What type of Saturn collector are you?

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  1. synbiosfan
    I had the urge back in 04 I guess to try for a complete North American set, a goal I achieved in February this year. The last piece I needed was a demo, Sega Screams Vol. 2 and one showed up on eBay so I ended up paying a ridiculous price.

    I also import games with 167 Japanese & a measly 26 PAL games.

    I also have modchipped one of my Saturns so I have a few burnt games also.

    I always comeback to the Saturn and as a matter of fact since it's launch, I've logged in more hours per year on the Saturn than any of my other systems.

    Don't worry, I'm not some fanboy who thinks the Saturn is the end-all, be-all without any faults, I just enjoy it the most.

    Are you the type of collector who just goes for the best games? Or wants a complete set JP, PAL or NA?
  2. The Jackal
    The Jackal
    I would love to own a complete set, but I just don't have the money; so for now, it's just what game I want most that go after.
  3. synbiosfan
    That's how it started for me and then I got to a point where it seemed doable. Plus your right, going after a complete PAL set would be costly. There are a larger number of expensive PAL games compared to the NA versions seemingly. The look of nice minty PAL cases blow NA cases away imo but are hard to come by. Most of mine are a little rough. On a saturn forum I belong to I love to see the PAL collections.
  4. c2000
    Everything, but mostly BETA's and Prototypes.
  5. Baloo
    I collect the best games for the system, mainly the ones I want to play, and then the high-end and expensive ones, like the RPGs and Saturn Bomberman and whatnot. I've got maybe 25 Saturn games, but none of them are bad titles. Except for maybe Clockwork Knight.
  6. sheath
    I will pick up anything I think is worth playing the same as any system. I picked up Blast Chamber recently for that very reason. I will also pick up multi-platform games, especially 3D games, if the price is right. Those are for comparisons mostly.

    I have rarely found that multi-platform games have much to look at unless you can just sit and squeeze everything out of it.
  7. QuickSciFi
    I have an eye out for games I want mostly, but as the deals barge in, I just go for any and all, as it is a small U.S. NTSC collection worth completing mint CIB.
  8. SpaceFlea
    I also have a complete US set. As for the demos I'm only missing the Sega Screams 2 demo because Synbiosfan was the lone soul to outbid me that fateful day.

    I'm currently working on a complete w/ spine card JP set as well (including variants). I currently have about 300 or so, and only a couple remaining that are $100+ (everything else is just the cheap unspectacular stuff).

    I want a full PAL set as well, but I can't seem to break into it. I have a total of 0 which feels odd. PAL is always last in line. :P
  9. synbiosfan
    I shouldn't assume everyone knows about www.satakore.com a tremendous Saturn data base. If you're on a site with madroms, see if he's still taking testers for the beta site. It will be a tremendous asset to collectors once he's completed it.

    @ SpaceFlea I'm always looking around when/if I see another SS2 demo, you'll know. You're another crazy collector and deserve it!
  10. green.eyes
    I’ve got about 200 games in total, mainly Pal/US with around 13 JP. For my English collection I want 20 more games!!
    The only games I don’t get are sport games!!!!!
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