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When Can You Post a Thread in "Buying and Selling"?

You cannot immediately post threads in the Buying and Selling sub-forum.

To post in this sub-forum, you first need to be an Established Member. To establish your membership, you must be enrolled as a Registered User of the Retrogaming Roundtable for at least ten (10) days. After that, you will be automatically promoted to an Established Member.

Think of this prerequisite as a leveling requirement in an RPG. If you aren't an Established Member yet, you can't enter the enchanted lands of Buying and Selling. After these initial ten days on the Roundtable forum are up, the "Buying and Selling" sub-forum unlocks, and you are free to conduct business here. Take these early days to learn the rules and observe how the community works. It is easy, but our simple rules must be followed.

Why are things this way? It is to prevent cross-site spamming of sellers' and buyers' threads by people who are only interested in commerce instead of participating in our discussions and community. If you want to buy or sell things here, you need to be a real part of our community of retro gamers first and foremost.

How to Post a Buying/Selling Thread

Please title the thread appropriately, giving as much detail as possible. If possible in the thread, please list prices you are selling at, or the prices you will pay for items if wanted. It helps anyone else out to know what ranges are on offer.

Here are some common abbreviations that people often use in their topics and posts. You may want to use these to let people know if you are buying or selling an item, for example.

WTB = Wanting To Buy
WTT/WTTF = Wanting To Trade/Wanting To Trade For
FS = For Sale
FT = For Trade

"Backups" and ROMs

No backups. No burned games. Please do not post that you have those types of games for sale. If you do, they will be removed from your postings and you will be warned. Needless to say there are varying degrees of piracy availability.

Famiclones? Okay. Multicarts? Okay. Twisted Metal on a CD-R? Not okay! Neo conversions? Let us know up front.

The device on which to play the games is okay (i.e. flash cart) but NO ROMs on them. Please note that this rule also applies to all types of media (music, films, etc.), not just games.


In courtesy to others, if you have multiple items you want to sell or are looking for please post them in one thread. The more unnecessary threads you create shuffle other membersí posts off the front page. Also, to conserve space, mods may combine topics at their discretion.


If you absolutely must bump your topic, please ONLY do so after a period of 24 hours since your last bump was made. If you have new information to add, please add it at the time of a bump. If you add info after an hour and bump it, you'll ruffle the feathers of the mods, and this is a sure-fire way to get your thread stopped. No ifs or buts here. Premature bumping is the number one violation and anyone found doing so is likely to have his or her thread automatically closed as a result.


If itís your first time selling and you are new to our forums, please provide some feedback or references you have, such as eBay. Youíll find more people will be willing to deal with you in general. There has been an increase in people not following through with deals recently.


(that's BUYER BEWARE btw)


Unless there is genuine proof that a user is duping/scamming multiple other members, moderators and admin should not be involved in personal qualms, disputes or arguments regarding any trade or sale on these forums.

Any payment issues should be taken up with Paypal or whatever was used for that half of the deal. Please allow people time enough to complete transactions before complaining about where your goods are. Which brings us to...


Please check your PMs (personal messages) regularly. Buyers and traders start to get antsy when their messages aren't answered. We understand that real life problems can sometimes get in the way, but it only takes a second to send a message saying you got their PM/email/payment etc. and their package will be sent later/soon. If you are doing potentially large deals, please turn on the PM notification so you get a note in your email box.

Sale Spoiling

Please do not march into a thread and state that you can get an item for on eBay or some other online store. If you think their price may be too high, don't be rude about it. If others feel the same way, then it won't sell. This is a hobby where each person gives an item a different monetary worth. While it's fine to look out for others, people should also do research into the item they are buying.

Similarly, if you want an item that someone else is also asking for, it is better etiquette that you create your own topic with your contact information, trade list, or the price you're willing to pay.

Staying On Topic

Please limit your topics to BUYING, SELLING and TRADING items only. Asking questions of an item's worth, or what is a good price for an item does not really belong here. These types of question should be posted in the Video Game Forum (or Everything eBay if you see it on there), or even go look up the Online Rarity Guide. The only exception to this is an attempt to resolve a deal here (e.g. if people go missing and havenít been heard from in a while).


Posts asking for people to loan them money will be locked.

Policy Changes

As of 18th April 2005, this forum is now for buying, selling and trading only. All eBay auctions (yours or anyone else) should be posted in the Everything eBay forum.

Junior Modding

If you're dealing with someone in a thread, a helpful hint here and there is fine. But if you have no business in the thread, then you consequently have no business publicly notifying others of the rules in said thread. On the other hand, feel free to PM any of the mods here if you think something has slipped through the cracks of our attention.

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