Post a Picture of your Collection

  1. QuickSciFi
    I'll put mine up once finals end this coming week.
  2. Zebbe
    EU games, Mega-CD

    More EU games all other regions 32X Sega CD etc.

    Crownjewels: Uzu Keobukseon, sealed Panorama Cotton teacup, Snow Bros., Snatcher signed by Hideo Kojima, three sealed posterity copies of Pier Solar, Yang Jia Jiang, EU 32X Primal Rage, Darxide, Magic Bubble.
  3. Mr Smith
    Mr Smith
    All my MD stuff is currently in boxes at my parents house, after three house moves in 18 months and not enough space

    Please don't hate me!
  4. QuickSciFi
    Well, finals are over for me, but I still have some cleaning to do. I'll post my last picture of it to keep this alive: (I've added about fifty more Mint CIBs to the Genny collection since then).
  5. QuickSciFi
    Here's a vid of my Mint CIBs as of May 2011
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