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08-06-2010, 11:27 PM
Has anyone played any of the computer versions of Mr. Do!?

I deeply love the Super Nintendo version, so much so that I tracked down Mr. Do! on arcade. Now I am really interested in all the variations between different versions. I have the game for Gameboy, Coleco, and Atari, but I have never played any of the computer versions. How are they?

I know that a lot of people have a lot of nostalgia for the Coleco version, but I just couldn't get into it, same goes for the Atari version. After investing so much strategy into the SNES version, I couldn't just waltz into those other versions. Watching my "skills" crumble under the new game quirks and mechanics was just too much.

So after all that I dropped $20 on the Gameboy version. I'm glad that I have it, but I really dislike the game. I was actually kinda pissed that I dropped so much on a game that I instantly hated. It is a decent game overall, but I just can't get past the fact that you can't see the entire play screen. It zooms in on you and just ruined the experience for me.

Anyhow, I'd love the hear how the computer versions compare.

08-06-2010, 11:29 PM
I've played the Atari 8 bit version. It's pretty much the same as the arcade game.

08-08-2010, 08:09 PM
There's something that's practically Mr. Do except in name available for DOS: