View Full Version : Playing Days of Thunder and/or other PS3 Games

12-09-2019, 06:36 PM
I own a Playstation 3, and I'm looking to play Days of Thunder on it. The problems is that the game seems to be pretty much dead. When I try to join a match, none are found. I've tried hosting matches, but no one else ever joins. Is anyone else interested in this game? It's an arcade-style stock car racing game which was originally released as a downloadable game, but later on it got a DRM-free Blu-Ray disc release. The Blue-Ray release is a hybrid disc that contains the game, as well as the Tom Cruise movie Days of Thunder.

As you can see in my profile, MasquedWarrior is my PSN ID.

12-26-2019, 05:00 PM
I’m surprised you can even connect to the server. A lot of them have been shutdown, including those for Sony’s own games .

12-27-2019, 10:28 PM
Yes, I also was [pleasantly] surprised to find out that the game is still playable online. The bad news is that the game doesn't have LAN mode, so after the master server does get shut down, I won't be able to use VPN software to tunnel the game online.