View Full Version : Three Sonic-related games released today or tommorrow

11-15-2005, 02:49 PM
Sonic DS (Nintendo DS)
Shadow the Hedgehog (Xbox/PS2/Cube)
Sonic Advance/Sonic Spinball Party (GBA) 2 in 1 cart

Has anyone picked up or even seen the GBA game in their local store yet? Usually will show up around Nov 16th (tommorrow)

11-15-2005, 03:09 PM
Three games out... and yet only one worth buying :D I wouldn't touch Shadow with a barge pole and I'll wait for the Sonic Advance/ Pinball Party combo cart to drop in price before I consider it. I can't, therefore, wait to play Rush :)

Six Switch
11-15-2005, 04:18 PM
rush looks really good.i've been playing sega cd all week and can't wait to play rush.

11-15-2005, 04:39 PM
Sonic Rush and Shadow WILL be mine tomorrow.

I should get the Sonic double pack deal, because it is gonna be a bitch to find.

11-15-2005, 05:38 PM
Sonic Rush and Shadow WILL be mine tomorrow.

I should get the Sonic double pack deal, because it is gonna be a bitch to find.

Oh yes... same here, thanks sega!!!

11-15-2005, 06:11 PM
I preordered my copy of Shadow the Hedgehog for XBOX a week ago, on Sunday. I had gotten an e-mail being part of the official Sega newsletter reciving group the previous Friday night releaseing information on the POG, the bennie, aka ski cap. I went out and preordered the game and told EB to make damn sure that I get that hat.

WEnt to EB this afternoon (because a retarted test came up for me in school and I couldnt miss it so I couldnt sit outside the store till they opened like I had talked my parents into letting me), around 3, and they said, We Dont Got The Games Yet. HOLY CRAP I WAS PISSED OFF! I want that game sooo badly, and I want it right now! :( :bawling: :( . They said that it will be in tomorrow, and hopefully so will the bennies.

God I want that game, and I am also POed at the guys working on some renovations in our living room (over 4 damn long weeks now, and still no where near done, just to put up some dry wall, jack-donkeys) for that means that we dont have our 61' HDTV or 5.1 fiber optics surround sound hooked up to our XBOX, and I gotta hope that I can find the power cable to our XBOX that is tossed into a pile of 500 cords so that I can hook it up to my small flat-screen in my room to play it. I WANT THAT GAME!!! :( :frustrated:

11-15-2005, 06:17 PM
Sonic Rush and Shadow WILL be mine tomorrow.

I should get the Sonic double pack deal, because it is gonna be a bitch to find.

Ditto on the GBA double pack....everyone who wanted Sonic Spinball Party, but missed... now has a 2nd chance...

11-15-2005, 06:25 PM
As soon as i get off work tomorrow i'm heading over to EB for my copy of sonic rush and Mario Kart.

Sonic rush is gonna be sweet.

Julio III
11-15-2005, 06:30 PM
I'm considering getting Sonic Rush but may just wait and get it second hand later. As for Sonic Pinball Party, i picked up a copy of the original release only a week or so ago and not interested in that. It will be interesting reading peoples feedback on Shadow though

11-15-2005, 06:44 PM
Sonic Rush is on my buy list, along with a ton of other DS titles. So many titles, so little money... :(

Nintendo never has game shortages when I NEED them too. *L*

11-15-2005, 06:47 PM
I got a chance to play Shadow a month or two ago and wasn't impressed. To be fair I barely played. I believe I played the PS2 version which suffered from some frame rate issues.

I've owned Sonic Pinball Party for a while and it's good as far as pinball games go. The soundtrack is great.

I also got a chance to play through a few levels of Sonic Rush and so far i'm totally impressed. I thought Gunstar Super Heroes was going to be my game of the year, now i'm not so sure. Sonic Rush is amazing. I hope the Sonic for 360/3 is half as good as what i've played so far in Rush. Sega just sent me a version for review. Should be at my door in a day or two. I can't wait!