View Full Version : Micropolis is the Open-Sourced Version of the Classic SimCity from Maxis

11-04-2014, 04:04 AM
---> Homepage of the open-sourced original Sim City, now called Micropolis (http://micropolisonline.com/) <---

Recently I saw some people saying how they wanted a legit copy of the original Sim City. Well everyone, there is no need to fork over your hard-earned bucks for one, because the game has been open source and Free for five years! You can download and play on your personal computer, play it online in a Web browser in any of multiple languages, or even play a Facebook version (if that's your thing). For all this and more, see the official Micropolis Web site (http://micropolisonline.com/). And yes, it is officially blessed and sanctioned by the original creators and IP holders - that is why the name was changed to Micropolis.

FUN FACT: SimCity was originally going to be called Micropolis, but the name was considered too hard to spell and remember, while "SimCity" seemed self-explanatory.

11-04-2014, 11:03 AM
Good job dude linking that up. I've followed it since I accidented upon the Windows (java...ugh) port of it shortly after it went online when the SC source was made open to tinker with due to the OLPC. It's so fantastic being able to play the original game. Despite all the pomp and pretty stuff along with all the added layers of bs since, I still believe it to be the most fun and just relaxing (or not on hard) game to really sit back and enjoy though SC2K takes a strong second. It's so basic yet not, but definitely not overly complicated with lots of added bs like underground management, trash pickup and handling, wonky tunnel and bridge making mechanics that plagued 3000 too.

There's a chrome version of this that plays in your browser too that was (is?) in development. I'd love to see someone lift it and make a free download android version as I'd so put it on my nexus 7 tablet.

Has anyone had any luck with the facebook version? I have no idea if I have to be an IE using suck up or whatever but I could never fire it up in firefox or chrome.

Edit: Forgot to add this, here's the browser version that does work: http://micropolis.mostka.com/ (the links off your post there up top are all dead (facebook, web, etc.))