View Full Version : Help me find all the 2-d fighters on the US PS2

02-26-2011, 01:48 PM
I love 2d fighting games and I am trying to collect all the ones that are available in the US for the PS2. No imports please as I do not have the means to play them. I am even interested in games that are 3d but play 2d like Street Fighter EX3.

Here is what I have so far
Art of fighting Anthology
World Heroes Anthology
Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2
NeoGeo Battle Coliseum
King Of Fighters XI
Guilty Gear X
Street Fighter EX3

Thanks for any help.

Smashed Brother
02-26-2011, 02:06 PM

Guilty Gear X2
Guilty Gear Isuka
Guilty Gear Accent Core
Gulty Gear Accent Core Plus
Street Fighter Anniversary
Arcana Heart
Marvel vs Capcom 2

02-26-2011, 02:17 PM
If you include Street Fighter Ex 3, you just openned the door for many, many more dude

02-26-2011, 02:29 PM
Here's some more I know of:

Capcom Classics Collection Volume 1 (includes SF2, SF2:CE, SF2T:HF)
Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 (includes SSF2T)
Capcom Fighting Evolution
Capcom vs SNK 2
Fatal Fury Battle Archives vol 1
King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match
King of Fighters 2000/2001
King of Fighters 2002/2003
King of Fighters: Orochi Saga
Samurai Shodown Anthology
SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 (includes King of the Monsters, if you count that; King of Fighters '94, which is also on KOF Orochi Saga; Samurai Shodown, which is also on Samurai Shodown Anthology; Art of Fighting, which is also on AOF Anthology; Fatal Fury, which is also on FF Battle Archives 1)
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

Edit: Not sure if you would count KOF: Maximum Impact and KOF2006, which are both 3D games with mostly a 2D perspective, but some 3D elements.

02-26-2011, 07:26 PM
Midway Arcade Treasures 2 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midway_Arcade_Treasures_2) has:

Mortal Kombat 2
Mortal Kombat 3
Pit Fighters
Primal Rage

Icarus Moonsight
02-26-2011, 09:37 PM
All I can think of that I didn't see listed;

King of Fighters XI

Did the Sega Genesis Compilation have Eternal Champions? I don't know if you'd even count it if it did either.

03-05-2011, 11:59 AM
Thanks for all the Suggestions. I just picked up Marvel Vs Capcom 2 & Capcom Fighting Evolution. I will start tracking down the others later.

03-05-2011, 12:18 PM
Did the Sega Genesis Compilation have Eternal Champions? I don't know if you'd even count it if it did either.

No, and I wish it did.

For a successful game of that generation Sega seems to have completely fogotten about it and/or are actively ignoring it in their own archive collections.