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11-29-2017, 09:36 PM
Sometimes, you just can't bring yourself to finish an RPG. For me, some of those were Grandia II and Final Fantasy IX. It's not that they were awful; they just didn't compel me to finish them. :-/

What are your uncompleted RPG's?

11-30-2017, 01:39 AM
Sometimes, you just can't bring yourself to finish an RPG. For me, some of those were Grandia II and Final Fantasy IX. It's not that they were awful; they just weren't worth finishing. :-/

I loved Grandia II on the Dreamcast! 😍

Shadowrun on Genesis. I despise that game. Boring as heck.

11-30-2017, 07:33 AM
I'm pretty good at (or at least I used to be) at pushing myself to finish most games I play (when I start them with the serious intent to beat them, that is), even if they're mediocre or even bad. The one RPG I found so unpleasant that I just couldn't bring myself to continue was Magi Nation for GBC. It's all the more a shame because the game is strangely highly praised, and I was looking forward to playing it, assuming it'd at least be decent. It's probably been a good decade since I last picked it up. On the flip side, I've also left Breath of Fire for GBA untouched for nearly four years. I didn't have any big issues with it, though it wasn't especially grabbing me either. If I remember correctly, I was up to a point where you lose Nina and have to collect a few items to get her back, and I had absolutely no idea where to find all the items. That's one I've been wanting to get back to, but maybe it's a lost cause at this point. And then there's Quest 64 on N64, which I did eventually finish, but it was after dropping it for several months. That very likely would've ended up dropped for years or permanently if I were playing it for the first time in recent years, but considering I bought it at launch at full price and I didn't have a huge collection at that point in time, I had more reason to squeeze all I possibly could out of it.

11-30-2017, 01:20 PM
Eternal Eyes, Monster Seed, Hoshigami. For the PS1 being the RPG king that it is, these games are as bad as they come. I'll actually list ones that ones that are better known that are bad, or atleast in my opinion are. I won't be listing a favorite here as I've beaten on that dead horse enough, but I'll list others and I'll give a long explanation for each to explain why.

Kingdom Hearts. I've finished the game on the PS2 but I recently bought the HD collection as I've never played another game in the series because of the first one and was told Kingdom Hearts 2 was a great game. I never made it to Kingdom Hearts 2 because I wanted to finish the first one again but I had enough of it's bs and quit mid game.

So starting off with what's actually good, it's all the Disney stuff. While the voice actors for everything that isn't Disney except for main story characters is absolute trash, the Disney story stuff and the Disney voice acting is amazing. I assume it's the same voice actors and the acting, even their nuances when they were played on the movies are still intact.

The way Kingdom Hearts sets up event flags is what turns this game from kind of mediocre to trash. Each world in the game consists of a very small handful of screens so already the game world is ridiculously small and if not for the event flags in this game and the way they're set up, the game would be much shorter. That wouldn't be a bad thing though, it's either bad design on Squaresoft's part when this was developed or it was developed in this way just to artificially extend play time. I'll give a few examples here. In Traverse Town, Donald and Goofy are attempting to find Sora and every time you enter a door there's an event flag. However, I entered one door from the waterway which created an event, but you were still stuck, going back out that same door caused another event. Now if you've already went to the accessory shop atleast once or twice during trying to go through these few places you can go, you wouldn't think of ever going back to the accessory shop until you get tired of this games bs and want to save and quit, which that's what I did only finding out that there's another event about how "Leon" and Yuffie find you leaving the accessory shop. In the Deep Jungle where Tarzan is located at, invisible events will only trigger if you kill all the enemies in certain areas or return back and forth between the tree house and the camp, later on visible events will appear after killing off all the enemies in every single area, the final event though is required you to jump off the side of the map of the tree house. If you jump into the hole within the tree that will do nothing, you literally have to jump off the side of the tree house to trigger the cutscene. In Halloween town which is literally six screens you have to go back and forth between the cemetery and the doctors, at one point the doctor will state to go speak to the mayor which you'll find at the cemetary, you speak to him and do what he wants and then he states to go look at the pumpkins, the pumpkins do absolute nothing, so you have to just go back to the doctor, speaking to the doctor multiple times he states go speak to the mayor, it's like wtf, I just did that. Now I don't know where the event triggered because the mayor was gone and I you have to destroy all available enemies to activate anything, but I was running trying to mess with the pumpkins in all areas, so basically an invisible event that gives you no clue, but went back talked to the doctor on the other side with nothing visible being done and then an event happened(and it could have also been I talked to him from the other side, so who knows.)

So these are just examples of how bs the events are in Kingdom Hearts. You'll literally trip over what causes you to progress and you don't know that you did repeatedly going back and forth between these screens over and over again. This reason, the game is not just mediocre, it's absolute trash. Compare it to the 3D Ys games which are similar, action games with fairly small worlds(even though several times larger than that of Kingdom Hearts) and after completing an area, finding the event trigger is easy, you don't have to pray if you'll accidentally trip over it. Ys Origins which recently released physical from LRG for example took me seven hours the first time I've played it and there's more floors than there are worlds in Kingdom Hearts and every floor in the game is larger than most worlds in Kingdom Hearts(except the entrance and two boss only floors.)

How Kingdom Hearts became a franchise after this first trash game is beyond me. Oh wait, no it's not. It had Final Fantasy cameos and Disney characters, it was destined to make tons of money.


This one isn't "bad" it's just not very good, but praised like one of the best RPGs ever made. The Legend of Dragoon. I think I've already explained this one here, but here goes again.

In The Legend of Dragoon, except while in your dragoon form, you can only attack, use an item, or defense. Noww as cool as the flash additions looked, the additions and limitations to this game were really the problem. In most RPGs you repeatedly hit attack, sure, but a good majority of them still have depth to the combat due to skills or spells or whatever. The only real depth to The Legend of Dragoon is defending which gives you a percentage of health back while reducing damage, using attack and defensive items, or turning into your dragoon at the most opportune time.

Attacking on say Final Fantasy, your character just attacks, the same attack over and over, but a simple press of the button. Additions also are the same attack over and over and over and over and over, but because they had to be flashy they're all drawn out. You might have several additions, but you change them outside of combat so you really have only one equipped at a time. Additionally there's no reason to go back to any previous addition because the latest one will be more powerful. It's like learning a limit break in Final Fantasy 7. Once you get the Omnislash are you going to go back to Braver? So the additions are QTEs where you have to hit the button as your strike lands(think Squall's gunblade but less of a margin for error and the attacks hit at separate intervals. You'll hit one attack first to do double slash, but then you'll get to the point that you're doing 10 to do the entire attack. At the point that you get the last addition, it even makes dragoons worthless because your final addition will have you dealing more damage than anything the dragoon can do, so the point of the game(the dragoon) is now pointless.


This next game isn't terrible, but like the above not good. Not sure how people have such high praise about it. Is actually better with one character and then kind of sucks once you get more than one character.

Ni No Kuni brought back the world design of classic RPGs, absolutely large world with towns, dungeons, etc, no longer are you running through a world that's essentially one large dungeon layout with different environments. The dungeons were well designed, exploration was good, even the trial mini game moving both characters with each control stick was a pretty cool addition. The story itself wasn't bad, but it wasn't good, it was niche which doesn't automatically mean it's bad, but it was just this side of not completely boring. The in game wizard's manual is absolute amazing and only after playing it am I disappointed I didn't get the special edition.

It was all of the games main gameplay elements that really dragged this game down though, so for all the good stuff that it did the gameplay itself was equally bad. The "quests" are many and as boring as they come. You'd speak to a person who has some feeling of theirs stolen and other people who have too much of a specific feeling. If you've already got an available feeling in each category though, then you're unable to get another of that some category. You can't stock happy feelings for a surplus, so if you come across someone who's super happy, well, enjoy that back tracking to get that feeling when you need it later. It comes down to speaking to people who are missing a specific feeling and if you have it give them that feeling, quest is finished. Dialogue is very boring in these quests whether it's the people who have lost feelings or the people you gain them from, and just so much back and forth busy work.

The battle system is the main issue of the game and with how much battling you do, the battle system should actually be fun, but it's not. So at the start of the game, it is actually really good. You have one character and you're always fighting one enemy. The defense, evade, and attack options work really well. A lot of times I'd fight with my familiar and when the enemy is about to attack, pull my familiar back so I have enough time to switch over to the defense command and then defend. The menu based system really doesn't do this game any favors when enemies do attack fairly quickly, and it's not even worth defending against random mobs after you get your full party because you don't know who the enemy is attacking, if you defend with everyone, just realize that everyone is going to defend for an excessive amount of time stopping all damage, it's better to just keep mashing attack to get the battle over with.

Once you get multiple characters is when the gameplay gets bad. People might not notice this, but if you pay attention to the AI controlled characters, the characters will send their monsters to do an attack, but you'll see the monster attack once, and then back up afterwards. The AI basically cancels out of the attack combo after a single attack and this happens every single time. So you as the player are doing 95% of the damage in every single battle. Well, that is unless your AI magic isn't turned off and in that case, they'll do 100% of the battle damage while making your MP 0 within the first two seconds of combat. So basically, you have AIs that you turn off all magic except for healing and only turn magic on with low level spells at bosses. So because of that, the combat turns to your main character who hopefully you have a melee familiar (the Purrcival class of monster is what I used until end game) is just repeatedly mashing attack with little regard to anything else.

12-03-2017, 09:07 PM
In the Deep Jungle where Tarzan is located at, invisible events will only trigger if you kill all the enemies in certain areas or return back and forth between the tree house and the camp, later on visible events will appear after killing off all the enemies in every single area, the final event though is required you to jump off the side of the map of the tree house. If you jump into the hole within the tree that will do nothing, you literally have to jump off the side of the tree house to trigger the cutscene.

Yeah, that's when I quit playing that one. The frustrating platforming in that area also filled my rage meter. Someday, I'll try to get back to it though, I did like the game's vibe.

Sonic: Dark Brotherhood

There are so many missed opportunities here. Why am I fighting swarms of bees instead of buzzbombers, or generic wild boars instead of ball hogs? They could have had a lot of fun with the story and self-referential humor but instead focused on this weird fan-fictiony thing. Also, the sound effects are obnoxious and the music sounds completely un-Sonic like. And the unnecessary stylus driven control scheme is the final nail in the coffin. All I wanted was Super Mario RPG with Sonic characters.

Pete Rittwage
12-04-2017, 09:01 PM
All of them. My attention span is just too short...

12-05-2017, 02:22 AM
Oh lord. My little dirty not-a-secret. Final Fantasy VI, aka '3'. It's not a bad game by any stretch for me, and I actually obsessed about it hardcore way back in the day, but one issue or another kept me from walking into the final dungeon and murdering a clown. It keeps happening again and again and again, like the world's nerdiest commitment issue or something. I'm sitting here right now with yet another playthrough right in front of the Tower, and wussing out and binge-playing Diablo III like an idiot.

For the rest, I have a private lexicon for these games: Stalled Campaigns and Failed Campaigns.

Stalled Campaigns are RPG playthroughs where I just lost interest for whatever reason, but I would be willing to pick it up again when I'm in a different frame of mind or different circumstances; I don't have any real prejudice against the game, I just want to do something else for a while. Notable stalled campaigns are:

Tales of Symphonia (PS3 version), with a battle system that just felt one-sided for either your party or the enemy depending on whether you bothered with even very conservative (for RPGs) level grinding or not and generally feeling just...off somehow. I think some of it is that it's still clearly a Gamecube/PS2 game with a shiny coat of PS3 paint without really taking any advantage of the hardware itself. There's a lot of...emptiness and feeling of omission of detail. Despite being fairly straightforward with the detail it does give you, it comes less like a trail of story breadcrumbs for you to follow than a trail of story breadcrumbs after they went through some pigeons. I ran out of patience after finding yet another mystery with a dark answer.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PS1), less for any real fault of the game and more that at the time I just couldn't sink enough time into it to give it justice. The only real complaint is class-related, losing all those nifty options from Ogre Battle, especially conflating the Paladin and Samurai into the Sword Master. Gritty war story or not, I miss them.

Grandia, Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX (PS1). The reason for all of these being lumped together is that all of these are games I actually sunk a lot of time into (at least halfway, some just before the final dungeon) and realized that I left enough things undone without any recourse short of a restart and/or I just felt like I was running a gimped party destined to get humiliated when the final dungeon or boss rolled around.

Disgaea (PS2), because I apparently suck at this style of level and item grinding. Mostly I think I reincarnated/transmigrated my characters way too early, and fixing the problem will take a lot of time. I already have 80 hours clocked and I'm actually stuck on a puzzle boss like a moron.

There are more, but mostly ones I just choked like with FFVI. Breath of Fire III, SaGa Frontier, second playthroughs of FFVII, FFT, and SaGa Frontier 2, Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny, Sword of Mana, the list goes on.

Failed Campaigns are playthoughs that flat out made me ragequit. I'm pretty tolerant of RPG quirks and flaws but sometimes I find something that just makes me put the controller down, shut the console off and stew in a puddle of nerd rage for a couple of days. Once in a blue moon, I will give the game a second chance and find that the game was actually pretty damn good and/or I wasn't playing it right. Usually, however, I sell it or trade it and try to forget it ever happened.

Notable Failed Campaigns include:

Phantom Brave (PS2), hey we have a sweet little girl that can talk to spirits and forge them into kickass squads of doom and an item system where you can actually bash your enemies with a Mighty Rock. Too bad everybody else in this game is either dead or hateful dickbags. I know that things mellow out for the heroine later on, but watching everybody crap on a little girl like that just made me angry. One of the few games I stopped just because the story scenes. I've seen all sorts of evil and grimness in fiction but this one just pushed my buttons. Willing to try again, but at a slow time of the year when work doesn't exacerbate the problem.

Legend of Legaia (PS1): :deadhorse: Here we go again. The combat is wonky, the pacing is terrible, and traditional grinding techniques are so time-consuming that they're counter-productive. Clocked maybe 10 hours and dropped it. I want to try again, since it was something like 15-17 years ago, but I have a few other things to settle first.

Riviera: The Promised Land (GBA), a nice little RPG marred by quick time events. If they were less complex and/or punishing, it would be a very different story. I have a very bad time passing the QTEs from the third dungeon on, and having to leave sidequests and goodies on the wayside like that in a turn-based RPG is very frustrating. The details are hazy, but I remember walking into something like a 10-button sequence with a very short timer that I just couldn't do, and wrecking my end grade for it. Congratulations, you've made a turn-based JRPG that put me through the entire path to the dark side in space of two hours.

It's not all bad news, though. There are several failed campaigns that I've gone back and restarted to a successful conclusion. The latest as of right now is Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PS3); the first playthrough fizzled and left me extremely angry because of a very nasty event flag bug encountered just before the endgame. I cooled off and managed to circumvent it in a second playthrough and broke that dragon right proper.

12-05-2017, 09:21 AM
Now that I think about it, I suppose I could count Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics. They're victims of my Quest Corporation curse. In both cases, I lost my files, after making significant progress, and have never restarted them since (and thus have never beaten). With Final Fantasy Tactics, I was 20-some hours into the game. My boyfriend was playing through the game at the same time, and we had files on the same card. If I remember correctly, he wanted to play immediately after me, or maybe it was vice versa, so it was a matter of saving one file and loading another. However, somehow, I totally goofed and ended up saving over my file with his file. Argh. But as frustrating as that was, it was nothing compared to Tactics Ogre. I had a whopping 100 hours invested into that, and I was something like halfway through the bonus dungeon, which itself has 100 floors if I remember correctly. I was close to beating the game, but for whatever reason, I wanted to tackle the bonus dungeon first. At that time, I had bought my boyfriend the first, Japan-only King's Field. He started playing it and was fumbling through the Japanese menus trying to figure out how to save, to the same card I was using for Tactics Ogre. Well, the first King's Field came out at or near the PS1's launch in Japan, so developers were still hammering out how they'd deal with memory card management. For whatever bizarre, idiotic reason, King's Field includes an in-game, mid-game option to format the memory card. Bye-bye Tactics Ogre file......... I don't even have that copy of Tactics Ogre anymore. It was a loose disc and I planned all along to replace it with a complete copy anyway, but instead, I just sold it off and never replaced it with another PS1 copy. I did eventually buy the PSP remake, but I've yet to have the motivation start playing it seriously.

12-05-2017, 05:57 PM
For the rest, I have a private lexicon for these games: Stalled Campaigns and Failed Campaigns.

Final Fantasy 6, Grandia, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Breath of Fire III, FFTactics. Legend of Legaia.

Maybe RPGs just aren't for you. I can see where the other games might have been a problem. SaGa Frontier can be a difficult game to get into and SaGa Frontier 2 has several sections in the game that will just stop you from moving forward. I actually consider having beaten SaGa Frontier 2, but I honestly haven't. Three different playthroughs I've made it all the way to the last boss and no matter how many attempts I couldl never beat it, and problem with SaGa Frontier 2, is when you get to the end, that's it, there's no more leveling up, nothing. You're on a timeline so you're stuck.

The RPGs listed above are either kind of easy or well balanced to where grinding isn't required all that much. I could help you out if you need some tips on these games though. If by some chance you need to grind on something like Grandia, it's as simple as hovering around a save point and then having your characters have only a single enemy left and then use support spells constantly, or keep going back and forth in and out of an area using Dragon Cut. Legend of Legaia you need to make use of spirit to increase your AP and defense. Breath of Fire 3 you do have to grind in some parts, but a huge tip on this game is to buy 99 herbs and use those whenever you get out of combat and grinding will drop to barely any.

I was kidding about maybe RPGs aren't for you, but hope the stuff above helps. As for Tactics Ogre, which Aussie2B listed also, I'd recommend doing the PS1 version simply because, imo, it's better. The PSP version does have job skills like on FFTactics, but every time you get a new class the class starts at level 1, and this goes all the way up to the fourth chapter. Any class you're interested in using is pretty useless and will be shoved in a corner until they're atleast one level away from the others. Atleast training is a much easier way to get any characters on a lower level caught up. It doesn't help that in the PSP version weapons and armor are also locked behind a level requirement.

12-06-2017, 04:19 AM
Yeah, for me, a complete* play-through of a Disgaea game takes about 250 hours, so I'd say you are about 1/3 of the way there.

*Complete by my standards means that all of the endings have been seen, all of the cameo characters have been unlocked, all of the cut-scenes have been shown, and Ba'al has been defeated. DLC doesn't count unless it is free DLC.

12-07-2017, 02:00 AM
I need to make a bit of a clarification. I was half awake and poorly worded some of my response. Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Tactics are actually games I've beaten (along with SaGa Frontier 2) but I have partial repeat playthroughs I stopped after a while. FFVIII (what I mean to type, yay Roman Numerals and typos) and IX along with BoF III are ones I have not. FFVI should actually be done (finally) this weekend, I'm all stoked and just waiting for enough free time to blitz the final dungeon.

I actually do love RPGs to death; my 'beaten in 2016' and 'beaten in 2017' lists are almost exclusively RPGs or games with RPG elements. Even with the Stalled Campaigns I usually wind up finding something cool (playing FFT and at the Wiegraf fights? I tried out a Lancer and stomped him good).

12-11-2017, 07:22 AM
I don't remember them all, but FF9 I did finish but I can't remember if I ever cleared Grandia II since you mentioned them.

I know I've never finished some of them, and FF7 comes to mind as i'll never understand the fanboy love around that heaping pile of low polygonal mediocrity. I got fed up around the second or third visit to cosmo canyon and just walked away totally bored of it. The horrible re-run no skip videos, spell animations, and clicky rambling script pieces did nothing to help that.

I can say that I've never finished a Tales of... game before but came close, it's just that they get so tiresome towards the ends with hopping all over and really stupid boss rush/runs that I just don't care anymore as that's one of the worst ways to pad out the clock. Same can be said of being tiresome when it came to Skies of Arcadia/Legends because the game just gets so overly aggressive with less than random combat and (DC side) all the unskippable animations in/out of battle and for every move it was a true drag despite the cool unique theme and ship combat I wish final fantasy would have added for years.

Oh and I've never knocked off Chrono Trigger, something about the multiple endings pushes me to a point and then it's off putting and I stop.

12-11-2017, 07:56 PM

The multiple endings for Trigger is more of a fun little bonus that anything else. The only 'mandatory' ones for beating the game are dependent on whether or not you used the Epoch to reach the final boss. The rest are little rewards for screwing around in NG+.

I can understand the Tales thing, though. About the only one that I want to play a bazillion times is Legendia, for reasons I can't even coherently explain. The rest seem to fall into "Stop every five seconds and traipse back across the world for side events or your party is hosed for this playthrough" or "Hey the story writers got depressed and a bit smashed about halfway in, sorry that it doesn't make sense anymore." Or both. Screw the difficulty options, by the way.

12-31-2017, 02:48 PM
Ive lost count. Maybe when i remember them ill post again here. Lol

12-31-2017, 10:20 PM
Games I listed, KH, Ni No Kuni, etc

I swear I posted this in a completely different thread about RPGs that people liked but aren't very good. I've actually beaten these games I listed, you can actually check my PSN trophy list to see that I've finished Ni No Kuni. Well, in that case, I misread the title, probably didn't read the op, and typed a long wall of text like this image below.

Not posting as an image code so just adding the link. https://media.giphy.com/media/g8GfH3i5F0hby/200.gif


01-01-2018, 09:13 AM
The title of this topic was originally "Bad-to-Mediocre RPG's". But the body of the opening post always asked about which RPGs we hadn't finished. You must've read the old topic title and nothing else.

01-01-2018, 12:48 PM
The title of this topic was originally "Bad-to-Mediocre RPG's". But the body of the opening post always asked about which RPGs we hadn't finished. You must've read the old topic title and nothing else.

Yeah, that was it then. Pretty self explanatory topic title. The old topic title and the op couldn't get be any different though.

01-07-2018, 02:22 AM
Beware, I live!

Last month I finally beat Final Fantasy VI, then Mage Knight took over my life again which is why I haven't all that chatty here. I have some IRL stuff going on, with the net result is that by the end of the month I'll probably start taking care of all my partial playthroughs, especially Tales of Symphonia and MS Saga, and maybe Breath of Fire III. Disgaea still scares me, though.

Anybody else thinking about gearing up and taking care of old business?

01-07-2018, 02:03 PM
Yes, I am (eventually) going to defeat Ba'al in Disgaea 2. First, just a few (hundred?) more levels for my characters to gain...

01-13-2018, 12:06 PM
This list would be way too long for me.. Been playing RPG's since the 1980's on my C64. I'm more proud of the RPG's I've finished without a Hint Book.. (Original Wasteland, Ultima 4, some other notable ones)

Now, I'm in the process of working my way through Darkest Dungeon on the PC, in a hope that it don't make this list.

01-13-2018, 12:17 PM
Crystalis only because I forgot to hold down reset when turning the console off and it erased my game (damn it!)

01-14-2018, 09:59 AM
Crystalis only because I forgot to hold down reset when turning the console off and it erased my game (damn it!)

Oh, I've been there - I hate it when I lose my save/progress!