View Full Version : looking for testimonials/opinions on magic swap

06-13-2008, 03:15 PM
Pretty much what the title says. I recently aquired a slimline ps2, and am not sure if I should get swap magic with the attachable lid, or have it hard modded. Also, for anyone who has done this, how accurate is snes/nes/genesis/tg-16 emulation on the thing?
Thanks in advance.

Captain Wrong
06-13-2008, 03:45 PM
I used Magic Swap and a flip top and had only one import game that gave me any trouble. Even then, it was just that the "black label" version of DoDonpachi 3 that wouldn't load. However, once I discovered the HDLoader and the memory card exploit, I only used the Swap on the few games that won't work from the HDD (XIII Stag is the only one that comes to mind.)

As for the emulator, I'm guessing you're asking a second question about running emulators on the PS2, as that isn't necessarly tied to the Magic Swap. IIRC, I goofed around with a SNES emulator and didn't really find it worth the trouble.

06-13-2008, 05:23 PM
Swap Magic discs are great, and I've not had any issues with my flip-top lid since I installed it like, 5-6 years ago.

There are a handfull of middle-step "cog-swap" loaders that can be burned to standard CDR and used to get around just about every game that won't boot.

And I also tried the PS2 SNES emulator and I could never get it to run anything. EVER.

ITMIGHTBENES (NES/Famicom emulator) runs great on a PS2 if you can get it to boot (though, for some reason you can't run as many loaded roms on one disc as you can on a PS1) (Also Swap Magic doesn't work to boot that one, I use a Game Shark 2.0 PS1 disc and it runs fine.)

Gens (the Genesis Emulator) for PS2 is pretty excellent and I've had great results getting that one up and running on a PS2. (That runs from the standard PS2 Action Replay and a USB pen-drive.)

06-13-2008, 05:23 PM
IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY a modchip is the way to go BUT......
I was not going to attempt such delicate soldering and I am a cheapskate so I opted for SWAP MAGIC and flip top lid, the PSTWO obviously has a flip top lid so you need the little clips that fit in, these simply prevent the slim from sensing the lid being open, that is my understanding as I currently installed a fliptop lid in my original old PS2.

As far as compatabilty, out of over 250 titles I have only had trouble with a couple EA sports titles. Be sure to get the latest version of SWAP MAGIC and I think you can expect a good 90% or more compatability. I have been very satisfied and in fact still want to get a 2nd PSTWO as a backup for my investment, I figure I might as well as I have an extra set of Swap Magic disks as well as the clips for the lid, should be good.