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10-25-2004, 04:22 PM
Have we had a topic about XLink Kai yet?


I would imagine this to be of interest to Xbox owners and Xbox live subscribers but also Gamecubers and PS2 owners may want to tinker with it.

I'm going to try and set it up this week and see where that leads.

10-26-2004, 10:30 AM
Here's another one I just found.


I got XLink to see my PS2 and Xbox but I couldn't connect to a Halo game so I'll have to dig a little deeper into the set up of my Xbox and XLink or give XBConnect a try.

Anybody else get these to work?

10-26-2004, 10:48 AM
Auqaduct 2 (http://postpose.com/aquaduct/)

XBConenct for the Mac

10-26-2004, 12:59 PM
I have used Xbconnect before it works like a champ. I have played many games with little to no lag. It is fun to use but I don't think they have anticheat programs running on them. :/

10-26-2004, 03:50 PM

10-26-2004, 03:55 PM
From the Xlink FAQ

For users with modified XBoxes, we also offer you the opportunity to use your favourite homebrew XBox dashboard alternative (eg. Avalaunch, XBox Media Center etc) to control XLink Kai right from your very own TV using your controller! For many users familiar with the previous Bo-XLink application Team XLink created, this is what you've been waiting for. To find out more on which XBox homebrew applications are currently supporting XLink Kai functionality, visit the downloads page...

10-26-2004, 03:58 PM

10-26-2004, 04:03 PM
Check their FAQ and forum :)

I'll just be happy if I can get Halo running on the service with my stock Xbox.

10-26-2004, 04:24 PM

10-26-2004, 04:36 PM
Unfortunately this has not been the plug and play experience I had hoped for. However, after browsing thru their forum I have some leads to try and get this thing running but I really donít want to put that much trouble into this just for Halo.

Itís a pretty neat idea and Iím very impressed with the quality of the software and the group behind it but this might be something for a much more technically ambitious online gamer than myself.

I'm not throwing in the towel just yet though. :)

10-26-2004, 04:42 PM

10-26-2004, 10:55 PM
I've used kai extensively for Halo and Star Wars Battlefront on my chipped xbox. Works fine with no problems. It set up quickly and easily as well.

03-10-2005, 09:56 PM
just set xkink kai up today on my xbox, such a nice piece of work.

so far i'm just messing around with FPSs and mostly getting killed but still its a lot of fun and theres potential. if anybody from around here is on it and wants to battle or co-op shoot me a PM.

games i've got right now -

halo 1 & 2
call of duty
men of valor
star wars battlefront

hey what the heck, its free :)

03-10-2005, 10:01 PM
I plan on grabbing kai once I find a BB adapter for my cube.
I can taste the double dash goodness.

03-10-2005, 11:19 PM
any negative effect on consoles that have xbox live and are current subscribers...id love to try some halo 1 against some online people, but i dont want to mess up my live account....halo 2 on live is much more important than halo 1

07-27-2009, 04:43 PM
I use xlink to play playstation 2 games online, especially games that have their real online servers taken down.

I have posted up a few videos of my xlink ps2 online sessions.

Jak X: Combat Racing



Timesplitters Future Perfect



twisted metal black online

Also here is a video of twisted metal black online played through xlink.(not my video)


The ps2 xlink community is smaller than the xbox one, but we get a lot of good games going over it. Most of us meet up on this site


We post up games that we intend to play in the game organization section of the site.
You can also see what games we have been playing online here


This is a list of the ps2 games that are able to played online through xlink.


O I forgot to mention, xlink basically means that ps2 online games can be played forever. It is currently the only way I know of to play games like twisted metal black and timesplitters future perfect online still, since their real servers were taken down awhile ago.

07-27-2009, 06:03 PM
Anyone looking to play Halo 1 online should really check out Halo CE for the PC.
It has lots of user-made multiplayer maps, especially H2 and H3 maps, as well as lots of other goofy stuff, like Hyrule field, Peach's Castle, Rainbow Road etc, as well as user-made single player maps and mods, some of which can be played with online co-op.
I prefer the keyboard and mouse control, but it has excellent gamepad support as well.