I am looking for a variety of items, aside from my standard video game wants that I will attach.

What do I have for you? Cash and probably one of the largest tradelists around. I have stuff from SMS (including imports) to 2600 (commons to rares litke Chase the Chuckwagon and better) to Xbox (growing list of spares) to PSX (very few rares for PSX). If you are into classic stuff, I have it.

Gamecube power supply only (could also use the packaging for the standard purple GC)

Timex 2068 + cartridges

Exidy Sorcerer + cartridges

Atari 800 packaging only (not XL, the original one)

Commodore Plus 4 (complete in box)

Halo Xbox System complete in box (the limited system, NOT the game)

Moutain Dew Xbox System complete in box

And then the usual stuff. It's hard to get.

Atari 2600
Answer : Gauntlet,Confrontation(real versions with labels),Personal Game Programmer
Atari : 16 in 1, 32 in 1 7800 label
Carrere : Commando Raid (PAL)
Men-A-Vision : Air Raid
Playaround: General Retreat/Westward Ho
Spectravision: Mangia (NTSC only)
Ultravision: Karate
Video Gems: Mission Survive

Atari Age: Vol2No6(?), Atari Age Newsletters 1 & 2

Atari Jaguar: Battlesphere Gold

Atari 8-bit: Sesame Street Letter Go Round,Bristles,Boulder Dash,Attack of the Mutant Camels,Mr.TNT,Survivial of the Fittest,Spark Bugs,Synassembler,Espial,Matterhorn

Fairchild Channel F: DemoCart#2 box/inst only
luxor: box/inst only: 4,15,17,18,21
nordemende: 5,7,8
saba: instructions only:#1,3,9,13,16
ITT: 2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11(inst only)

MPF-1000: Imagination Machine Power supply only

RCA Studio II: Bingo,Tester Cart,Demo Cart,Speedway/Tag(instructions only)

Videopac (complete- must have spine card and plastic box style only): 3,5,7,9,12,15,22,24,25,61,62
Spine cards only: 2,8,13,21,43,47, Jopac Exojet+, Jopac Syracuse, Jopac Cosmos+, Jopac Le Tresor Englouti+
Jopac: Legion, Armada, Western, Magibrick, Acrobats, Basket/Bowling, Grand Prix+, Stadium, Golf, Monster, Des Chiffres Et Des Lettres, Billard+, Mith and Math

Intellivision :
Super Pro system (inst only), Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing (inst only), Learning Fun I (box/inst only

Mattel Aquarius :
Zero-in, Chess, Melody Chase

Colecovision: Bit Corp Cosmic Crisis

Bally Astrocade: ICBM Attack Controller only (drop me a note or send me some pix if you even have one or have ever seen one!)

Odyssey I: Brainwave (I only need a few game pieces, but I'll trade for a complete set),Percepts (shipping box only),Carrying Case (shipping box only)

Arcadia/MPT-03: Route 16,Horse Racing

VIC-20: Jelly Monsters,Baldor's Castle,Cyclon,Crater Raider,Maze,Mosquito Infestation,Predator,Satellite Patrol,Dancing Bear,Mobile Attack,Alien Sidestep,Space Ric-O-Shay,Ape Escape,Tank Atak,Arachnoid,Sub Chase,Super Amok,Artillery Duel,Chuck Norris,Robin Hood

Commodore-64: Beamrider,A Bee C's,Space Journey,Princess and Frog,Motor Mania,Halftime Battlin' Bands,Double Dragon,Robocop 3(?),Space Gun,Last Ninja Remix,Arrow,Stix,Alien Sidestep,Close Encounters,Space Rick-O-Shay,Mario's Brewery,Tank Wars,Bug Crushers,Maze Man

TI-99: Databiotics: Dragon Flyer, Jumpy, Mancala, Micro-Pinball 2, Sorgon II, Star Gazer 123, Star Trap,
Exeltec: Arcturus, Beyond Space, D*Station(p), Killer Caterpillar, Tile Breaker
Navarone: Anteater, Chicken Coop, King of Castle
Tigervision: Espial
Scott Foresoman: Frog jump, Number Bowling, Picture Parts
Funware: Video Vegas

Turbografx-16:Magical Chase

Turbografx-16 CDs and Super CDs:Beyond Shadowgate, Bonk 3, Camp California, Cosmic Fantasy 2, Cotton, Dragon Slayer, Dungeon Explorer, Dungeon Master: Theron's Quest, Dynastic hero, Exile: Wicked Phenomenon, Forgotten Worlds, Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf, Loom, Might and Magic III, Sherlock Holmes 2, Terra Forming, Valis 3, Vasteel (and numerous boxes)

Sega Master System:Buster Douglas Boxing,and numerous overseas titles

Sega CD
AX-101,Batman Returns(inst),Chuck Rock box/inst,Crime Patrol,Fatal Fury Special,Keio's Flying Squadron,Lord of Thunder,Mad Dog McCree 2,My Paint(inst),Radical Rex,Samurai Showdown,Shining Force

Sega Saturn
All Star Baseball '97(inst only),Baku Baku (inst only),Battle Monsters (inst only),Battle Sport,Blazing Heros,Bubble Bobble Rainbow Islands,Burning Rangers,Bust A Move 3,Contra Legacy of War,Creature Shock,Crow:City of Angels,Cyber Sled,Dark Legend,Daytona USA: CCE Netlink,Die Hard Trilogy (case/insert/inst),FIFA Road to the Cup Soccer '98,Galactic Attack (disc only),Guardian Heros (inst only),Herc's Adventures (inst only),House of the Dead,Lunacy,Marvel Super Heroes,Megaman X4(case,cd only),Mortal Kombat Trilogy,Mystaria,NBA Action (inst only),NBA Live '97,PGA Tour '97 (case,insert,inst),PTO (inst),Resident Evil (inst),Return Fire,Return to Zork,Saturn Bomberman(?),Sega Ages,Sega Rally IR Netlink Ed,Shockwave Assault,Street Fighter Collection,Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo,Theme Park,True Pinball,Virtual On (case,insert),Winning Post,World Series Baseball '98 (inst),Worldwide Soccer '98

Dreamcast: Sonic Limited Edition instructions only

Modern Stuff:

Wireless controllers (Logitech does them, I believe)

Nintendo Gamecube Wavebird controllers (2), Power supply

Sony Playstation 2 The Guy Game
Playstation Portable Namco Arcade

Anything except Bowling, including the console

Original N-gage system ,Sega Rally

GCE:Chase-N-Counter, Space-N-Counter, Arcade Time, Game Time, Sports Time
Mattel: Space Alert, and many others box/inst only
Nintendo Game and Watches:
Panorama: Donkey Kong Circus
Crystal Screen:Super Mario Bros,Climber,Balloon Fight
Tomy:3D Space Laser War,3D Sherman Attack

Bit-60 Computer
Creativision Colecovision converter
Funvision computer (Japanese version)
Haminex Pencil II computer power supply only
Solara Manager computer
Laser 2001 computer (Vtech VTL)

Casio VL-10
Casio VL-80 (calculator-keyboard)
Casio PT-7
Sharp EL-670
Yamaha HS-501
Yamaha CS-01
Casio CK-200

Japanese Video Games:
Epoch Cassette Vision:

Super Cassette Vision :
Yeno: 3,4,6,9,10,13,15-22,24+
Epoch: 1(Astro Wars), 11(Boulder Dash?) box/inst, 13(Super Soccer) box/inst, 27(Dragon Ball), Virtual Super Baseball

Gakken Compact Vision :
Robotan Wars, Chitaiku

Othello Multivision :
Most carts

Tomy Pyuuta (Japanese Tutor) :
Donpan (12), Athleticland (13), Pooyan (14), Guttang Guttong (16), Triplecommand (22), Superbike (23), Baseball 3D (25), Battlefighter 3D (26), Demonstration cart

Funvision :
Any cartridges
Console (Japanese NTSC version)

Any carts I can get cheaply or easily

Famicom :
Any carts I don't already have that I can get cheaply or easily

Bandai Arcadia :

Bandai TV-Jack:
Wants coming soon

Bandai Supervision 8000:

Any carts