Yeah, I'm letting it go.

This stick hasn't been used very much - I built my own ps2 stick a while ago and have been using that.
The specs:
The stick is a HAPP super. Round actuator, supposedly the toughest stick happ makes.
8 black HAPP competition pushbuttons.
Start and back are nonstandard and have not been replaced.
I of course, warranty all sticks i build for life.(with the way i drink, that might not be very long.)
If anything goes wrong, send 'er back and i'll change out the defective part. I don't expect any defects.

Also, if you are looking for sticks for other systems, I sell em through the goatstore - .

I'm more than willing to take trades on this item - I'm looking mainly for import Megadrive/Super Famicom/Saturn SHMUPS from japan. Don't really have a specific want list. I'd probably take an assload of 2600/atari computer/colecovision carts, as well...
Shoot me your tradelist, or pm if you want to buy it.
Asking $100.