I am looking to sell a CIB Nintendo Super Famicom model 1 system. It will come with everything you see in the photo below-- the system itself, tested to work and in very nice cosmetic condition, 2 controllers also in great shape with very snappy and responsive buttons, the AV cable to hook up to your TV (will work with any NTSC TV), power brick (the system will work fine in the US or any 100/120v area), Super Game Boy in its original box in like-new condition, and Super Mario Kart, boxed with its manual-- the box is in like-new condition. I'll also throw in a couple GB games free to play on the SGB if you don't have any yet, so you can start playing it right out of the box.

Upon request I will also include a boxed copy of Starfox and/or Rockman X2, or other titles upon request. Please let me know what games you want and we can work out an exact price.

I am also willing to bundle loose SFC systems and controllers for a much-reduced price. The more stuff I can send you in one package, the easier it is for me to ship and I try to pass those savings (in time and money) along to you.

I do not have a set price in mind, so please make any reasonable offer, specifying any games you need. Please reply here, PM me, contact me via e-mail (epicenter713@gmail.com) or AIM (Epicenter713). AIM strongly preferred. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to doing business with you!