What started your interest in the Saturn?

  1. fahlim003
    Pretty simple topic and one worth addressing to be sure. I'll get the ball rolling.

    I became interested in Saturn long after the format was replaced, in fact, it was after Sega had exited the home console market. It was in 2003 or perhaps 2002 when I learned about Radiant Silvergun by way of shmups.com and it's forums. Radiant Silvergun became my beacon towards landing a Saturn however it wasn't without it's issues.

    To explain further I want to add I missed out on the 32 bit era since it was around this time I received a more powerful computer, that and the fact I was more than satisfied with my Sega Genesis - anything beyond that didn't even cross my mind. So PS1, N64, and with the least exposure Saturn all fell by without notice or issue until I took up interest in console gaming again thanks to PlayStation 2.
  2. SpaceFlea
    I became interested in the Saturn when I first heard about Shining Force III in a gaming mag some time in '97-'98 saying. It said the game was 100% finished and would be released in the Summer of '98. I immediately began seeking a means of procuring the console; though I didn't manage to get one until early '00, and didn't get SFIII until '02. The wait was worth it though.
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