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12-19-2007, 04:00 AM
So, I've spent enough time "getting used to" the nuances of Rock Band (coming off of years of active Guitar Hero duty) to venture online ...

... but I have a question regarding "quick play" match-making for those who have done a lot of it.

I don't want to just "search for players" as that inevitably puts me in the non-leader spot, and I'm not really interested in playing Coheed and Cambria and Fallout Boy (which is pretty much what everybody seems to pick that I've quick matched with).

So, if I want to play "leader" and I'm by my lonesome, should I go to the "Online Band Quickplay" section, select my spot/instrument, select my rocker ... and just "wait" there? Will players searching for matches eventually be auto-matched up to my room?

As, I've done as much and I've been "waiting" for like 20 minutes and haven't had a single person wander in.

**EDIT** ... after waiting about 20 minutes, I decided to "search for players" which previously sent me to OTHER PEOPLE'S games ... but THIS time it searched for players for MY band ...

now, what the HECK was the variable that caused "search for players" to find members for MY band (with me as leader) instead of sending me to other people's bands?

Anybody have a clue?

**EDIT EDIT** For those who care ... seems that you need to click on the "waiting" option before clicking on "search for players" in order to avoid being ported over to other people's bands/rooms. At least I think that's how it's done.

12-19-2007, 11:47 AM
I couldn't figure this out either and was beginning to think that there was a glitch with my game or something. Everyone I got paired up would choose shitty Easy/Medium songs and I couldn't figure out how to host my own band. I'd just sit there with "Waiting" on but I guess that's only for local players. Was driving me nuts so I just gave up on the online play.

I'll try again by selecting "Waiting" before searching for players. You'd think they'd friggin' explain how this works in the manual but I'm sure it's covered in the $9.99 strategy guide. :roll:

12-19-2007, 11:57 AM
Yeah, I'm going to play again today and attempt to verify this "technique" ...

... I can't imagine how the heck it works otherwise, as I don't THINK people can be matched up with you if you're "just sitting there" after selecting your rocker. (Though I could be wrong.)

And, you're totally right about a lack of explanation. The instruction doesn't explain the online quick play feature AT ALL.