View Full Version : Sony Being Sued?

11-15-2005, 04:34 PM
I got an email today saying that certain model PS2's mess up cd's and dvd's and now theres a lawsuit on sony. Hmm maybe its a fake,maybe not heres the link:


11-15-2005, 04:47 PM
This is like the third post on this, and yes, it's real. Thanks for thinking of us though!

11-15-2005, 04:48 PM
Nothing new, large companies have to fight in court all the time for a whole mess of different things, I've heard of this disc one before involving Sony just nothing for a while. Thanks for the info.

11-15-2005, 04:52 PM
Wow! Thanks for the heads up! I was just thinking of getting a PS2 X_x
I want to know which model # has the defect...
Poopy :/

11-15-2005, 05:11 PM
Can we please get this sticky-ed? I this is actually the 4th thread on this matter.