I was planning on breaking all of this up into lots, taking nice pictures, and posting on ebay, but I figured I'd go ahead and put a list up here first to give y'all a chance before I do that..

Where I have chosen to list prices, please note that these are asking prices. If you are interested in purchasing multiple things, I'm sure we can work out deals =)

I'm also totally willing to break up sets if you absolutely must, with the exception of the Odyssey gear.

Obviously, as with all of these dealies, all things listed are presumed working and have been tested, but are being sold as is. Boxes and documentation, when included are presumed to be in "worn" condition. Some better, some worse, but none in tatters.



Complete system, 2 controllers, *all* of the billions of pieces, play money, overlays, chips, ect. All in beautiful, absolutely gorgeous condition.
This includes all the pieces and game accessories for the games of the included cartridges 1-6:
Table Tennis, Football, Hockey, Ski, Submarine, Cat and Mouse, Haunted House, Analogic, Roulette, States, and Simon Says.

In addition to those bundled games, I also am including
ITL701 Handball
ITL900 Fun Zoo
ITL702 Volleyball
ITL800 Wipeout
ITL700 Baseball
ITL801 Invasion

These games also are presumed to be *completely intact*, even with Invasion's 300-odd pieces.

Due to the complete nature of this collection, and it's universal quality (All original boxes {System box excellent condition, some game boxes show understandable wear}, manuals, switch, AC cord, controllers, ect) I will only be selling it as a set. I am asking $300 for this lot, but will entertain all emails.


Atari 2600 6-Switch
Atari 2600 Jr
Misc. switches and cables, but no boxes or manuals.

2x Standard Atari Joys, 1x Atari Joy (a coffin shaped model), 3x Paddle, 1x "Dual Command" joy/paddle, 1x Wico Black Max joy, 1x Archer joy

Dig Dug
Lock N Chase
Ms Pac Man
Pac Man
Pitfall II
Riddle of the Sphinx
Space Invaders
Space War
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Target Fun
Word Zapper

$80 for set, including the *two* working 2600s


C64 with box and docs in excellent condition
Star Ranger

$25, great system, great box and docs, some wear on console itself


Atari 800XL with box and some docs
Pac Man
Missile Command

$30 set, neat system..


SNES with 2 controllers - no box or docs
SNES Mouse with Mousepad

Killer Instinct
Mickey Mania
Mario Paint
Super Star Wars
Disney's Aladdin


Misc other stuff!!!

Wonder Wizard Bull's Eye "pong type game" complete with box (6 built in games, with light gun!) $20

Radio Shack Electronic TV Scoreboard "pong type game" complete with box (6 built in games, with light gun!) $20

Playstation 1: console only, no cables or controllers $5

Auto AC Adpater for PSone and Monitor - $2

1x N64 Controller, never used, should be in mint condition if you have one wearing out (yellow). $2

Gamecube RF Switch, NIB, $2