View Full Version : X360 Split Screen Woes

11-23-2005, 12:33 AM
I'm probably just missing something obvious here, but in a few 360 games I'm having a hard time getting split-screen play to work properly. From what I can tell, you should be able to set up profiles for each person playing, and then load them into whatever game you're using. And this works great in Call of Duty 2, but I've encountered problems in these games:

- In PGR3, I can't load more than one profile, and any attempt to have multiple profiles playing takes me nowhere (despite it specifically saying I need multiple profiles in the first place).

- In Madden 06, the only option for a two player game appears to be to have both people use the SAME profile...which doesn't make a lot of sense.

- In Perfect Dark Zero, no one's profile's settings will save to the hard drive. Additionally, the button in the options menu for 'assigning' the save location does absolutely nothing.

Has anyone else encountered any of these problems? If so, have you found any fixes for them?

11-23-2005, 06:32 AM
More launch problem woes?
Maybe someone should setup a thread for this since quite a few people are having trouble with their 360s.

11-23-2005, 06:40 AM
Wait for the patches, You know they are about to invade console gaming.

As for Madden, I'd bet you are SOL.

11-23-2005, 01:01 PM
I eagerly await Xbox 360 Service Pack 1.