What type of Saturn collector are you?

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  1. fahlim003
    I collect the games I like and that's pretty much it. I have around 50 games total, domestic and import and I'm satisfied with what I have and if I come across something I don't have which is reputed to be good for a decent price (see: Burning Rangers) I guess I would get it.
  2. Icarus Moonsight
    Icarus Moonsight
    Well, if your not into JPN imports then you're not that into Saturn honestly. So, that's what I go for mainly. Arcade ports and action games mostly. It's a slow chip away process. There's just so much good stuff.
  3. Kyle15
    I'm just working on getting the good stuff. No specific pattern, really. I knock them off my list when possible and that's that.
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