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Joker T
11-20-2005, 11:53 AM
The first Call of Duty brought new life to the WWII genre with insane action and intensity the sequel Call of Duty 2 is a great game not just a game but a landmark experience. By far the most intense and action filled gaming experience I have ever had. You really feel like you are in these battles. The graphics and sound are also incredible. Anyone with a solid gaming rig or anyone getting a 360 owes it to themselves to pick it up.

Reviewed on the PC

The Series is back again with Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. I have always loved Tony Hawk games but this one does dissapoint me a bit. The "Huge" city is broken up into levels. Making it so you really can't do a combo across the city as you may think. You access the levels by going through tunnels. The game also has no "Load Screens" I guess this is somewhat true you only get 2 when you boot up the game. The rest are not so cleverly concealed. For example you may toss your board around or it will show your character driving a van to cover up load times but they are so hideously obvious that it just made me mad that Neversoft thinks gamers are this stupid not to notice it. The game is fun enough giving you new tricks to work with, but some manage to throw your combos off. The stall for example is almost completely useless and just screws you up, same with the fact that you can't save focus which is a "bullet time" type move introduced in Thug 2. The bike system is broken and I found myself never using them. The graphics remain the same and the soundtrack is decent offering something for everyone but for a game you can beat in a few hours I wanted a whole lot more.

Reviewed on the Xbox

Joker T