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02-01-2011, 02:49 AM
Dark Souls comes out this year. It's got co operative play but that might mean something similar to the phantoms in Demon's Souls.

Dark Souls is set in a dark fantasy world with a similar premise as Demonís Souls. The essence of the game is learning from mistakes and the joy of discovery. From Software is setting the difficulty bar high and aim to make it as difficult as Demonís Souls. The story and world in Dark Souls does not have any connection to From Softwareís previous work, though.

This game begins with a player creating a character, but jobs have been removed. Project Dark has a wider selection of weapons and magic spells too. Both elements should allow players to find their own style of play. While Demonís Souls was broken up into worlds, fields in Dark Souls are seamlessly connected.

From Software developed an online element for Dark Souls. This game has both cooperative and versus play. The concept for the online mode is mutual role playing. Youíll be able to feel a gentle presence of other players in Dark Souls. Details are scarce, but From Software mentioned to Dengeki you can leave messages behind for other players to see when you die. Interestingly Dark Souls does not use a centralized server so there will not be tendency changes like in Demonís Souls.