View Full Version : Wife wants a new DDR game - Wii or xbox 360?

07-01-2008, 12:12 PM
My wife's been using her DDR game as a part of her workout routine. She currently has DDR Extreme 2 with an intec foam pad for ps2. She's played it enough that's she's tired of the song list and wants a new one.

Sounds good to me, I'm always up for a game purchase ;)

I want to get one for either the wii or xbox 360. Which is better? Which has a better mat? Does either the wii or xbox 360 have a decent foam pad for purchase?

Right now I'm leading towards the xbox 360 version because I can get DDR Universe 2 with pad for ~$60.00 and also get the original DDR Universe without a pad for ~$25.00. Plus, I figure the xbox 360 versions likely have decent downloadable content (and maybe count towards her and/or my gamerscore).

Does anyone have any thoughts on either the xbox 360 or wii version?

07-01-2008, 12:48 PM
I have it for the 360 only because I dont have a Wii. It has a pretty long songlist and the mat still workts after it being used hundreds of time.

(It is DDR Revolution 1)

07-01-2008, 01:28 PM
I have DDR Universe for 360 and think it's okay. Feels & looks exactly like the Ultramix games. My only problem with it is that you're forced to use crappy soft pads because of the hardware lockout technology that the 360 uses. You can always get a XFPS adapter but those cost $70-$80 last time I checked *plus* you still have to have a wired controller hooked up to it.

I don't know much about DDR on the Wii but I think you can use pads with a Gamecube adapter.

07-01-2008, 01:36 PM
If you aren't dead set on a current gen console you could get the In The Groove bundle for PS2 which comes with the best machine dance game of all time and 2 decent soft pads for $20. PS2 also has much better options for better dance platforms if you're upgrading to a good one and in general is the best console for rhythm games.

07-01-2008, 01:44 PM
If you are looking at DDR on a workout basis, the Wii's DDR Hottest Party uses hand controls in some of its modes, getting full body motion worked into the game, so that may be a better ticket, plus, I'm not sure what your tastes in music are like, but the Wii version also has a much more recognizable pop soundtrack suitable for casual music game fans. The Wii version also has multiplayer modes that features co-op, so if multiple people wish to join in, they don't have to feel like they are competing against each other. You really can't find Hottest Party in stores without a pad being bundled in it, so pads really aren't an issue for the title. Konami is also following up this year with a Hottest Party 2, so the series is still kicking. Also remember, through Gamecube compatibility, you can play DDR Mario Mix on the Wii with a Gamecube dance mat.

On the other hand, Universe (1 and 2) for the 360 are a little more suited to more seasoned DDR players. The tracklist is filled with more independent and electronic genre acts and tend to be harder in difficulty as opposed to the Nintendo-based titles. Universe features a healthy span of challenging modes and really tackles competitive game play in a number of fleshed out versus modes. Universe also sports a pretty insane presentation, so if you have a high-def setup, the series is definitely the most attractive in the series. Universe also gets the benefit of online support, allowing you to download new songs into the game, download edit steps and play online. Unfortunately, Konami hasn't really supported the downloadable songs so much and the 360 backward compatibility does not allow you to play the Ultramix titles (last time I checked), but later this year, this series will also continue and you should be able to pick up the first Universe (and at some places now - 2) for a fair price.

Both series has its pros and cons, so weight it out and decide which is best for you. I personally prefer Universe over Hottest Party, but, as I've already indicated, the game is more veteran oriented and I like the songset a lot better and the online features are really important to me. Full song lists are available on a number of sites such as www.bemanistyle.com if you need to check out the lists.

I would also throw out that since you own Extreme 2, I would imagine you still have a Playstation 2 and mats for it, so I would bring to your attention that Konami is releasing a variation of its brand new arcade edition Dance Dance Revolution X on the Playstation 2 later this year. And, as DefaultGen pointed out, the system is the dance game haven of consoles. The DDR series has quite a handful of titles on it and is backward compatible with the three dance titles for Playstation (One), and you can also pick up In the Groove or Pump It Up at fair prices these days.