View Full Version : Mending a Megadrive Converter cart ...

07-23-2003, 12:52 PM
I have a Megic Key style converter cart for the Megadrive that is not working. I am going to try cleaning the contacts, and then possibly (if it still doesn't work) taking it apart. What is the best way to clean the contacts on one of these - that is, the contacts at the bottom and on the top? If I have to open it up, is there likely to be anything I can do to make it work again?


07-23-2003, 01:59 PM
For the cart contact part, I have had great luck with white eraser. For the cart slot part, try an old toothbrush, and a solution of 50/50 alcohol and distilled water. Don't put too much liquid on the brush. Brush the "teeth" so to speak, When that's done, take a credit card and some strong paper towel to the teeth to dry them. TAKE CARE not to get any paper towel stuck in the teeth, or you will be forced to fish it out somehow.

Good Luck!