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04-24-2003, 09:40 PM
For anybody contemplating doing the Genesis s-video mod, I took a few more pictures which should (hopefully) highight the quality differences a little better. These images are about 200k, and have the composite on the left, s-video on the right.

Herzog Zwei (1) (http://labwww.csv.cmich.edu/luke/videogames/Sega/GenesisCD32X/svideo/HZ1.jpg)
Herzog Zwei (2) (http://labwww.csv.cmich.edu/luke/videogames/Sega/GenesisCD32X/svideo/HZ2.jpg)
Sonic 2 (http://labwww.csv.cmich.edu/luke/videogames/Sega/GenesisCD32X/svideo/S1.jpg)

It's still tough to take a picture that really does it justice.

04-25-2003, 09:51 AM
Is the Genny 2 S-video as similar to the NEO GEO s-video mod as it seems? I've got a guy who wants me to S-vid his NEO, but I'm gunshy. I'd prefer to test it out (and practice) on something dirt common, before I start muddling around with a NEO I can't afford to replace. I've got a few Genny 2's kicking around I could sacrifice to R and D...

BTW, I can see the diff in those pics, but I imagine it's more dramatic on a TV. That's RF compared to S-vid right? Not composite to S-vid?

04-25-2003, 11:25 AM
Wait--I thought FABombjoy said that you couldn't get S-video out of a model 2 Genny?

The original thread:

04-25-2003, 12:36 PM
@bargora: Nope, can't get svideo from a Gen2 without radical modifications. Those screens came from a Gen1

@omnedon: That is actually composite -vs- svideo in those pictures. RF looks even worse.

The Neo mod is identical to the Genesis mod (except things are obviously in different places). If you practice on a Genesis 1, you'll have the technique down for the Neo. Try to find a Genesis 1 with the larger CXA1145 chip (the pre-lockout pre-license warning screen version). The CXA1145M is teensy compared to the standard CXA1145. It's better practice for the Neo mod, since the Neo uses the full size CXA1145.

You may want to perfboard the circuit before installing it. Poking around someone else’s Neo Geo with a soldering iron would make me nervous. I perfboarded the circuit I installed in my Master System, and got it on a 1" square piece. Made installation much quicker. When I modded my Neo, I had never attempted it before. Consequently, I took my time. I wish I would have had practice first (not that anything turned out bad, but it's still a bit nerve-racking.

Depending on which version of the Neo and whether or not it was recalled for the composite-fixit circuit (if it's an earlier one), the difference in video quality is comparable to the pics that I posted, but the Neo generally has better quality composite than the Genesis. Since the Genesis composite sucks hardcore, the results are always dramatic.

It's too bad that RGB isn't widely available on North American TV sets, seeing as both of these systems output RGB natively. Oh well, whatchagonnado.