I've got two brand new, factory sealed, copies. Looking for trades only.

Trade straight across for:

Rogue Galaxy (PS2)
Hack .GU vol.2 (PS2)
Bullet Witch (X360)
GRAW 2 (X360)
Final Fantasy XII Limited (PS2)
Shining Force EXA (PS2)
Tales of the Abyss (PS2)

Virtua Cop 1 Box Set for Sega Saturn
Virtua Fighter Remix for Sega Saturn (Long Case version)

Or looking for paypal + trade or trade+ for:

Shadow Hearts: From the New World (PS2)
Metal Saga (PS2)
Tales of Legendia (PS2)

NES games I don't have. You can see my collection here

PS2/X360 games must be complete and in great shape. NES games can be loose and in good shape. I've got lots of feedback here. Shipping on both sides will be USPS First Class / Priority Shipping w/ Delivery Confirmation.

Also looking to buy:

Virtua Cop 1 on Sega Saturn (Complete, long case version) - $8 shipped

Battle Arena Toshinden: Remix (Disc Only perferred) - $5 shipped disc only/$8 shipped complete

Thank you for looking!