc?
  90. Website for true point & click Adventure game fans
  91. obscure hard to find info on pc games
  92. Great Moments in Multiplayer Gaming: One Must Fall 2097
  93. Running 95-XP on vista
  94. Uplink
  95. TI-99/4A ROM Cartridge boards!
  96. Are there retail versions of Rogue: The Adventure Game?
  97. PC Game Collector's Thread - Rooms of DooM
  98. Rugrat adventure game
  99. Classic computer confusion
  100. DOS laptop
  101. Commodore 128D Questions
  102. lf:metal gear c64 or dos?
  103. Lost Shareware Titles
  104. I Need Your Help (Worst C64 Games)
  105. Superhero League of Hoboken
  106. Game won't read my joystick...Any ideas?[FIXED]
  107. anyone else prefer EGA over VGA?
  108. List of classic-comp usable monitors (Now with an actual usable list!)
  109. Questions about a keyboard
  110. Older Games, Wide Screens, and Aspect Ratios
  111. Need help building a DOS machine
  112. need help with an old motherboard battery issue
  113. Can any mid 90's or late 90's PC games run at 1360 x 768 resolution?
  114. King's Quest
  115. The commodore 128
  116. Need recommendation for Mac II games
  117. Looking for impossible puzzle game for PC
  118. need help remembering the name of a game
  119. Commodore 64 Cartridges - How to get them to work?
  120. Logitech Cyberman
  121. I want to build a PC specifically for games from the 96 to 99 era...any suggestions?
  122. MSX problem!
  123. American McGee's Alice
  124. Need to identify old Apple 2 game
  125. DOS Games with high system requirements
  126. Need help identifying game (Windows)
  127. Looking for instructions for some C64 UK games
  128. RIP - Dr. Edward Roberts, inventor of the Altair 8800
  129. Oddball Microcomputers
  130. Sid Meier documentary & 48 hour game design contest
  131. Need Amiga help, preferably from a US person
  132. R.I.P. Daryl F. Gates (Police Quest / SWAT)
  133. Please help me identify this computer game.
  134. Blood and other Build Engine games
  135. Doom Confuses Me To No End
  136. How is Aliens vs Predator 2?
  137. Warning; do not use x68000 or FM Towns VGA adapters with modern LCD TVs
  138. Commodore 64 Floppy Disk life
  139. Handful of C64 Games...
  140. What is a Mattel Aquarius good for?
  141. Day of the Tentacle triangle box?
  142. Trying to find name of old PC game
  143. ZX Spectrum / Amiga emulation
  144. Bio Menace clone (?)
  145. The C-64 Floppy Drive questions.
  146. Best Fallout 1/2 Stories
  147. Wizardry Archives, AKA how the hell do I get it to run
  148. BBS "door games" ... modern equivalent?
  149. Heroes of Might and Magic 3
  150. I have ~200 Atari ST floppies... what should I do with them?
  151. Atari ST disk drive replacement belts (410 too)
  152. Looking to sell an Interact Computer
  153. finding out the size of old ram sticks
  154. Commodore 64 woes
  155. What's Happening at The Silver Lining Website?
  156. Help finding a DOS game. Prison related
  157. quick Macintosh question
  158. Name of old shareware platforming game
  159. Commodore 64 video RF output
  160. Desk vs Couch - Where do you play?
  161. Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge
  162. Meet The World's Largest Descent / Freespace Collection
  163. crypt of media
  164. Diablo 2 point reallocation patch
  165. PC Game Lot (31 titles)
  166. Article on Collecting Classic Computers
  167. Part of Adventure game collection up for grabs
  168. any point of useing an older dos then 6.22?
  169. Hard Drives and Partitions in a DOS Machine
  170. The "Terrible Old Obscure Computer Games" thread
  171. Dedicated Emulation Computer?
  172. Old, old, really old horror pc games.
  173. Help with an old 386 PC
  174. Mr. Do! on Classic Computers
  175. Getting an Amiga 500 off Craigslist, what should I need to know?
  176. Civilization 2 PC Collections
  177. Want to find classic gaming computer with games similiar to the Atari St?
  178. Best Joysticks and Gamepads for Retro PCs
  179. Found a Factory Sealed The Lurking Horror Infocom for Mac today, any good?
  180. Street Fighter II DOS Trouble
  181. Homebrew Cray-1A
  182. Dungeon Crawlers for the 80s' home computers
  183. Quest for glory?
  184. What game am I thinking of?
  185. Tie Fighter - collectors edition - how to play under windows 7?
  186. Rebel Assault - My CD is scratched and I need one file...
  187. Can any one help me identify this old computer game?
  188. Online DOS Games - What's Still Good? (Or Playable...)
  189. Roland MT-32 and the SC-55 on modern computers
  190. Manhattan USB Game Port Adapter
  191. C64, MSX, etc. on a Chip
  192. Fallout graphics problem? o_O
  193. Amstrad games
  194. Help Identifying This Computer Fiction Book Series [Solved, "Young Wizards"]
  195. Need help remembering name of old DOS game
  196. Need help finding a dos game
  197. Question about a commodore power supply
  198. Darkstar - Interview exclusive with Jeff Williams
  199. Should I sell my complete Quest for Glory V?
  200. Anyone here want turbine points for LOTRonline?
  201. Good Point and Clicks
  202. my first PC game on a punch card
  203. Grim Fandango on Windows 7
  204. Good CRTs?
  205. Games that ran on an original 1981 factory configuration IBM PC
  206. MAC OS Panther to MAC OS 9
  207. Broken XFX 8600 GT $10 shipped
  208. Ultima VII: The Black Gate, Religion, and Richard Garriott
  209. Recent Collectors Editions added to my Collection!
  210. Chessmaster 4000 Turbo and Star Wars Rebel Assault II
  211. Windows 98 Freeware Beer Tapper Clone? [Solved: Falcon Beertender]
  212. Dungeon Keeper
  213. Understanding classic computer games (Mainly D&D ones)
  214. DOS Point & Click Mystery/Horror - help finding
  215. Price check on an old tandy game
  216. Sango Fighter: New, updated version released as a free download!
  217. does XP's compatibility mode work better than Vista/7?
  218. Hexx: Heresy of the Wizard - Halp!
  219. Check out this Commodore 64 media.
  220. Now that there's a decent Android port of DOSBox... (DroidDos)
  221. Is there such a thing as an external 5.25" floppy drive?
  222. Why are compilations almost always expensive?
  223. Tiger Wood PGA Tour 2001 Problem
  224. Anybody have any experince with Intel OverDrive processors?
  225. Hopkins FBI adventure game for Linux Pornographic?
  226. The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures
  227. Mega Man 3 Dos help
  228. trying to get final fnatasy VII to work on 7
  229. ZX Spectrum+ Loading help
  230. Any valuable Amstrad games?
  231. Good DOS ports of arcade games?
  232. Uncovered some slightly old PC software
  233. NHL Hockey PC and/or NHL 95 PC
  234. Commander Keen's Trek 96
  235. Help Japan, Get a Sealed Copy of Outrun for Commodore 64/128
  236. Gravis Game pad Pro on a Mac
  237. need help updating my old pc(dell optiplex gx1).
  238. help getting sound blaster live! card working under win98
  239. NHL 2003 windows media player 9 problem
  240. Star Control II
  241. Phantasmagoria - A quick question
  242. Brokensword 2.5
  243. Broken sword 2.5
  244. Parts for a Mid-Late 90s Gaming PC
  245. Bards Tale 2 - c64
  246. Building the Perfect 1993-2001 Gaming PC
  247. 3DFX: List of Games that utilize 3DFX Glide API
  248. rarest CDROM PC game ever?
  249. Apple Commodore Old Games/ Need advice.
  250. Free 386 compatible OS's