View Full Version : Are there still differences between the same game but different platform?

05-03-2019, 11:09 AM
"Back in the day" a title on one system might be unrecognizable on a competing system.

But these days are there any differences at all besides what you would see in the button configuration screens, or is that all the same too now?

05-03-2019, 11:14 AM
I'm not aware of any recent games where the game itself is markedly different, but there are plenty of games where the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One versions perform differently on the respective hardware. There is a site called DigitalFoundry that does comparisons and analysis of different versions of the same game on modern consoles.

05-06-2019, 02:07 PM
The last one I remember reading about was SW The Force Unleashed on PS3/Xbox vs Wii (and PS2/PSP???). And I think there was a DS game.

Koa Zo
05-06-2019, 10:04 PM
A recent one just came to mind is SNK 40th Anniversary Collection on PS4 and Switch.

Reviews have reported the Switch version has 13 games on the card and you have to download the others.
The PS4 disc has 24 games on it with no need to download content.

Here's the PS4 game list on disc:
Alpha Mission (Arcade and Console versions)
Athena (Arcade and Console versions)
Beast Busters (Arcade version)
Bermuda Triangle (Arcade version)
Chopper I (Arcade version)
Crystalis (Console version)
Fantasy (Arcade version)
Guerrilla War (Arcade and Console versions)
Ikari Warriors (Arcade and Console versions)
Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road (Arcade and Console versions)
Ikari III: The Rescue (Arcade and Console versions)
Ozma Wars (Arcade version)Munch Mobile (Arcade version)
Paddle Mania (Arcade version)
P.O.W. (Arcade and Console versions)
Prehistoric Isle (Arcade version)
Psycho Soldier (Arcade version)
Sasuke vs. Commander (Arcade version)
Time Soldiers (Arcade version)
TNK III (Arcade and Console versions)
S.A.R.: Search and Rescue (Arcade version)
Street Smart (Arcade version)
Vanguard (Arcade Version)
World Wars (Arcade Version)

And here's the Switch games on card:
• Alpha Mission (Console/Arcade)
• Athena (Console/Arcade)
• Crystalis (Console)
• Ikari Warriors (Console/Arcade)
• Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road (Console/Arcade)
• Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue (Console/Arcade)
• Guerrilla War (Console/Arcade)
• P.O.W. (Console/Arcade)
• Prehistoric Isle (Arcade)
• Psycho Soldier (Arcade)
• Street Smart (Arcade)
• TNK III (Console/Arcade)
• Vanguard (Arcade)

05-10-2019, 08:38 AM
Yeah, to ditto others, the biggest differences in terms of content are usually in relation to DLC and expansions and whether that content is on-disc/card or not. Performance-wise, differences are common. One of the reasons many people would pooh-pooh the Vita is because some games were also on home consoles, and the home console versions would sometimes run at a better framerate and/or have better graphics. And when a game is also on PC, there's often a huge difference in graphics and performance compared to the home console versions, if you have a good gaming PC.