View Full Version : Reporting Back from a Developer's Conference

09-14-2006, 12:13 PM
Thanks to all who make question suggestions, I've done my best to ask what I could. SO, In no particular order, here's the beef:

Sony: No PS3's to be found anywhere. Nothing. They're losing exclusivity quickly, and production numbers keep getting pushed back. I'm seriously worried. I played God of War 2. Yes, it's good. But really, just more of the same. Genji 2 on PS3 looks really good. They've changed pretty much everything about it, that calling it "Genji" is getting to be a stretch. Sony will be bringing us the formerly UK exclusive Singstar. Rumour has is that when all the song licences settle, we'll be seeing a 4-5 disk SET! Sony plans on supporting PS2 for 2-3 years. Otherwise. It's sequels all around. Keep moving...

Microsoft: Bigger HD is in the works, most likely 60Gb. They are working on a program to make data transfer possible, but there will be a solution. They honestly didn't realize the success they'd have with live marketplace. As for the HD-DVD drive, there is a consideration to intigrate it with Japanese consoles (ship it standard). They'll wait to see how it does there, before trying it here. Besides, they'd hate to commit to the format, building it in, if it loses the format war. Smart. There is online play integration between XB and PC coming soon. There were 2 games that touted it, but I can't for the life of me recall what they were. Sorry :(

Nintendo: Yes, I have played Wii. First person there to do so, even ;) They were specifically holding back lots of info just for the Tokyo Game Show, so we weren't able to get questions/samples of some of the most important things. Wii sports, Excitetruck and Warioware were all playable. Nothing entirely revolutionary. Nice to see how responsive the controllers were, no need to re-calibrate for different players, anything. A friend of mine, on inspection of the kiosk, asked "why are there no AV leads coming out of this Wii?" he was met with "don't ask me that again". I watched them pack it up at the end of the night, turns out that everything was running from GC dev hardware :eek 2: Virtual console will use points like the 360 does, with cards available for purchase at store level. They will be DL'ed to the memory cards, and are not transferable between consoles. DS web Browser is not on the release charts for this year. They ARE working on it, but their engineers have not gotten to the point of Nintendo's quality control as of yet. So, most likely, next year.

Sega: "Golden Axe" is a PS3 exclusive, and looks really awesome, although nothing like golden axe. The footage had a female warrior riding thought a canyon at breakneck speed attacking dudes from the back of a wolf. Kinda like a fast-paced Shadow of the Collossus. Very cool. No plans on Nights, btw :( Sega WAS showing vitual Fighter 5, but I forgot to ask which platform. Assumingly, PS3, as Capcom has traditionally not been very supportive to Microsoft.

Capcom: Lost planet is awesome, but you don't need me to tell you that. GodHand has a really fun fighting engine, but seemed very bland overall. I'm hoping there'll be more in the final game. I asked about Namco X Capcom, and they told me to ask Namco...

Namco: Namco X Capcom is not on the charts for a release, and probably won't be considering PS2's dwindling shelf-life combined with the lengthy localization process, and licencing nightmare. Taiko Drum 2 is officially canned. Namco's PSP offerings are arguably what's going to single-handedly save the PSP this year. With Tekken already out, Ace Combat, Moto GP, and BOUNTY HOUNDS, unique exclusive content is what PSP needs. There is no plans for another Katamari Game, HOWEVER, there was also no plans for a .Hack game after the original 4-part series. There *will* however, be a new Time Crisis game in the near future...

UbiSoft: Assassin's creed is phenominal. No, it is not PS3 exclusive. We were shown the gameplay footage that was previously only shown behind closed doors at E3. This is an easy must-buy. Everything fluid and organic. However, the end of the presentation, showed a HUGE SPOILER. One that I'm not even going to reveal because of how it upset me. Really, how can they even do that! Splinter Cell Double Agent has a neat over-the-shoulder camera viewpoint that will switch either left or right shoulder depending on which way you're heading, looking around corners, etc. With that, however, I got really sick of seeing Sam's stubbly head up close all the time.

Midway: New MK game will have every MK fighter to date, and a "Kreate-a-fighter" concept.

That's all I can come up with for now, my brain is still jet-lagged. I probably havn't even scratched the surface of things yet. But a few things for you to discuss for now.