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  1. RASK1904
    Great idea. I'm 30 something. Collect Video games and 80's toys. Going for a complete cart only Nes set. At about 540. Have tons of other games. Mainly original gameboy and Atari 2600, both cart only. Always looking for Nes games I do not have. I hate boxes. I work in reciving at a retail store. Cool. Hope more join the group. Would be awesome. Thanx Roger.
  2. buzz_n64
    I'm 27, from Chula Vista. I have been gaming since the mid-late 80's, but I started collecting since 2002 once I got my first job after high school. I also work retail inventory/merchandising like RASK1904. My favorite genres of games are platformers (Mario fanatic), beat 'em ups (Double Dragon), run 'n gun (Metal Slug) and horizontal shooters (Gradius).

    I created this group because I noticed we have a decent amount of collectors here on DP from the San Diego area, and some of us have hinted on meet-ups or trading events. I have invited about 8 or 9 people on here to this group that I know live in San Diego, hopefully they join, along with others. Hope you all enjoy the group.
  3. bohproper
    Hey everyone! I'm Mike I like long walks on the beach....wait wrong forum jk. I'm from Santee and i'm 21. I've been collecting games since '93 (I got my first system an old 7800 with lots of games from my cousin), Now I mostly collect SNES, Gameboy, and Dreamcast stuff and i am always willing to trade( I have lots of stuff that doesn't get used as much as it should). I like classic cabinets as well (mostly vector stuff).By the way, does anyone know of a good arcade repair guy in sd? Or even have some knowledge?
    Look forward to meeting you guys!
  4. StealthLurker
    Hi everyone. Great to see San Diego on the map. I'm over in Scripps Ranch. I recently got back into gaming due to nostalgia around 2001-2002. Basically rebuilt a collection from scratch with a kind of "import" theme this time around. Though I still have a bunch of my original US stuff and some imports from back in the day in boxes over at my parents house somewhere.... at least that's what they've told me. haha


    For general arcade work/repair, I've used this guy about 3-4 times. Haven't had any work done though in about 2 yrs or so..
  5. Colorado Rockies
    Colorado Rockies
    Hey guys, I'm Andrew from La Jolla. I'm 22 and about to graduate. I've been playing games since the ps1, but I only started collecting about 2 years ago. Before I started collecting I would sell a lot of my old stuff on amazon or ebay.... a mistake I will never repeat... I sold a lot of cool stuff I wish I hadn't....

    I collect for every single Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and Sega(Exluding Sega Master System & Game Gear) systems. I also recently started collecting for the Neo Geo AES, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Turbografx 16/CD, Atari Lynx & the Atari Jaguar.
    I only collect complete in box, original, and authentic games. No repros, greatest hits etc.
    I have a ton of duplicates that I would love to trade/sell etc.

    My favorite systems are the SNES, Gamecube, Dreamcast, DS and XBOX 360.

    Grwat to see some fellow gamers/collectors from SD!
  6. samspade
    I collect a little of everything. I'm a moderator on Sega Age and I've lived in Vista California all my life. The last few years I've been dabbling more and more with imports, mainly the saturn. I love shmups and beat em ups and I really enjoy playing my console MVS. I love King of Fighers and RPGs. I've been on an RPG collecting streak and just bought a duo r to add some more shmups to the old set up. Other than games, I'm a big fan of Stephen King books, I adore just about every stupid action movie you can think of, and I really like Spider-Man comics.

    We should add Tanooki to the list by the way, he just joined and he lives minutes away from me.
  7. MarkMan
    Hi guys. I'm Mark aka MarkMan.

    I'm really into fighting game stuff and arcade culture. I collect a little bit of everything.

    I'm in the gaming industry and travel all the time, so I'm lucky enough to see lots of goodies everywhere. Hope everyone is having a great year so far!
  8. TanruNomad

    I'm Brian. I'm in Scripps Ranch/Mira Mesa area. I definitely consider myself a retro gamer and have a modest collection of systems (although it's reaching the point where wifey is starting to tell me to "sell that junk!"
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