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  1. Lerxstnj
    My Hydro Thunder "Hot New" is printed on the manual.
    My Mortal Kombat Gold has none at all.
    I have 2 versions of Ready 2 Rumble, one with none, one printed version.
    NFL Blitz 2000, I only have the All-Star version.
    In all the photos I've seen of NFLB2K, the "Hot New" sticker is in different positions, so it can't be printed.
  2. QuickSciFi
    Your collections are outstanding. I made a vid of mine: (Only one fifth the size of yours XP)

    Part 1
    Part 2
  3. Lerxstnj
    Great videos!
    I don't have the Seaman outer box either, but I have 2 mics.
    Nice collection of magazine demos also! I never got those.

    I just picked up a complete Japanese console and I need to add a photo.
  4. Lerxstnj
  5. QuickSciFi
    Thank you.

    ...and Score!
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