View Full Version : just got an xbox, need some game suggestions

11-21-2005, 11:01 AM
a friend of mine just sorta gave me an xbox with a pile of games.

ultimate spidey
dead or alive 3
dead or alive 2
dead or alive 1
dead or alive volleyball
jade empire
indiana jones

I've always avoided the xbox in magiazines and everything
but now that I have one i'm sorta curious to what might be out there.

to be blunt, I thought the halo games stunk (not a wolfenstien fan)
fighting games are pretty dull.
3d platformers are yawn city (buffy etc etc)
I havn't tried fable or jade empire yet.

I tried buying a few random cheappy games but they ended up pretty lackluster though I did enjoy syberia.

I generaly like adventure strategy and rpgs
sotn style games are my utmost favorates as well as ff tactics ff8 and dragon warrior 3.
I do know there are a bunch of star wars games kicking around I was considering the battlefront games (you can kill ewoks..how cool is that?)
any suggestions on games I should give a try?

Lady Jaye
11-21-2005, 11:04 AM
Please see the following thread in the Classic Discussions forum, I'm sure it will give you great ideas:


- your friendly Classic Discussions mod