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10-20-2005, 08:17 AM
Spoiler free. (This post, at least)

I've just finished with one of the longest game playing stretches I've done in a very long time. Maybe ever!

Indigo Prophecy (called Fahrenheit in Europe) was recently released for Xbox and PC, and I couldn't help but complete the entire game in one sitting. It's something special, honestly. The level of interaction and immersion really impressed me. I haven't read any reviews of the game, really, but I would give it somewhere around a 9.

I would like to discuss this here with anyone else who has played it, or is playing it. Making games like this is exactly what game makers need to be doing.

I guess it fits into the adventure game category, but it's definitely a hybrid. Play it and see.

Definitely possible to tackle with a rental, I'd say. Also, the US Version has a good deal of (plot important) sexual acts cut out, along with some gore, language, etc.. if I'm not mistaken. Grab a Euro PC version, or the Euro Xbox version and enjoy.

I don't want to ruin the story for anyone, so I haven't mentioned it. Some of the more interesting game dynamics include being able to switch between characters on the fly (who oppose each other, which becomes very interesting and often uncomfortable), and shenmue-like button pressing sequences. Some of the best of "that" kind of thing there is.

PS- It's 9:17 AM and I haven't slept because of this damn game, so please pardon my spelling errors, etc.

Also: http://www.1up.com/do/reviewPage?cId=3143976&did=1

That review gave it an 8, and sums up many of my thoughts (and is also quite spoiler free). (But it's really much better than an 8, I'd say. But what do I care what 1up thinks? And what do you care what I think? LOL )

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10-20-2005, 10:30 AM
Like Oob said we've we've been talking about ti for a while, but since you brought it up again check out my review of Fahrenheit at http://www.starttruth.com/reviews/pc/games/indigo.php

pragmatic insanester
10-20-2005, 04:31 PM
the euro ps2 version is edited as well?

10-20-2005, 05:06 PM
the euro ps2 version is edited as well?

To my knowledge all european versions are uncut. Although i can only personally speak for the Xbox and PC versions.