View Full Version : What game am I thinking of?

09-08-2010, 09:36 AM
I had a game as a kid that was incredibly creepy and fun. The problem is, I don't remember a majority of the facts about it.

What I do remember is that you either started out in a creepy toystore, or in an attic or something similar. You either began the game with a shotgun, or you found it almost immediately after starting. There is a monster of some kind that attacks you pretty soon after starting as well. The graphics were pretty simple, solid colors, blocky characters.

That's all I remember. If anyone could help me out in finding out what game that it is, I would very much appreciate it. I want to replay it, relive my childhood. :)

09-08-2010, 10:51 AM
Jack in the Dark?
It was in a toystore but I don't think there was a shotgun so that's probably not it.

09-08-2010, 11:18 AM
Jack in the dark seems right actually! And the other is alone in the dark. Thanks for the help!! :)