View Full Version : Crysis 2 Multiplayer Beta

The 1 2 P
01-29-2011, 07:38 PM
This was released on Tuesday I believe and I've put in sometime with it to determine rather I'd be getting it at launch. At first it seems like a very typical shooter and the one map location for the beta doesn't help. But once you start using all of your suits abilities you'll discover that this isn't your typical shooter.

Your cloaking ability acts the same way as active camo in Halo Reach and you can catch players offguard and vitually undetected. Your power armor ability luckily acts nothing like armor lock in Halo Reach. Instead it gives you a temporary boost to your armor in order to substain more damage. As for your normal abilities, even they aren't normal. Running in this game is faster than most fps games and jumping makes you feel like the Hulk in some instances. You can also do this powerstomp move when you jump and press the correct button before landing next to an enemy for an instant kill. And thats not even counting the various vision modes and other things you can do.

The biggest problem the beta has had so far was people getting kicked out of the lobby. This has already happened to me several times. When I finally got into a game the first time(after being in a 4 vs 4 lobby) I was in there all by myself. Then another dude showed up and it was 1 vs 1. Then another and it was 2 vs 1(me being the 1) and then another for 3 vs 1. This was when I realized they had severe matchmaking problems. But even playing against 3 people by myself I went up four to nothing. By the time the game ended it was 4 vs 2 and although I won by 3 points it would have been alot more had my team mate not continually run out to get killed. Luckily he was only on my team for the last five minutes of the game.

Between this demo and Bulletstorm I've been busy with my fps games. I liked the demos for both but I'm leaning more towards this as to which one to get first. Has anyone else played the Crysis 2 demo and if so what did you think about it?