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09-30-2019, 02:52 PM
Warning... possible spoilers below.

Chest heaving, Link made it across the bridge to the stable. Tabantha stable. Had he known it was here he would have stopped in and stocked up before making his way to the tower. The trek south from the Tabantha tower had worn him out and he'd busted 3 of his best weapons, barely making it past the Guardians. But he'd made it. He was at the stable, warm fire, soft beds, and maybe some useful supplies.
Just then he spotted Beedle. 'Hey Beedle!', he called out.
'Are you stalking me?', replied a startled Beedle.
Link was a little surprised by the response. 'No, I was just suprised to see you all the way out here. How'd you find this place.'
'Uh, just, ah, wandering around.'
He had a funny, nervous look. Suddenly, Link had a thought.
'Beedle, did you know this stable was here?'
'What? No! Of course not, I'm just wandering around, like you.'
'Beedle, you sell all over, you made it here all the way from Lurelin village in less than a day. You must have known this was here.'
'No, no, of course not. I just found it. Wanna buy some arrows.'
Link started to get frustrated. 'What other stables do you know about Beedle?'
'I, uh, I don't know, just the ones you found I guess?', Beedle started backing up.
'Just the ones I found?! Wait, are you following me?!', Link started to close the gap.
'What? No! That's absurd, why would I follow you? I have so many customers.'
'Yeah, and every time I 'bump' into you, I run into...', Link thought a moment. 'Beedle, are you working for somebody?'
'No, I work for myself, honest!'
'Beedle. Who are you following me for?'
'Nnn... nobody!', backing up some more.
'They made me! They made me do it!'
As he backed up Beedle stumbled over a tree branch lying on the ground. A couple of stamina elixirs tumbled from his pocket.
'Ah-hah!', Link shouted. 'No wonder you can keep up with me with that huge pack on your back. How come you never offer any of these for sale?'
'I need them, I need them to keep up with business!'
'While I'm thinking of it, what do you carry around in your pack? You barely ever have anything to sell.'
Link took a quick slice at Beedle's pack with his Traveler's Sword, the last one he had after his voyage from the tower. The bundle burst open with rupees and...
'MIGHTY BANANAS!!!', Link yelled. 'Are you spying on me for the Yiga?!?!'
'They, they made me!', Beedle stammerd. 'They said they'd feed me to a Molduga! Link, you have to believe me! Link... you're, you're turning Dark!'
Link was indeed turning dark... he could feel the rage building. He tried to temper it, and then, another thought.
With a glint in his eye, Link slowly brought his sword toward Beedles chin, as he knelt down, leaning in close to his face.
'Beedle, I see you have several Mighty Bananas available. And I'm sure you have some particular... 'freinds' who are waiting for them. I just happen to have a pile of Hinox Toenails. I'll tell you what we're going to do...'

Wraith Storm
09-30-2019, 05:16 PM
Excellent stuff that I never knew I wanted.

I await part II with great anticipation, good sir!

Emperor Megas
10-06-2019, 12:13 PM
It's good to know it's not just me who thinks about this stuff! I trust Beedle about as far as I can throw him.