View Full Version : Why is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for PC so rare in comparison to the older ones?

05-26-2014, 09:22 PM
I'm just trying to figure out why the PC version of this game is so rare and expensive in comparison to the console versions. The cheapest I found was $70. My boss was interested in it till I told him the price. He can only play point and click games that don't require much dexterity and wanted a newer PC golf game than Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08 as he's been playing that for years.

Yet on consoles this game is very cheap like it should be.

Did the PC version of this game require an always-on internet connection that locked out people from selling used copies or something? Or did they just print a very low run of the PC version?

Are there any other newer PC golf games available on disc from a different series?

05-27-2014, 02:52 AM
There was a big ordeal with the PC version of this game when it was released. Apparently, it was based off of the Tiger Woods Online browser game and not a port of the console versions like most people were expecting. Aside from just being a terrible version of the game, there were also issues with advertised features being completely absent, bare-bones single player and multiplayer that was strictly tied to the TWO service. EA started handing out refunds to those who requested it and eventually removed the game and it's DLC from Origin and store shelves. I believe the Tiger Woods Online service has since been closed down as well, so even if you were able to obtain a physical copy of the game, I'm not sure what all features are still accessible or if the game itself even is. No idea on print run numbers, but I imagine they weren't high to begin with.

I'm not familiar enough with the genre (my last real experience is with Links 2003) to answer your last question but I have heard from several people that say Tiger 08 is still their "go to" PC golf game.

05-27-2014, 09:46 AM
A fast googling pulls this up.

Out this spring for PC (ps4 and one too)

GOing back the last was 2010 according to wikipedia --> John Daly's ProStroke Golf