Just letting everyone know that the newest issue (#33) of ReVival is now shipping.

If your not familiar with ReVival, you should know that ReVival is a quarterly European fanzine that mades its debut in 1997. Previously only available overseas and in the French language, Good Deal Games publishes this great periodical available in English stateside and throught the world every two months.

ReVival is the voice of the hidden side of videogames. ReVival gives you news on all alternate consoles, retrogaming, games and/or hardware tests without concession. ReVival features interviews of individuals active in the alternative video games, historical articles, and more specific reports and columns.

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Currenlty issues #29 - #33 are available.

Issue Summary:

ReVival Issue #29

contains 44 ad-free pages, including such features as:

Programming your Atari Jaguar
Interview with Johaness Graf of Duranik
Extensive coverage for Intellivision, Jaguar, Nuon, Vectrex, Super CD-Rom 2, Wonderswan, Lynx, GP32, NeoGeo Pocket Color, Dreamcast, and more!

ReVival Issue #30

contains 44 ad-free pages, including such features as:

Atari 7800 Cuttle Cart
Duranik's Bonus Cartridge
Several New Vectrex Titles
and MUCH more!

ReVival Issue #31
contains 44 ad-free pages.

Jaguar Total Carnage
Intellivision Defender of the Crown Development
Dreamcast Cool Herders
Vectrex Debris
and MUCH more!

ReVival Issue 32

Interview: NG.DEV.TEAM Last Hope (Neo-Geo & Dreamcast)

Home consoles tests:
Dr Hauzer (3D0), Mental Kombat (Atari VCS 2600), Under Defeat (Dreamcast), Chip Chap Kick (Nec Pc-FX)
Force Striker: Burning Fists (Sega CD), Power Strike 2 (Sega Master System)

Vectrex features:
Spikes Circus, Space Frenzy, Vector 2, Debris EE (review)

Jaguar features:
Project Apocalypse, Gorf Classic, Fight for Life: beta

Plus, Arcades at home, "Nomad" features and Tests: Rally Pop (GP32), Virtual Bowling (Virtual Boy)

ReVival Issue 33

Home consoles tests:
- Flash Koibito Kun (WonderSwan)
- A VCS Tec Challenge(Atari VCS 2600)
- Under Defeat (Dreamcast)
- Soulstar (Sega CD)
- Last Hope (Neo Geo AES)
- Colorclash (Vectrex)
- Vector 21 a fistful of wildcards (Vectrex)

Colecovision features:
Homebrew on Colecovision
Astro Invader, Cosmo Fighter 2
Magical Tree and Atarimax 128 in 1

Jaguar features:
Seaplane preview, Attack of Mutant Penguins and Diam-Jag

All about MB Microvision!